We can get to know a member of Ujhelyi's lie factory

We can get to know a member of Ujhelyi's lie factory

❗️Ujhelyi's buddy and assistant was the technical editor of the MSZP camouflage video. Now we also know who is making Ujhelyi the many lies that the EU representative of the "most European party" is spreading on his Facebook page.

The 168 Hour was informed by several sources that Tamás Lajos Szalay, a former journalist of Népszabadság, an assistant to the MEP of István Ujhelyi, Member of the European Parliament, had made a video that he was involved in the repatriation of dying and inadequately cared for patients, writes the weekly website.

As is well known, the woman was found not to be on the register of the National Ambulance Service, the Hungarian Chamber of Health Care Professionals or the State Health Care Center, and even the Samaritan Ambulance Service named by her firmly denied that the lady had ever worked for them.

According to the Ministry of Human Resources, the false allegations made in the video were particularly suitable in the present emergency to cause undue unrest in society, undermine public confidence in health, and thereby undermine the effectiveness of epidemic control. The Ministry therefore announced that it would file a criminal complaint against an unknown perpetrator for spreading horror.

The 168 Hours reached Tamás Lajos Szalay by phone, who himself acknowledged the making of the video.

“In connection with the statements published in the press, I would like to make it clear that my direct colleague, Tamás Lajos Szalay, provided only technical assistance for the recording of the MSZP video in his spare time, and had no role in its preparation and content. For all other questions related to the video, please contact the press department of the MSZP, ”the politician wrote, who therefore did not condemn the making of the horror video.

The epidemic clearly showed who the fake news producers are, who are the sick liars, the crooks, and who are the livelihood politicians. There have been so many lies, rumors, horrors and slanders as we have not seen in recent weeks, even in recent election campaigns.

Facebook friends of the woman in the video:
Ferenc Gyurcsány
Lajos Korózs
Gábor Demszky
Tibor Dévényi
Rezso Soltesz
Tanda Law Office
András Várkonyi
Ivan Szenes
Tibor Selmeczi
Tamás Heller
Róbert Alföldi
Till Attila
Gabi Fenyvesi and
György Magyar is a lawyer

Source:https://demokrata.hu/magyarorszag/ujhelyi-istvan-asszisztense-segitett-elkesziteni-az-almentos-videot-254175/ Hungarian Democratic Weekly

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