Restoring the dignity of the police, increasing public safety

10 Years of Civil Governance - Part 8

Restoring the dignity of the police, increasing public safety

An analysis by the Perspective Institute has also examined police and public safety over the past 10 years:
“Within policing, the most important program point was the restoration of the dignity of the police and the gradual restoration of public trust. While in 2013, 65 percent of Hungarians and in 2018, 83 percent felt safe after dark (1). ”

The Hungarian police officer does not kneel (3), and by 2019, 80.8% of Hungarians (1) already felt safe.

Perspective Institute continued:
“In order to effectively deter crime, the‘ three strikes ’law (2) has been introduced and the number of high-priority crimes has halved from 242,511 in 2010 to 112,289 in 2017. There were still 447,186 registered crimes in 2010, a number that fell below 200,000 in 2018 (199,830) (4), within which the number of crimes against life, limb and health fell from 15,992 to 9,490; and the number of violent crimes against violence ranged from 6111 to 2436. "

The statistics of the CSO (4) in 2019 indicate only 165,648 crimes. Which, according to liberals, certainly stems from the beautification of numbers, possibly from corrupt police officers. We believe that the improvement in crime statistics stems from an increase in the expected value of the (minimum) wage (5), which is also related to an increase in real wages (6). Or perhaps because the government has rescued 150,000 foreign currency borrowers (7). But it is also possible that people work instead of crime (8). We could fall. These things have certainly contributed to the improvement of statistics, both individually and as a whole.




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