Lake Tisza can be wrapped around

Lake Tisza can be wrapped around

! ️While the left just explains everything and points to others, the Fidesz government is acting: Lake Tisza can be wrapped around: the last section of the cycle path has been completed!🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺
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Gergely Karácsony designed bike lanes by packing accident-prone concrete blocks in the middle of the roadway, painting a few stripes, and stealing some lanes from motorists. This is not bike path construction - this is propaganda.

In contrast, the National Government has built 1,300 kilometers of bike paths in 10 years, here’s the next handover!

The Hódút has been completed with a cycle path around the lake, which fits into the international EuroVelo network. As part of the development, several bicycle bridges were built, the steel structure of the bridge over the Szomorka stream was manufactured by Weinberg’93 Kft.

From today, Lake Tisza can be cycled in its entirety - today the missing 6.5-kilometer cycle path section between Poroszló and Tiszafüred was handed over, as part of which several bridges were built. In the investment of the National Infrastructure Developer (NIF), the elements of the project were implemented by Hódút Kft., And the steel structure of the bridge over the Szomorka stream was prepared by Weinberg’93 Kft.

The trial load of the three bridges completed in the development was held last month, and the cycling section was also close to completion in May.

At Lake Tisza, the shorter circle bypasses the lake for 70 km, while the longer one bypasses 95 km, separating it from car traffic along its entire length.

The section is part of the international EuroVelo 11 cycle path, so the development will serve not only weekend recreation but also long-term cycling tourism. The route crosses Hungary from Szeged to the northern tip of Zemplén, with a significant part along the Tisza.

With the transfer, in addition to the popular Balaton Circle, Lake Tisza will also be added to the destinations of those wishing to cycle.

The new bike path also serves tourism and locals
Most of the larger cycle path around the southern part of Lake Tisza has been completed in recent years - with the exception of the 33rd. a section along the main road, the construction of which made it possible to walk around.

The primary goal of the completed section is to support the further development of tourism in the region, on the one hand, and to serve the needs of professional cyclists between Poroszló and Tiszafüred, on the other hand, thus creating the conditions for safe cycling.

In the framework of the project, the 33rd. Next to the right side of the main road, a 6.5 km long cycle path, physically separated from the main road, was built from the Poroszló dam of Lake Tisza to the Ady Endre and Ártér streets in Tiszafüred. The Tisza Lake section of the cycle path crosses the Eger and Szomorka streams, on which a 308-meter and a 86-meter-long new, spectacular, arched main girder bridge bridges were built, separate from the main road.

The region is connected to the international cycle path network
At Lake Tisza, two international cycling routes will meet, and these will be appreciated as a result of the project, which has now been completed.

Minister of Innovation and Technology László Palkovics emphasized at the handover that an old debt had been repaid with the now handed over 6.5-kilometer section, which was built for 3.1 billion forints between Poroszló and Tiszafüred. He also added that the safety of commuters here is guaranteed by the physical separation of the 2.5-meter-wide cycle path from the road, and then noted that the development is basically in line with its tourist purpose, respecting the beauty of the landscape and fitting into the natural environment.

In the last ten years, about 1,300 kilometers of new cycling routes have been developed in Hungary, so currently there are more than 9,000 kilometers of facilities recommended for cycling, including 4,000 kilometers of independent cycle paths or walking and cycling paths.

Government Commissioner for Active Hungary Máriusz Révész spoke at the event that the handover ceremony of Hungary's most spectacular cycling infrastructure is also the opening of this year's active tourist season and the launch of the holiday cruise program.

The new cycle path section and with it the Lake Tisza bike circuit are important for all settlements in the region, as it makes this region a key cycling tourist destination.

Thanks to the section now handed over, the number of cyclists around the reservoir could double, which is expected to reach 100,000 by 2021 at the latest.

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