Against Depopulation: Family Support - Youtube video

Against Depopulation: Family Support - Youtube video

🇭🇺! ️VIDEO! The Numbers (Active Members) community is active not only in its name but also in its actions: the first video of one of our new members has been uploaded to our recently launched Youtube channel (subscribe if you haven’t already)

We will be making more videos in the future, we already have 3 previous material on the channel: about the performance of the left during the epidemic, about family support in the past and now, and about hospitals in the "ruins". All the videos are available on Facebook as well, and we will be "moving in" to soon, as we don't want to walk like the PestiSrácok, whose Youtube simply canceled their years of work. Everything will be duplicated.

Half a year has passed since the launch of our site and today we have created a real community: we are surrounded by 30,000 brave people, and that gives us a great deal of strength and inspiration.❤️

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