Typical left-liberal behavior: “we’ve been knocked out,” but everyone stays in place

The opinion of the voters does not matter, they are only interested in it once every four years

Typical left-liberal behavior: “we’ve been knocked out,” but everyone stays in place

The president of the MSZP has decided on the rescue video, so the party will not hold anyone accountable, everyone will get away with the fraud.

According to information from Hír TV, party president Bertalan Tóth, Member of Parliament Zsolt Molnár and István Nyakó approved the MSZP's rescue video. That is, the recording, which caused the nationwide scandal, was seen by the party leaders before it appeared, so they should take responsibility as well. However, they do not want to do this, although Bertalan Tóth admitted that he saw the recording. The fact that Bertalan Tóth is also responsible for the forgery and the lying video explains why Lajos Korózs does not have to resign either - it is no longer Korózs' chair, but Bertalan Tóth's.
They are trying to shift the responsibility

In the ATV broadcast on Monday evening, Vice President László Szakács said that the party's communications staff had authorized the recording and publication. However, he did not detail exactly who the members of the team were. His words revealed that an internal investigation was being launched into the party over Korózs' video, but he also did not reveal who was being prosecuted.

On Wednesday morning, 168 Hours near the MSZP reported that the recording was made by Tamás Lajos Szalay, the party's press, a former journalist of Népszabadság. With this failed article, the paper wanted to suggest that it is not politicians in charge, only one employee. However, the news is not interesting because of Szalay's personality, but mainly because of his employer: the journalist is an assistant to EU member István Ujhelyi. It is obvious from this that Ujhelyi also needed to know about the video.

Hír TV then found out that not only Ujhelyi but the entire party leadership knew about the recording. According to News TV

Party chairman Bertalan Tóth, Member of Parliament Zsolt Molnár and István Nyakó approved the rescue video.

This, in turn, clearly demonstrates that partisanship is responsible for falsifying news, but all indications have been that they are trying to shift responsibility to lower levels. In this, the case was similar to the video counterfeiting scandal in Baja in 2013, when a party employee, Balázs Déri, ​​the communications director of the MSZP at the time, fell into the case. The difference, however, is that at that time it was not directly possible to prove that an MSZP politician was also involved in the forgery (there was indirect evidence), but now the MSZP published the recording and Korózs is also included.
Bertalan Tóth admitted that he had seen the video

By Tuesday night, however, it turned out: no one was being held accountable. After it was leaked who exactly allowed the recording, it was no longer possible to catch the case with subordinates on ATV Straight Talk.

Fleeing in advance, Bertalan Tóth admitted that he had seen the video before it was published.

After that, however, he took no responsibility for the scandal. "The internal preliminary investigation of the MSZP has been completed, there is no doubt about the credibility of Lajos Korózs," he defended his party partner and, of course, himself.

Gyurcsany appears in the background

It is striking that an excellent Democratic Coalition from the MSZP has activated itself. It is obvious that Gyurcsány wants to further weaken his former party. Doctor Zoltán Komáromi, the DK health politician, refuted the initial defense of the Socialists on ATV (that the woman is not on the register because she did not ask). Gyurcsány's ally enthusiastically confirmed, "Once someone enters the system, they will remain in it even if they stop their health care activities, only that it will be listed as inactive."

What is the scandal about?

On Sunday, a video was posted on the party's community site in which Socialist MP Lajos Korózs spoke to a woman he called an ambulance. Athina Németh made unusually harsh lies, claiming, among other things, that while working as a volunteer during the coronavirus epidemic, nine out of ten people repatriated from the hospital died.

Shortly after the publication of the recording, the National Ambulance Service and the patient transport companies indicated in a statement that they did not have an employee with such a name and were not aware of such cases, and even the name of Athina Németh did not appear in the register of health professionals.

The MSZP subsequently issued a statement, but a lie was written in it as well. The party claimed that Lajos Korózs' interlocutor was employed by a private ambulance company, the Samaritan Ambulance Service. But it turned out that this was not true either, so the Socialists also deleted their announcement from the site after the video.
And the Department of Human Resources has filed a criminal complaint for spreading horror news.


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