Results of István Tarlós

(only the most significant so that the list is not too long)

Results of István Tarlós

The left-liberal city leadership has been deteriorating the air in Budapest for 8 months, during this time no benches have been painted, the city has stopped, dirt, weeds, homelessness and signs of total homelessness are everywhere. Gergely Karácsony, 5 deputies, 44 advisors, and buddies assigned to hundreds of positions do nothing but Facebook and pointing at others. In 8 months, they have not been able to launch a public procurement process to renovate the Chain Bridge, which is a purely administrative task, "Gizike" will solve if requested, but they are not even able to do so.

Let's see what István Tarlós did during his years. It is important to be aware of this, as the left also points back in connection with the bridge renovation and may be blamed by Tarlós.

The value of investments made in Budapest between 2010 and 2019 amounted to more than HUF 2,100 billion.

István Tarlós left the mayor's office with a respectable list of achievements. We wish many more such periods to the Hungarian capital. Here is a quick list of fifties of improvements, without claiming to be exhaustive:

Item 0: Tarlós took over the capital from Demszky with a debt of HUF 271 billion and an unfinished metro line 4 full of corruption cases. BKV's debt was 80 billion. Metro 4 was completed, and both the city and BKV got rid of their debts with government help.

1. Kossuth Lajos Square has been renovated.
2. Széll Kálmán tér has been renovated.
3. Ferenciek Square was renewed.
4. Nyugati tér has been renewed.
5. Vörösmarty Square has been renovated.
6. The József palatine square was renovated.
7. Frigyes Podmaniczky Square has been renovated.
8. Annex II has been renewed. Pope John Paul Square.
9. City Park will be renewed.
10. The intertwined electricity network has been completed.
11. The Budapest bus fleet has been renewed.
12. Budapest received 47 new trams.
13. 57 new trolleys were put on the market.
14. Tram line 3 has been renewed.
15. We extended tram line 1.
16. We renovated the trains of metro line 3.
17. We handed over the renovated northern section of metro line 3.
18. We have set up the Courier passenger information system.
19. We created 2700 new P R seats.
20. A 100-kilometer cycle path was built.
21. The MOL Bubi public bike system has been established.
22. The buildings of the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts were renovated.
23. The National Civil Service University received new buildings.
24. The House of Human Sciences was built.
25. The Natural Sciences Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has been completed.
26. The Erkel Theater has been renewed.
27. The Academy of Music has been renewed.
28. The new building of the National Dance Theater has opened.
29. The Budapest Music Center was built.
30. During the development of the zoo, the 'Holnemvolt Park' was completed.
31. We renovated the Romanian Hall.
32. The Eiffel Workshop has been renovated.
33. The Castle Garden Bazaar has been renovated.
34. The Buda Vigadó was renewed.
35. The Matthias Church was renewed.
36. The Museum Garden has been renewed.
37. The turtle of baby Gül has been renewed.
38. The Olof Palme house has been renovated.
39. The Rumbach Sebestyén Street Synagogue has been renewed.
40. We have completed the Spike Hall.
41. The Tüske swimming pool was built.
42. The new Ferenc Puskás Stadium will be completed soon.
43. The Lukács Spa, Rudas, Brigade, Paskál, Széchenyi and Palatinus were renewed.
44. Margaret Island has been completely renovated.
45. We upgraded the Városliget Ice Rink.
46. ​​Budapest has a new and modern water arena.
47. The people of Budapest received a new patient care at Semmelweis University.
48. In the following years, a new superhospital in Budapest, which would function as a large health center, would have been built if the left-liberals had not drilled it either. The project was also prepared, the plot was there, the plans, too, the money.
49. The number of registered crimes decreased by 46 percent.
50. Ten thousand trees were planted in the city.

Well, that's it for now.
Source: Csaba Dömötör

The current situation is best illustrated by what was said in this little video.

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