Chronicle of the coronavirus epidemic in Hungary

Full list against left-wing fake news

Chronicle of the coronavirus epidemic in Hungary

Left-liberal politicians (e.g., Gergely Karácsony) lie thatGovernment of Hungaryhe looked at their Facebook posts and made decisions based on them. The reality, on the other hand, is that decisions are made based on the opinions of hundreds of highly trained professionals when they were needed, to the extent that they were needed. The numbers prove the government. Here is the list:

December 2019 Viral pneumonia of unknown origin occurred in Wuhan, China. This new disease later became known as COVID-19.

30/01/2020 WHO has declared an international emergency over the Chinese coronavirus epidemic.

31/01/2020 The Operational Staff responsible for Coronavirus Infection Control held its first meeting at the Ministry of the Interior, headed by the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Human Resources, and other members Chief of Police, and the Directors General of the National Directorate General for Disaster Management, the National Directorate General of Alien Police, the Counterterrorism Center, the South Pest Central Hospital, the State Health Care Center and the National Ambulance Service. The action plan of the operational staff has also been completed.

01/02/2020. Domesticly manufactured protective masks are already being made.

02/23/2020. Health screening has been extended to those coming from northern Italy. The operational strain responsible for controlling the coronavirus infection requested extraordinary information from the Italian authorities.

02/25/2020. GPs and paediatricians have been given all the information they need to know what to do to prevent a coronavirus epidemic.

02/26/2020. The operational staff operates an on-call center.

02/28/2020. Gergely Karácsony and Kata Tüttő are the leaders of the capital's operational tribe.

01/03/2020. Due to the coronavirus, migrants are not yet allowed into the transit zone. There is a connection between the coronavirus and illegal migration - stated György Bakondi.

03/04/2020. We have the first infected, and in fact we have two patients who had to be transported to a health care institution due to a coronavirus infection, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced on his community page after attending a meeting of the operative tribe.

03/05/2020. An investigation has been launched into Iranian students. The two stakeholders were separated and those living in the same household were quarantined.

03/06/2020. BKV disinfects surfaces in contact with passengers on a daily basis.

03/07/2020. The government accepted the operational tribe’s recommendation and canceled the central ceremony scheduled for March 15th.

03/08/2020. A national ban on visits has entered into force. The national chief physician has ordered a ban on visits to all inpatient and residential social services in Hungary due to the new coronavirus.

03/09/2020. The government set aside more than eight billion forints for the defense. They stressed that the Cabinet is ready to provide all support to ensure the necessary measures to protect against the coronavirus.

03/11/2020. Emmi: The hospital directors were given detailed information.

03/11/2020. Budapest is introducing epidemic control measures. BKK will suspend the front door take-off of its vehicles indefinitely.

03/11/2020. The government is declaring an extraordinary legal order and a state of emergency for the entire territory of the country due to the coronavirus epidemic - the Minister leading the Prime Minister Gergely Gulyás announced the decision of Wednesday's government meeting.

03/12/2020. A travel ban has come into force. Those working in healthcare, law enforcement and national defense are not allowed to travel abroad.

03/12/2020. Extraordinary measures have been put in place: border controls will take place from midnight.

03/13/2020. You can also replace your relative's medicine without a prescription certificate. The amendment to the regulation simplified the conditions for replacing the e-prescription, Emmi said.

03/13/2020. Myth has spread on social media sites about the allegedly planned closure of Budapest.

03/13/2020. They help with a shutdown moratorium. ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ suspended the shutdowns due to debt to its retail customers with immediate effect.

03/13/2020. Two Iranian students were expelled from Hungary and the EU for abandoning hospital quarantine for the coronavirus.

03/13/2020. Parliamentary parties have spoken out in favor of closing schools.

03/13/2020. Students are not allowed to visit educational institutions. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán made important announcements. The government is setting up ten action groups to protect against the virus. From 16 March, a new educational agenda will come into force: an out-of-class digital agenda.

03/15/2020. New measures to protect healthcare workers. Under primary dental care, only emergency care can be provided, and public health screenings are also suspended.

03/15/2020. The police arrested the man who was rioting with the closure of Budapest. A house search was conducted at the man's address and drug-suspected derivatives were also seized.

