Terribly vicious, and infinitely pathetic when a politician steals graphics from a civilian side and even lies next to him

Terribly vicious, and infinitely pathetic when a politician steals graphics from a civilian side and even lies next to him

Dr. Lukács László György(who, by the way, has fewer followers than our side for being a politician) has also reached this level.

He seems to be running just that much around Jobbik's house. Zero creativity, zero work, 100% lies and theft. They sure aren’t worth thinking about, as they’re just counting how many quit that day and how many of their county organizations have been dissolved.

Jobbikos (Jákobbikos) "Dr. Lukács László György" stole the previously published graphics of our site.

Original graphics on the Numbers page:https://www.facebook.com/.../photos/10914131.../174817140662094/

Stolen graphics by Jobbic's livelihood politician:

The lies he has brought together have been refuted by the "omnipotent" index itself, so we do not waste our energy on them.

Index article:

It will not be the job of healthcare workers to claim the 500,000 reward

There has been widespread information in recent days that the gross reward of half a million for healthcare professionals for fighting the coronavirus will not come automatically, but will have to be claimed. Many immediately came to the conclusion that everyone would have to correspond with Emmi themselves, and they also shared memes about it on Facebook, such as opposition politicians.

Now the ministry has issued a statement saying the claim does not mean that every worker will be forced to manage the money for themselves.

According to the announcement, health care providers will prepare the payment of a one-time benefit of HUF 500,000, "in order to avoid transparency and multiple benefits, they will record the application for the payment of their employees' remuneration",

“The false news in opposition press reports about the details of the one-time wage payment cannot be seen as anything other than creating a mood to draw attention to the fact that by Semmelweis Day, health sector players are receiving this extraordinary benefit,” he wrote.

According to their information


The request for payment of the remuneration of health care workers - similarly to the salary supplement - must be recorded through the administration system of the service providers, it has been written.

It was emphasized that everyone is entitled to the bonus only once, so the payment is made only once to those who have several legal relationships or have additional legal relationships in addition to their full-time position, so it is necessary to record data per employee in order to avoid transparency and multiple benefits.

This report is carried out by healthcare providers and should not be seen as an additional administrative burden, as they already have a well-established practice in implementing similar measures. In this way, providers of publicly funded care but privately maintained will be able to pay a one-off extraordinary benefit, they said.

According to Emmi, the smoothness of the measure is also indicated by the fact that 3,000 of the approximately 11,000 affected service providers submitted their claims to the National Health Insurance Fund Manager in a few days.

The gross HUF 500,000 will be received by about 160,000 employees.

The benefit was announced by Viktor Orbán in the usual Kossuth radio interview in early March, and the next day Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister's Office, said that everyone, even the technical staff, would receive this money.


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