This is how the construction of the Western Railway Station takes place!

Magyar Építő Zrt. Is carrying out monument reconstruction on more than 8,200 square meters

This is how the construction of the Western Railway Station takes place!

Scaffolding encloses the construction area of ​​the nearly one and a half-century-old Nyugati railway station - it turned out from the video of the contractor Magyar Építő Zrt.

In May, in the investment of MÁV Zrt. And in the construction of Magyar Építő Zrt., The renovation of the 143-year-old Nyugati Railway Station began. The station, used by 18 million people each year, has depreciated significantly in the recent period, but now receives a monumental reconstruction of more than 8,200 square meters:
• the roof of the track hall,
• connecting glass structures,
• the cash register,
• fast food,
• as well as the six facade towers.

2,200 square feet of glass wall will also be renewed
In addition to those listed above, a total of 2,200 square feet of glass curtain wall will be completely renovated at both ends of the building.
In addition, other, previously unrenovated roof sections of the station building are being repaired, the stormwater drainage is being partially rebuilt, and the overhead line network in the track hall is being renewed and the passenger information system is being modernized.

The project is expected to be completed in the spring of 2022.

Source:Hungarian Builders

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