03/15/2020. A pre-examination point was established at the Military Hospital.

03/15/2020. Several rural kindergartens and nurseries are closing.

03/16/2020. The government has announced further emergency measures and restrictions on groupings. Serious measures restricting groupings have been put in place for restaurants, shops, events, cinemas and other cultural institutions. The government has asked the elderly not to leave their homes. The new measures were announced by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in the Parliament.

03/16/2020. Hospitals across the country are suspending deferred surgeries and examinations due to coronavirus infection.

03/17/2020. A ban on the entry of foreigners has come into force. The restriction covers road, rail, water and air borders.

03/17/2020. Shops cannot be open from 3 pm, except for the grocery store and pharmacy.

03/18/2020. Cecília Müller, a national chief epidemiologist, provided information that the infectious virus may be present anywhere in Hungary.

03/18/2020. Hungary sent a special plane for the Hungarians trapped in Morocco

03/18/2020. Several Hungarian social institutions have started to produce mouth masks.

03/18/2020. After Audi and Suzuki, the Mercedes factory also shut down.

03/18/2020. There is a shortage of visits, exits and admissions in residential social institutions.

03/19/2020. The meter reading has been suspended.

03/20/2020. New measures to protect those living in social institutions.

03/21/2020. Hungarian success: the complete genetic code of the virus has been determined! This is important to facilitate further domestic and international research.

03/21/2020. Stay home! Campaign. With the action recorded for this occasion by Rúzsa Magdi, you are now living! started with the song.

03/23/2020. The opposition refused to extend the emergency. The trial, which deviated from the House Rules, was rejected by Parliament with 137 votes in favor and 52 against.

03/24/2020. The government suspended executions and evictions.

03/24/2020. The limit for touch payments allowed without a PIN code will increase to fifteen thousand forints.

03/25/2020. The apple orchard plant of the Hungarian-owned giant MOL Magyar Olaj- és Gázipari Nyrt.

03/25/2020. A camp hospital was set up in Budapest - in one day the soldiers set up a tent system in the courtyard of the St. Ladislaus Hospital in Budapest.

03/25/2020. The government has banned the export of a drug substance used to treat coronavirus patients.

03/25/2020. Defense control tribes appear in another 13 companies. The list includes telecommunications companies, food and pharmaceutical companies, and gas companies.

03/26/2020. A military tent was also built at the Heim Pál Children's Hospital.

03/27/2020. The government is introducing a curfew. We can only leave our place of residence for work or basic needs, - announced Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

03/28/2020. The curfew has been enforced. The government has asked the elderly to stay at home whenever possible, as the coronavirus is the most dangerous for them.

03/28/2020. Healthcare workers can travel for free on intercity public transport.

03/29/2020. Soldiers also help enforce the restriction in cooperation with the police.

03/30/2020. The law on protection against the coronavirus was passed by parliament. In times of emergency, the government can take extraordinary measures outside the law to ensure human health, legal certainty and economic stability. The provisions of the proposal of the Minister of Justice, Judit Varga, requiring a two-thirds majority, were voted by the National Assembly with 137 votes in favor and 53 against as a matter of urgency.

03/31/2020. The government has extended emergency measures.

03/31/2020. In fifty-one hospitals, hospital commanders became soldiers.

01/04/2020. There is already a coronavirus patient in every county. Most of the infected were found in Budapest (232 people), followed by Pest county (98 people).

02/04/2020. Crowded flights in Budapest. Secretary of State Balázs Fürjes asked Dávid Vitézy to develop an action plan. Gergely Karácsony also complains that the Budapest Transport Center is not in control of the situation.

02/04/2020. Viktor Orbán consulted on domestic pharmaceutical production.

03/04/2020. Healthcare workers will receive an extra benefit of half a million forints.

03/04/2020. Wizz Air's six planes bring four million masks to Budapest, Péter Szijjártó announced.

03/04/2020. Viktor Orbán wrote a letter to the Secretary General of the European People's Party. "All due respect to you, but I don't have time for that!" - wrote Viktor Orbán in his letter, stating that he was open to discussing any issue as soon as the current coronavirus pandemic came to an end, but in the meantime he would spend all his time exclusively trying to save the lives of Hungarian people.

03/04/2020. More markets are opening up with proper precautions in the countryside.

