Gyurcsány: The budget of weakness, cowardice is 2021

Gyurcsány: The budget of weakness, cowardice is 2021


Foreword, a little reminder of a taste of Ferenc Gyurcsány's previous work: This is how the government was handed over in 2010.

❗️Budapest's debt: 251 billion
❗️MÁV's debt: 300 billion
❗️BKV debt: 80 billion
❗️Municipal debt: 1,200 billion
❗️Government debt 80.6%
❗️IMF / World Bank loan: 4600 billion
❗️M5 / M6 PPP debts: 3841 billion
❗️Hospital debt: 100 billion
❗️Loss of the MNB: 41.6 billion
❗️Unemployment 11.3%
❗️Foreign currency loan ratio: 63%
❗️Hospital closures, bed cuts, layoffs, flight reductions, line closures, tax increases, robbery privatization, one of the highest overheads in Europe.

Ferenc Gyurcsány, the keynote speaker at DK, called next year the budget of weakness and cowardice.

According to the party chairman and faction leader, the government appears to be tired, unimaginative and intellectually and politically weak on the basis of the budget.

He said the budget always provides an opportunity for governors to face the real state of the country, deep conflicts, but he does not see the cabinet doing that. "Cowards in the face, weak in the answer," said Ferenc Gyurcsány.

In his words, the standard of public debate dictated by the government is outrageously low compared to the challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis, although one would have to live up to the responsibility, the role of the state would have to be reassessed.

Is it a national policy, for example, for the country to operate a health care in which the vast majority struggle with terrible vulnerability, while the “acting on behalf of the nation” has created high-quality but expensive private health care for itself? He asked.

With regard to digital education ordered due to the coronavirus epidemic, he drew attention to the fact that in many small settlements, digital education did not have the minimum conditions because there was no computer, no internet, no parental skills. However, he said the government is not responding to this either, pretending that there have been no lessons in recent months.

There is no answer to the situation of nursing homes in the budget either, the DK keynote speaker continued, and there is no well-thought-out care system for the elderly. He also asked the ruling parties about the possibility of beating Mayor Gergely Karácsony politically in the case of the nursing home on Pesti út in the capital, where there were many victims of the coronavirus epidemic.

Turning to the municipalities, he said, the government will not allow the settlements to be their own masters, it will take everything away from them, it will stifle them, it will constantly nationalize them.

The opposition party chairman also suggested that income disparities should be limited, for example, billionaires may not be subject to a modest income tax and a zero inheritance tax.

Ferenc Gyurcsány summed up: he does not see a “common story”, the events are unimaginative, and the budget reveals that the government does not answer any problems, it does not want to face them.

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