Thieves, ordinary petty criminals!

Thieves, ordinary petty criminals!

A left-wing activist stole national consultation sheets from the mailbox
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The criminal organization established by Bernadett Szél and Ákos Hadházy works well: they simply steal the National Consultation envelopes from people's mailboxes.

A woman stole the national consultation sheets from the mailbox of a house in Szolnok, according to a video taken by Origo. Our newspaper also had several images of the woman in which she campaigned with left-wing politicians in last year’s municipal and EP elections. In recent days, the left has tried to launch a full attack on the national consultation. In doing so, they are not bothered by the legislation either.

In a video taken by Origo, it is clear that a woman is sticking an envelope out of the mailbox of a house in Szolnok. He then looks at her and walks away with him. You can watch the video below.

We reached the owner of the condominium concerned, who said that after watching the recording, he asked the post office what envelope was delivered that day.

It was confirmed in the post that the national consultation sheets were included.
The owner of the house also talked about the fact that according to his information, consultation sheets were stolen from several mailboxes in the city.

The thief campaigned with the left
Origo has taken several pictures of the woman in the video. The photo below shows that he campaigned with Zoltán Radócz, the mayoral candidate of the left-wing parties, in last year's EP election. The woman stealing from the mailbox is pictured in an MSZP cap.

Warlords may be behind the action
The current action fits into the left-wing attack against the national consultation, one of the leaders of which is the radical left-wing Ákos Hadházy. The Independent Representative and several of his associates encouraged their sympathizers to send them questionnaires, not the government. To this end, mobilization has also begun on the streets, with several Facebook posts attesting to the fact that they are already desktops for questionnaires.

The fact that someone intends to use national consultation forms for private purposes disguised as a public purpose raises serious data protection concerns, and this method may distort the outcome of the consultation, Origo told Jr. Zoltán Lomnici, a constitutional lawyer and legal expert at the end of the century, who says that the left is afraid of the popular institution, is trying to torpedo at all costs. Turning to the legal consequences of the action, Zoltán Lomnici Jr. said that
who, in violation of the provisions of law, unlawfully or differently handles personal data for profit, or causing significant damage to interests, or fails to take a measure for data security, shall be punished by imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year.
"In the case of a less lenient act, the NAIH may impose a fine of up to HUF 10 million as a result of official proceedings," he added.

Attila Péterfalvi: Data can only be processed for a specific purpose

Origo also contacted Attila Péterfalvi, the president of NAIH. “If questionnaires are collected that include a name, it is considered data management,” the head of the data protection authority pointed out, saying that data can only be processed for a specific purpose. In his view, in such cases, "consent is the appropriate legal basis", for which appropriate information should be provided on the purpose of the processing, the period of data retention and the method of deletion.
By having questionnaires collected automatically by someone, even if they collect them with names, they cannot serve to build a database of sympathizers
he said. He emphasized that due to the previous action of Ákos Hadházy, the proceedings are still ongoing at the data protection authority. Whether proceedings are initiated in this case depends, among other things, on whether a complaint is received against the action.


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