The left-liberal media is destroying itself while pointing to the national media

We looked at what was wrong with the Index

The left-liberal media is destroying itself while pointing to the national media

We know from the Index that he is lying (1), and then we also learned that he is lying (2). He thinks of left-liberal, pseudo-independent media in other eyes as a thread (3), in his own case he does not even notice the beam.

(4) has already suggested that Index revenue declined in 2018 amid a growing advertising market, with the media making the most of it. (5) and outlines a steady decline in Index revenues and earnings, although the rationale is false and biased.

The blood-red line and numbers on the graph indicate the Index’s net annual sales for the period 2005-2019 (looking at 6). Until 2010, the Index was dominant (with a little exaggeration), its sales grew nicely, nothing worthwhile happened in the “happy times of peace” in the online media market (of course, even Origo was on the dark side at the time).

As a breakthrough, Hír24 was established in 2010 and gained its final form in 2015 under the name (7). Meanwhile, Péter Uj, a former Index founder and editor-in-chief, grabbed a bulky de-energized fan in 2013, shoved it in, and turned it into full speed, turning exactly toward the Index, while exiting and founding 444 (8). From here, if the indexed dose is not enough, you can push 444 intravenously.

So Index, which was previously dominant among the big ones, got competition within its own space in the big media repression from Hír24 / and 444. The same cake was further sliced. As these pages have risen, the Index’s revenue has eroded under the law of survival of stupidity, for the same amount of pseudo-news is now being poured out of several cockpits that are independent of each other (and, of course, reality).

We don’t go into the details any more, we stick to the stupidity-on-bucket-level analysis we can do because we’re even more scientific than (5). It’s true that we have some sort of readability data, we just don’t know what the overlap is between readers, what the composition of the readership is, how much time is spent on the pages, and all on a time series.

There are even smaller, albeit noteworthy, competitors, including Transparency (9), founded in 2011, and Mérce (10) and Immediate (11), founded in 2017. HVG (12) also existed before, NOL disappeared (13), Népszava and 168 hours also existed before.

The number of employees in the Index increased from 34 in 2005 to close to 120 by 2013, but decreased to 80 by 2019. According to company reports, the value of the services used also shows a declining trend, we do not think they would work with more subcontractors than before. Fewer people can create less “value”. We don’t believe the Index would be a local “GDP per Capita” champion.

There is freedom of the press, meaning that everyone can read a press product that suits their needs. An independent press, on the other hand, doesn’t exist because the owner of each product tells them what they can write. Guided by patriotism at the Numbers, we do our work completely free of charge and without a boss, so anyone can tell us anything, it just flies away.

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