04/04/2020. The government will also establish an epidemiological and economic protection fund. The cabinet will withdraw and reallocate a total of HUF 1,345 billion from the ministries, which is available in the fund created for the protection and restart of the economy. HUF 663 billion will be provided to the epidemic prevention fund, to which 50 per cent of this year's party subsidies, the trade tax on multinational chains, the contribution of the financial sector and the share of the car tax due to local governments will have to be paid.

04/05/2020. Public parking is free. In his Facebook video, the prime minister justified the government decision announced on Sunday.

04/06/2020. Viktor Orbán announced an economic protection action plan. The goal of the economic protection action plan developed by the government is to create as many jobs as the coronavirus destroys, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. He emphasized that no Hungarian is alone. It also announced a wage subsidy program, the rebuilding of the 13-month pension, the relaunch of key sectors of the national economy, and the provision of more than HUF 2,000 billion in subsidized loans to finance companies.

04/06/2020. Several types of coronaviruses have been isolated in Hungary. It seems that the pathogen may have come to Hungary from several places, said the head of the laboratory of the National Center for Public Health.

04/06/2020. Public areas and bus stops are disinfected across the country.

04/07/2020. The Monetary Council of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB) will provide a total of HUF 3,000 billion in new funds to protect the financial system, which is 6 percent of this year's expected GDP, announced Governor György Matolcsy.

04/07/2020. The rate of social contribution tax will be reduced by two percent.

04/07/2020. Almost 31 million masks, 133,000 tests and 152 ventilators arrived in Hungary - said Péter Szijjártó.

04/07/2020. Even without a language exam, students receive their degree

04/08/2020. Mandatory inspections are ordered at nursing homes. Four residents died as a result of a coronavirus infection at the Home for the Elderly on Pest Street in the capital. More than half of the residents have already been tested, everyone will be tested, the chief medical officer said.

04/08/2020. ORFK: expired documents are valid in an emergency.

04/09/2020. The banking sector contributes to the defense with a one-off tax.

04/09/2020. Tourism restrictions nationwide.

04/09/2020. The curfew has been extended indefinitely. The prime minister said they would consider and decide on a weekly basis on possible further extensions.

04/10/2020. Nationwide, restrictive measures have been introduced by mayors. It was decided to close parks, car parks and hiking trails, and in some places the number of people entering the settlement was restricted.

04/10/2020. In connection with the Pest út nursing home, the national chief medical officer obliged the Metropolitan Municipality to implement immediate measures. To date, 151 infected people have been confirmed in the home and 7 elderly cared for the deceased. Dr. Cecília Müller personally visited the largest nursing home in Budapest, and then ordered further measures in a binding resolution.

04/11/2020. Another home in the capital’s nursing home also has a lot of infections. Of the 94 residents of the Rózsa Street home, 60 elderly people tested positive for coronavirus.

04/11/2020. Viktor Orbán visited the most modern mobile epidemic hospital in Europe. The Prime Minister held an inspection in Kiskunhalas, where he visited the mobile epidemic hospital, a protective clothing sewing factory and the city hospital.

04/12/2020. Viktor Orbán visited the János Balassa Hospital in Szekszárd. Szekszárd is a pavilion hospital, where people suffering from various diseases can be accommodated in separate buildings.

04/14/2020. Another company starts producing disinfectants - the Győr-based Graboplast Zrt.

04/14/2020. Production at the Audi plant has partially resumed. The factory started a six-cylinder engine assembly line with about a hundred people in one shift.

04/15/2020. Farmers can get free credit with the overdraft of the Agricultural Széchenyi Card, said the State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture.

04/15/2020. The inspection of the nursing homes has started, the national chief medical officer said. The investigation is still ongoing at the Pesti út institution.

04/16/2020. Hospitals across the country are preparing.

04/16/2020. Brutal amounts of equipment and new ventilators arrived. One and a half million protective clothing, 100,000 gloves, 50,000 tests and 200 ventilators arrived in Hungary.

04/16/2020. There are more than seven hundred infected patients in the hospital.

04/16/2020. The account of the National Cohesion is growing. Donations will be distributed to those in need through charities.

04/16/2020. Further tax breaks were decided. Tax breaks leave HUF 200 billion for businesses and families.

