The Index is asking for money but pays dividends in the meantime

Of the HUF 184 million reader support, HUF 40 million went to dividends in 2019

The Index is asking for money but pays dividends in the meantime

We’ve known the lies of the Index so far (1), but now let’s see how they deal with reader support!

In the company report of Zrt. For the year 2019 (by entering, which can be searched on 2), we see a profit after tax of HUF 61.514 million, and a tax of HUF 5.641 million was paid. According to the supplementary annex, the owner of the company withdrew a dividend of HUF 40 million.

In 2019, they received HUF 22.892 million in international support and HUF 184.090 million in other, ie reader support, according to the supplement.

It can be stated that the owner of the company took out a dividend of HUF 40 million from the money received as reader support! International support has also come to the Index in previous years, so it’s not extra money. Plus money is the support they received from readers (3), which they also boasted of (4). Comparing the company result with the amount of reader support: if there were no reader support, the profit after tax would be minus, so no dividend would be paid (it would not be unfortunate at the expense of equity).

So right now, a propagandistic fake news factory called Index was lying about what it was spending its reader subsidies on, not for the way it was heralded. In Hungarian, the thousands of guided liberals support "big capital" instead of the Index's lie factory. It is easy to see that the Index is lying while asking for money.

(4) boasted a total of HUF 250 million in reader support on 30.12.2019 for one year, ie 2019. In the official supplement, HUF 184 million other / reader support was written for 2019. Have they lost HUF 66 million in subsidies, or are they just lying and licking in the usual way? Where is the money? We’re not accountants, but 184M VAT is “only” 234M, that’s certainly not the explanation.

The sole owner of the Index is the Foundation for Hungarian Development.

As already mentioned, as a result of the reader subsidies, an extra report was created, as well as a higher tax liability. We hope that these tax forints will be spent by the State on government communications, where the lies of the Index will be refuted (although the bits describing the forints are not labeled, we do not know which account will be used for which bits). So, if we mean that, Index readers also support the State.

Beatrice's song "Towards the Two Thousand Years" says, "He who lies, the cheat, he who lies, steals, to lie, to cheat: ugly thing!"

To get a full feel for the Index's work, listen to the song:

Looking back to 2018, the figures are concise: HUF 43.675 million profit after tax, HUF 3.595 million tax, HUF 30 million dividend, HUF 25.279 million international support, HUF 99.032 million reader support. Thus, out of the 99 million HUF reader subsidies, 30 million became the “big capital” in 2018, and 3.5 million HUF to the State. (5), however, there is already talk of more than HUF 100 million in reader support. The bar vibrates here too.

We would like to draw the attention of the Accountant of the Index to the fact that in the supplementary notes for the 2019 business year he wrote HUF 124.311 million for all grants, which would correctly be HUF 206.982 million. Last year's value was re-entered.

We note that is still working, which redirects to the Index.


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