Mark-Zay likens Orban to Ceausescu

Although he receives several million forints of state (taxpayer) support every year, he has lived and taxed abroad for 5 years

Mark-Zay likens Orban to Ceausescu

We do not know whether Péter Márki-Zay can count on his great hatred? We know that not everything is financial about having a child, but let's just look at how much social, community financial help he would lose if there were those in government whose chariot he is also pushing. We could also say how much extra tax they would have to pay for the “luxury” of the seven children.

If we look only at the family allowance and the tax credit, it would fall from a net net of HUF 343,000 per month, because the ideological basis of the left-liberal adorers about the child and the future is the following: private affairs. No one has anything to do with it, if he wanted to, he stood the guild. If there is any help, then only on the basis of need (He is a mayor, with a good salary, so he would have a fity as a rich driver, ticket inspector, postman, let's remember only Lajos Bokros's nice package that it contained exactly these!). Thus, on an annual basis, with a left-liberal government, the Márki Zay family would be 4 million 116 thousand forints slimmer.

Péter Márki-Zay, from the mayor's salary, would pay 343 thousand forints a month for the pleasure of having seven children. But, of course, there would be no free textbook as well as half-price meals for the kids. Of course, he would take note of this with his salivating image without any problems, because if a left-liberal government came to power, Péter Márki-Zay could have even more public money and, knowing the left-wing recourse mechanisms, would get back many times the amount of discounts in a Nokia box.

But This is Peter Zay, he is close to "fire." And how would you, dear left-wing voter, deal with them? We help you: you would lose millions of forints a year, and no one would care that you can't pay your loan or your children's living standards are deteriorating, because they think the family is a "private affair".


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