04/17/2020. The MNB has decided on facilitations for credit institutions.

04/17/2020. This year's graduation exams, which have been organized under changed conditions and are held under several precautions, are considered full-fledged.

04/17/2020. Diplomas will also be available by post. In connection with the “language exam amnesty”, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology has informed higher education institutions about possible forms of awarding diplomas.

04/17/2020. The majority of Hungarians expect Brussels to put political debates aside.

04/17/2020. Closed settlements, strict curfew restrictions on weekends.

04/17/2020. Margaret Island will be closed, not City Park.

04/17/2020. Almost half a million liters of its own disinfectant has already been delivered by Mol to the facilities designated by the operational staff.

04/19/2020. A pre-filter tent was built in the wolf grass lung care facility.

04/19/2020. There will be professional exams in May.

04/20/2020. Zoltán Maruzsa: There will be a graduation, if necessary due to the epidemic, the date will be “moved”.

04/20/2020. Almost two thousand were infected in Hungary.

04/20/2020. VAT is paid out more quickly by the tax office.

04/20/2020. The growth loan program for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises has been launched.

04/20/2020. György László: Wage support can be applied for even after two hours of employment.

04/20/2020. 22.5 million masks and 220 ventilators arrived the previous week.

04/20/2020. On May 3, Hungary will be able to have a recovery plan, taking into account the experience of several countries, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

04/22/2020. Three million masks, two million gloves and 164 ventilators arrived. Two trucks and an airplane also brought protective equipment to Hungary.

04/22/2020. The Ministry of Innovation and Technology is looking for blood donors. Recovered donors are sought to produce a licensed antiserum.

04/22/2020. Nearly five thousand liters of hand and surface disinfectant for hospitals

04/22/2020. So far, almost a quarter of a billion forints have been donated to the account of the National Cohesion.

04/22/2020. According to Viktor Orbán, the unity of the V4s is more important than ever. The Hungarian Prime Minister held talks with Charles Michel, President of the European Council, and then with the Prime Ministers of the Visegrad countries.

04/22/2020. Protective equipment was provided by UNICEF Hungary. UNICEF Hungary has also received a large number of masks from child welfare, child protection, public education and pediatric institutions.

04/22/2020. The operative tribe is helping the nursing homes with new protective equipment. A total of 1.3 million masks and 365,000 rubber gloves will be provided to the nursing home by the operative strain responsible for coronavirus epidemic control.

04/22/2020. In order to slow down the spread of the epidemic, the units of the Hungarian Armed Forces started disinfecting new nursing homes.

04/23/2020. The current restrictive rules imposed due to the coronavirus epidemic will remain in force until 3 May.

04/23/2020. Production resumes at the Mercedes factory in Kecskemét.

04/23/2020. Matteo Bruni, a spokesman for the Holy See, announced the postponement of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress scheduled for September 13-20 in Budapest.

04/24/2020. The first phase of protection against the coronavirus epidemic will end at the end of next week, so instead of curfew restrictions, the government will create new rules and life will be gradually restarted, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

04/25/2020. The number of people treated for coronavirus infection in the hospital is on the rise, the national chief medical officer said at a press conference by the operative strain responsible for controlling the coronavirus epidemic.

April 28, 2020 The epidemiological measures taken in time were very effective, Hungary's main success is that the epidemic curve has been flattened, but the coronavirus epidemic will be protracted, said National Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller before the Parliamentary Welfare Committee.

April 29, 2020 The inspectors found several hygiene irregularities in the nursing home on Pesti út; the institution received a fine of one million, the Government Office of the Capital City of Budapest said.

April 29, 2020 Five more planes and three trucks bring health protection equipment to Hungary - said Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

April 29, 2020 In Budapest and its surroundings, the exit restrictions will remain alive, in the countryside the exit restriction will be replaced by new protection measures - Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced on Facebook. Keeping a distance of 1.5 meters and covering your face with protective masks will be mandatory in shops and on public transport.

April 30, 2020. Out-of-classroom digital education will be maintained in May, and the situation in June will be decided later.

04/30/2020. The virus has already appeared in six nursing homes in the capital. Among the nursing homes, the largest focal point is still the nursing home on Pesti út, where there are currently 295 carers, 26 workers and 34 deceased.

