Márki-Zay was an employee and subordinate of the armed robber of Szeged

Márki-Zay was an employee and subordinate of the armed robber of Szeged

Vásárhelyi Fidesz: Márki-Zay has disbanded the mayor's office!

After the crime was committed and the perpetrator was apprehended, the mayor's office of Hódmezővásárhely, headed by Márki-Zay, seems to have been cleaned up, their colleague's name disappeared everywhere, but they did not succeed either. The mayor's office phone book is still available, with the old names in it.
https://www.hodmezovasarhely.hu/files/telefonkonyv/telefonkonyv.pdf(saved if this is deleted)

The man from Szeged worked in a senior position in the office headed by Péter Márki-Zay. He may have already committed violations there.

A general meeting was convened at the mayor's office in Vásárhely, during which Mayor Péter Márki-Zay acknowledged and confirmed the news that had been circulating in the city for days that the recently captured man was working at the town hall.

According to our information, one of the men suspected of robbing a post office and florist in Szeged in the office headed by Péter Márki-Zay! ️He worked for the Housing and Premises Management Group in a senior position! ️. The mayor also admitted that he had already had problems with the man in office, presumably committing several violations of the law for which a complaint was made.

The case is also interesting because the Housing and Premises Management Group has been in the spotlight before, as one of the first scandals of the Márki-Zay-led local government, which also moved the national press, was the housing of Ernő Nagy, a socialist MP. for the possibility of buying municipal housing. Another interesting thing about the case is that the man who committed the robberies in Szeged could have been aware of the legal and social assessment and weight of his act based on his education and work so far.

In a statement issued today, the Csongrád County Attorney General's Office explained that he had made a motion to the investigating judge to order the arrest of a man from Szeged who had been abducted twice in two days in Szeged with a mask and firearm.

According to the well-founded suspicion, the man first entered the post office in Szeged on May 21, 2020, at noon. There were three employees in the office, one of whom the suspect nailed to the firearm and demanded money from him. Employees were able to take advantage of the suspect’s inattention to run through the back door and seek help from passers-by before opening the coded cash drawer. Noticing this, the suspect left the post office and left the scene with his bicycle.

On May 23, at 2 p.m., the man again entered the flower shop in Szeged with a face mask and a firearm, and then grabbed the gun at the victim behind the counter, who called on him to hand over the proceeds. The victim handed over 5,000 forints to the suspect's threat. The suspect's act was seen by an employee in the back of the store, who called for help on a cell phone, which the man noticed, and then left the scene.

In the proceedings initiated against the person performing a public duty against the crime of armed robbery, the crime of armed robbery and the crime of misuse of firearms, the Prosecutor General's Office requested his arrest for one month due to the risk of absconding, concealment and recidivism.

The investigating judge of the Szeged District Court will decide on the subject of the prosecutor's motion today.

Answer of the Mayor's Office:

The fact of the workshops held in the Mayor's Office, the non-public data of them, we do not want to inform the public about them.

We have no official knowledge of the identity of the suspect, so we cannot confirm or refute the allegation that he previously worked in the Mayor's Office.

There was indeed an internal audit of the work of the Housing and Premises Management Group, the result of which also raises suspicions of a criminal offense. We have indeed made a criminal complaint in connection with this internal audit report, and we do not yet know the outcome of the proceedings.

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