DK is lying to an unprecedented extent

Reality: The number of waiters and waiting times has decreased significantly

DK is lying to an unprecedented extent

"The Democratic Coalition draws attention to the fact that waiting lists of unprecedented length are solely an ugly result of the weak and cowardly Orbán regime and a failed health policy." write power-hungry, anti-national politicians on their side.

The reality is just the opposite. Queues can be queried by anyone, the system is transparent and constantly improving.

DK has provided fake news about the waiting lists - here’s NEAK’s refutation and the real data.

The National Health Insurance Fund Manager (NEAK) has refuted the Democratic Coalition’s (DK) claims about surgical waiting lists.

“Untrue and misleading news has appeared in the press about waiting lists based on a statement by a Democratic Coalition spokesman. Contrary to the opposition party's claim, the number of people waiting for surgery has dropped significantly, by nearly 60 percent since 2012, ”they wrote in a statement on Tuesday. As is well known, DK claimed that there are waiting lists of unprecedented length, and they say this is the result of a flawed health policy. They also stated that the government had “not crossed straw in the last ten years to improve the health care of Hungarians”.

However, according to NEAK, the health government and the fund manager are taking a number of measures to help them make deferred benefits as soon as possible after the emergency has ended. “To this end, outpatient specialist care can provide unlimited hours of care, and NEAK has provided inpatient care providers with the registration of deferred claims, thereby supporting the adoption of rapid redesign measures,” they said. They added that a downtime of about three months among planned operations could cause an additional waiting time of up to three months. However, by providing additional surgical times and capacities, the service providers are expected to make up for this shortfall in a shorter period of time.

Recalled: From 1 July 2012, the National Health Insurance Fund Manager has been operating in Hungary under the supervision of the online real-time, national institutional waiting list register, which always provides authentic and accurate information on waiting lists. - With regard to mandatory surgical waiting lists, the number of waiting people decreased from 70,000 to 31,000 by March. With the onset of the emergency on June 17, the number of people on surgical waiting lists, including those scheduled, was 28.5 thousand. From the beginning of 2014, the government provided about HUF 5 billion a year to reduce long waiting times. By the end of last year, a total of about HUF 26 billion in additional funds had been paid for this purpose, and the additional funds of HUF 5 billion had been provided this year as well, they explained.

International comparison
Hungary has reached the set goal, the waiting time corresponds to the international average, or in some cases, such as Cataract surgeries, the more favorable the results.

This is confirmed by the results of the comparison with international data (link to the source).


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