04/30/2020. Preventive disinfections were performed in prisons. There are currently no inmates infected with the coronavirus in Hungarian prisons.

04/30/2020. Among the nursing homes, the largest focal point is still the Pest Road institution. The virus has already appeared in six nursing homes in the capital.

04/30/2020. The data are encouraging: the Hungarian construction industry is even better than the European one.

04/30/2020. It is already certain that most of the summer festivals will be missed. The restriction on mass events has been extended until 15 August.

04/30/2020. In some places the restrictions are tightening, but in several settlements the local access restrictions remain the same.

01/05/2020. Schools across the country are prepared to graduate. Few candidates requested a postponement.

01/05/2020. The virus was not released, "we won time," said Viktor Orbán. According to the prime minister, this means "we have won the first battle against the virus."

01/05/2020. The open letter of Katalin Kondor, the president of the István Lovas Society, in support of the chief physician, was a huge success. There is a lot of support for Cecilia Müller.

02/05/2020. More and more people are reporting to be a plasma donor. In one group of severe patients, tocilizumab therapy for about five weeks also showed “significant results”.

03/05/2020. According to Viktor Orbán, the cooperation in Visegrád is passing the exam. In a letter, he greeted the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and, through him, all the citizens of Poland, Viktor Orbán.

03/05/2020. Measures related to sporting events and training will take effect on Monday. Sports events can be held behind closed doors.

03/05/2020. According to a survey conducted by the Perspective Institute, the majority of Hungarians support their graduation.

04/05/2020. A new phase of defense has begun. From that day onwards, the gradual easing of restrictions due to the coronavirus epidemic began in the countryside on a strict schedule.

04/05/2020. The Hungarian Tourism Agency has published a Covid handbook. The manual contains recommendations for reopening.

04/05/2020. Health care, general practitioner and dental services, specialist clinics will resume by telephone reservation - said Miklós Kásler.

04/05/2020. The Hungarian Baths Association is asking the operators of the baths to calmly interpret the easing of the curfew that came into force on Monday. The Pentecostal opening of the baths is realistic and safe according to the bath association.

04/05/2020. Instead of Gergely Csepel, Karácsony wants to establish a quarantined homeless hotel at the City Hall. According to the mayor's office, the rapid transformation of the Gerlóczy Street wing of the Town Hall will begin in the coming days.

04/05/2020. Gradually, rural settlements are opening up.

04/05/2020. In rural areas, most dioceses - subject to strict regulations - but public Masses are held again.

05/05/2020. The Hungarian budget may decrease this year and increase by 4.8 percent next year. The latest convergence program presented by the Ministry of Finance already takes these indicators into account.

05/05/2020. The government guarantees everyone that everyone will be able to support their families even after the epidemic, Katalin Novák announced.

05/06/2020. According to the operational staff, it is justified to maintain the measures in Budapest and Pest county. On Tuesday, the number of people infected with the coronavirus increased by 46, of which 33 were from Budapest and Pest.

05/06/2020. The government will provide another, more than 400 billion forints for the defense. Additional resources will be allocated, among other things, to the wage subsidy program, to support companies' capacity expansions and investments.

05/06/2020. According to ITM, the virus crisis will not overwrite road development plans. Planned road renovations and highway construction will not be missed.

05/06/2020. Last week, the left-liberal mayor agreed to further maintain the restrictions in Budapest. Suddenly he changed his mind. So now he just kept to his own opinion for a week Karácsony.

05/06/2020. Following the precautions caused by the coronavirus epidemic, parks and leisure centers are already gradually opening up in several rural settlements.

05/07/2020. More than eight hundred nursing homes have already been disinfected by soldiers. In total, it needs to be disinfected in more than 1,100 institutions. About a thousand soldiers take part in the task.

05/07/2020. Veterinary prescriptions can even be issued online until the end of the emergency caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

05/07/2020. Hungarian success was achieved in the fight against viruses. Lajos Baranyi's therapy seems promising. Cytokine storm inhibition therapy is beyond the laboratory and animal experimental phases.

05/07/2020. The government is also helping businesses in an epidemic emergency by reducing the social contribution tax from July 1st.

05/07/2020. From May, the indicator of industrial production may improve. The April data is expected to show a low point and the situation will improve from May.

