The amount of the baby care fee increases significantly !!!

The amount of the baby care fee increases significantly !!!

To the attention of “family supplements”: in addition to it, the family allowance and the family tax credit are also included, so even after the birth of the first child, the family can manage HUF 86,950 more money from the given example.

The amount of the childcare fee (csed) will increase from the previous 70 percent to 100 percent of the gross salary from July 1 next year, the Secretary of State for Family and Youth announced at a press conference in Budapest on Tuesday.

This means that in the six months following the birth of a child, the family will be in better financial conditions than before. After the bankruptcy, only personal income tax has to be paid, no pension contributions and social security contributions, Katalin Novák said.
According to an amendment, HUF 14.25 billion is available for next year's budget, and the measure is planned to help 80,000 families, he added.

The Secretary of State stressed that the goal of family-friendly governance since 2010 is to remove obstacles to childbearing, to ensure that families do not have any disadvantages in having children, and that they are even in better financial circumstances than if they had not had children. This is also served by increasing the amount of the check, Katalin Novák emphasized.

He mentioned as an example: if a woman had a monthly salary of HUF 350,000 before having a child, it meant HUF 232,750 net.
On the other hand, if the bankruptcy is paid, the net income will be HUF 297,500, which means an increase of almost 30 percent, he said.
He added that compared to the previous amount of the check - staying with the example - a pregnant woman can receive 90 thousand forints more per month from July next year, which means a 43 percent increase.

According to the government's calculations, all this requires a budget of HUF 28.5 billion a year, said Katalin Novák.
In response to a question, she said the benefit is available to women who have been insured for at least 365 days in the two years before giving birth. Benefits are also available to adoptive parents until the child is six months old.

Source: Magyar Hírlap

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