Fidesz is building multifunctional facilities

The left has squandered many thousands of billions in PPP moles

Fidesz is building multifunctional facilities

! ️The usual "stadium" lies are spreading again, so now we react to it a little differently. Let’s see what was NOT built of the thousands of billions wasted and stolen by the left.

No school was built, no kindergarten was built, no hospital was built, no surgery was built, no new ambulances were bought, no roads were built, and of course no stadiums.

Several have indicated to us that the false writing that appeared in February on the fake pages shown in the picture has started to be distributed again by left-wing pay commentators. The article is about "Oh, alas, 32 stadiums have been built in Hungary since 2010 and all this has cost Hungarian taxpayers 350 billion forints"

Well, the PPP contracts of the M5-M6 motorways concluded by the left caused eight times more damage to Hungarian taxpayers than this amount. Let's emphasize - this is just the damage, so these two highways have become so much more expensive with a PPP contract than if they had been built on credit (not to mention self-sufficiency).

HUF 2,853 billion in damage: nothing of this has been built, the said motorways must be repaid by 2040. The left has concluded the contracts, the plethora of taxes, VAT, contributions, etc. generated by the constructions have enriched their budget, the repayment has already been left to us.

Here is a very good article on this who can read it.

Contrary to the claims of the fake news factories, not 32 stadiums were built, but 8 stadiums with more than 10,000 people and 16 multifunctional facilities with less than 10,000 people. A detailed list is available here:úgó-stadionok_listája

The list also includes the year of handover, so it’s easy to identify what we’ve built since 2010.

Another interesting thing: since the outbreak of the migration crisis, we have spent more than HUF 500 billion on border protection. This is the price of the "wilkommen" policy of Hungarian and European left-liberal politicians. Nothing was built from this money, except for the fence, but Hungarian families do not benefit much from it. The fence is for our safety.

Those who are in the stadium, share this article with them and you will see that there will be silence afterwards.


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