05/07/2020. According to Gergely Gulyás, they were surprised to read the criticism made by the mayor in a letter in the government. That is why the government is now waiting for Gergely Karácsony to figure out what she wants, the minister said.

05/07/2020. Most Hungarian companies do not expect further redundancies.

05/07/2020. Caution continues to characterize rural settlements. Rural settlements also only partially lift restrictions.

05/07/2020. More than 120 precautions will help the Mercedes plant in Kecskemét to gradually return to normal operation during production, which started on 28 April.

05/08/2020. False news of the closure of health care facilities was written by a woman who was therefore interrogated as a suspect due to a well-founded suspicion of spreading horror.

05/08/2020. So far, roughly forty percent of debtors have agreed to repay even in a crisis. Thus, two thousand forints can remain with the debtors.

05/08/2020. The government is “ready to give jobs to up to two hundred thousand public employees” Further steps to restart life could follow in a week.

05/08/2020. Forty thousand tests were performed by ambulances. About 400,000 miles were covered by his staff because of the epidemic, and they were usually the first to meet patients.

05/08/2020. Exams from the subjects that “moved” most students had already been held this week. Graduation exams take place without interruption.

05/08/2020. An agreement was reached on the establishment of a new Hungarian vaccine factory. The goal for the Hungarian state is to enable Hungary to become independent in the field of vaccine production.

05/08/2020. As part of the latest shipment of anti-virus protection equipment, more than six million masks arrived in Hungary in two days. A total of 6 million 300,000 masks, 25,000 insulation jackets, and 120 ventilators were received.

05/08/2020. Requiring compliance with health rules, but significantly easing the restrictions from the weekend in rural settlements.

05/09/2020. The Democratic Union of Teachers, in vain, proclaimed a boycott, in vain asked the teachers to take time off. Their graduation went well. According to Fidesz, this is why it was a very good decision to keep the high school diploma despite the “left hysteria”.

05/10/2020. Investments will also create new jobs. Already 338 companies have indicated that they would make an investment to mitigate the negative economic impact of the coronavirus epidemic.

05/10/2020. In Hungary, there will be no decline, but growth this year, the central bank maintains its 2-3 percent growth forecast - said György Matolcsy. According to the head of the national bank, this will be possible because the crisis hit Hungary in good condition.

05/10/2020. The ambulance fleet has been almost completely renewed. On Sunday, 20 new ambulances were added to the service.

05/10/2020. On the occasion of the Ambulance Day, in the company of Pál Győrfi, Viktor Orbán visited the ambulance station in Józsefváros. "Thank you for putting yourself there!" Said the prime minister.

05/11/2020. In the countryside, a face mask is also mandatory on Wheelchairs. From Monday, it is mandatory to wear a mouth mask on rural intercity vehicles in the Volánbus, and you will have to board the front door for most flights.

05/11/2020. Hundreds of residents of nursing homes have already died as a result of coronavirus disease. This means that roughly one in four people who die in connection with a coronavirus illness in Hungary is a resident of a retirement home.

05/11/2020. According to a poll at the end of the century, Hungarians reject "Soros' plan to indebted Europe". More than three-quarters of respondents say a never-ending interest-bearing loan would make Europe permanently vulnerable.

05/12/2020. The police are already investigating the case of the Pesti út nursing home. The National Investigation Bureau of the Emergency Police has launched an investigation into the health irregularities in the operation of the elderly home on Pesti út.

05/12/2020. Out of half of the national representative test sample of 18,000 people examining the coronavirus transfection in Hungary, out of 8,276 tests, a total of two became positive for coronavirus infection, announced Béla Merkely, Rector of Semmelweis University (SE). According to the head of the clinical epidemiologist's working group, based on the results, it can be stated that there is currently no viral epidemic in Hungary, but the threat of the epidemic still exists.

05/12/2020. From now on, returning to the normal course of the initial phase of the coronavirus epidemic, new, severe coronavirus patients will be transported from all over the country to two major hospitals. However, coronavirus patients with milder complaints are not required to be treated at the two hospitals in Budapest.

05/12/2020. The spread of the infection is slowing around the world. There was also a slight increase in the number of those infected and healed.

(To be continued)

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