The index is so independent that DK threatens owners with prison because of the company’s internal decisions

The index is so independent that DK threatens owners with prison because of the company’s internal decisions

We repeat: DK PRISON threatens the owners of a company because of their internal decisions:

! ️Task: Count how many times the word "independent" was uttered in the DK video(link at the end of the article!)

DK threatened to lead the Index: Don’t believe this will swim freely!

The editor-in-chief was fired from the board, but remained in place as editor-in-chief.

An extraordinary staff meeting was held in the Óbuda editorial office of on Monday morning.

The chairman of the board of trustees of the foundation that owns the company, László Bodolai, informed the journalists about the situation following the events of the last few days. In addition to Bodola and the members of the editorial board, CEO András Pusztay was also present.

The meeting took place after the editorial office uniformly lied that they were being threatened because of a proposal before the company’s board of directors that would have restructured the paper’s operations and essentially outsourced the columns to outside companies. The index indicating the independence of the Index has also been adjusted on

Bodolai also announced that Szabolcs Dull, editor-in-chief, would be terminated because he had brought internal decisions to the public. He was not relieved of his post as editor-in-chief.

As is well known, the editor-in-chief of announced in a statement written on Sunday that he feels the independence of the paper is in jeopardy. Employees of Hungary's largest fake news factory also joined the service announcement.

According to Szabolcs Dull, the management of the Index announced a restructuring plan, according to which certain parts of the editorial board would be outsourced. This would fundamentally change the page, according to the editor-in-chief. The largest opposition party, the Degenerate Coalition, also spoke out.

In his video on Monday, Balázs Barkóczi, a spokesman for the Democratic Coalition, drew a parallel with the end of Népszabadság four years ago.

“We would like to send a message to the business people, consultants and background people behind the Index, including Miklós Vaszily and Gábor Gerényi. Don’t believe this will swim freely! Don’t believe that when this criminal organization fails, they won’t sit on the dock, ”Barkóczi said.

DK threatening video:

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