Both Brussels and the opposition have been disqualified in the "big mask race"

Both Brussels and the opposition have been disqualified in the "big mask race"

After Klara Dobrev's 20 masks, the Momentum "01G" masks, 54,000 unusable masks have now arrived from Brussels.

The end result:
EU: 54,000 unusable masks: Disqualified.

DK, ie Klára Gyobrcsnyné Dobrev 20 masks: Disqualified.

Momentum: 01G masks: Disqualified.

Hungarian Government: 150 million usable masks: Winner.

Brussels has sent such unusable masks to the Member States that they must be destroyed

The bureaucracy in Brussels was, to put it mildly, ineffective and, in fact, was said by many to have failed to deal with the coronavirus epidemic. Member States have retained their control of the epidemic and are defending themselves on a national basis from the outset. Now you can hear about another embarrassing mistake in Brussels. Brussels has sent useless masks to member states that they must be literally destroyed - the Operations Staff confirmed the Origo information in its briefing today. In addition, Hungary may even pay the cost of destruction.

The story is preceded by the purchase, acquisition and delivery of FFP2 masks by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Health to a location specified by the Member States. On May 12, the State Health Care Center received 54,000 masks from the 250,000 masks intended for Hungary.

The next day, the Brussels committee informed Hungary that there were serious quality concerns about the masks distributed in 18 countries and that they would not be distributed until this was clarified. Therefore, they were not removed from the warehouse of the State Health Care Center. The masks have been tested in several Member States and found to be of unsatisfactory quality. Then a few days ago, official information was received in which
they call on the Member States, including Hungary, to destroy the masks even at the point of delivery.

In addition, the Brussels bureaucracy stipulated that if the costs of destruction were to be borne by the Member States, it was necessary to inform the manufacturer through the Brussels committee before the destruction procedure. So now the epidemic control bodies - if they didn’t have enough to do -
they can also consult the Brussels bureaucrats on the procedure for destroying the masks,
so that in the end the Hungarian budget is not burdened with the cost of destruction.


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