Karácsony are lying about Soros money

Karácsony are lying about Soros money

We couldn’t even imagine what a good omnipotence is for everything, but Kari Baba and the 40 robbers (44 advisors) every day show that he’s even lower.


Another strange thing was revealed about the one million euros donated by György Soros for protection against the epidemic. A proposal submitted to and approved for the capital this week shows that the grant is much more than what was previously betrayed: the Open Society Foundation intends to provide $ 1,540,000 to the capital. The piquancy of the case is that previously the information was published in our paper by the local government of the capital led by Gergely Karácsony, the whole one million euros was spent on tests. Which is impossible, because half of the promised support came to the capital's account, which is less than a million euros. What’s more, the second half of the grant will only be received if seventy-five percent of the first installment has been used. It follows that not even the first installment was spent, so they did not tell the truth when they told our paper that all support was spent on Covid tests.

Without the authorization of the General Meeting, Gergely Karácsony passed in one person the amendment to the decree, according to which György Soros intends to provide the capital with $ 1,540,000 in support to fight the epidemic instead of one million euros. The amount previously declared is much less than what is actually paid by the Soros Open Society Foundation.

What’s more, the donation isn’t true either, according to official reports, the amount was earmarked by the billionaire businessman to fight the coronavirus epidemic.

The press office of the capital had previously told our paper that the money could only be spent on it, and the amount had already been spent. This is strange because, according to the submission, on the one hand, the support is not as much as what was communicated, and only half of it was received. In addition, the second installment will only be called up if 75 percent has been spent on the first.

In other words, the announcement of the local government led by Gergely Karácsony does not correspond to the reality about the support. Once the epidemic is coming to an end, it becomes clear what the capital will spend the rest of the subsidy on.

“As part of a monetary donation, the Foundation intends to provide $ 1,540,000 in grants to the Metropolitan Municipality for the Promotion of the Open Society. The mayor approved and concluded an agreement with the foundation related to the receipt of the referred amount by the task and competence of the General Assembly of the Capital. Under the agreement, the grant will be paid in two equal installments: at the time of the conclusion of the contract and after 75% of the first installment has been used. The first tranche, corresponding to $ 770,000, arrived on April 14, 2020…, ”says the submission, which is completely different from what was said before.

In addition, like several local governments, the Municipality of Budafok-Tétény did not receive the coronavirus tests purchased with Soros support, which Gergely Karácsony promised to the local governments of the capital.

- On May 27, two months after the announcement and a month after the peak of the epidemic and the forced signing of an amateur-assembled, semi-finished contract, we can’t even tell if we’ll ever get the tests. - said Mayor Ferenc Karsay in his Facebook post. He added that, fortunately, they did not wait idly by and prepared a contract for reliable antibody tests for venous blood, equivalent to the PCR test, with an accredited laboratory in Csepel.

- And the contract allows us to test all of our front-line staff, health and social care colleagues. So there is no reason to wait for the Capital if we can provide a faster, better test to those involved - stressed Ferenc Karsay.

According to Csepel.info, the mayor of Csepel, Lénárd Borbély, did not wait for the tests to be awarded on his day - or perhaps Karácsony. For the sake of speed, he asked the capital to decide for himself who would get the tests, but that didn’t happen either.


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