The sins and faults of liberalism

The sins and faults of liberalism

🧨Liberals fight for the rights of EUROPEAN WOMEN and admit hundreds of thousands of those who disregard women
🧨Liberals are fighting for the rights of CHILDREN, but are settling in those whose legal system allows little girls up to the age of 8 to be married.
🧨Liberals fight for the RULE OF LAW and tolerate Saria police in their Western European countries, thus creating a “state” within the state.
🧨Liberals accuse Hungary of ANTISEMITISM while freeing millions of illegal anti-Semitic migrants from European Jewry.
🧨Liberals fight for freedom of expression, but do not tolerate other opinions, stigmatize others in an exclusionary way (Nazi, racist, homophobic, exclusionary, no one who disagrees with them)
🧨Liberals are fighting for the extra rights of HOMOSEXUALS while calling to Europe those who, to put it mildly, do not share these views
🧨Liberals fight for HUMAN DIGNITY while demonizing and insulting people who express dissent with their mouths.
🧨Liberals fight for EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES, but they only take into account the chances of deviant people, people of foreign cultures, against indigenous Europeans.
🧨Liberals are fighting for EUROPEAN VALUES, but European values ​​no longer include Christian culture, the traditional family model, national identity, patriotism, real freedom of the press.

There is a tradition in Hungary of the idea that Hungary's progress depends on how much we sacrifice from our Hungarians, and the Gyurcsány couple and Momentum, for example, continue this. There are political forces in Hungary that do not consider the Hungarian interest and the survival of the Hungarian nation to be paramount.

Liberalism has been revealed to this day, showing off its whites: as soon as they come to power, they become tyrants, manipulate the media, restrict press freedom, obstruct conservative opposition voices, as we often experience. They do not argue, refute, but forbid it with a superiority born of something mystical arbitrary and unreasonable height. Sad evidence of this can be seen in Western European countries (Germany, France) where e.g. a different approach to the migrant issue from the government will result in severe sanctions.

Censorship, reminiscent of the period of communist dictatorship, oversees “freedom of the press”. If they slander it is just a statement of opinion, the criticism that comes to them, in turn, is hate speech. Let me use a quote from Mihály Korniss, a neoliberal “thinker”. "They (right) can't hate us the way we hate them." This pigeon-gentle “talk” continues at length in a similar style. Left-liberal politicians, entrusted by the people with making the best possible, most favorable decisions for the benefit of the citizens who elect them, well, as we can see, are going bankrupt.

It has been proven that a liberal approach to problems does not provide a solution, "because it increases who obscures the trouble." Politicians responsible for the livelihood and security of hundreds of millions of people cannot afford the luxury of subjectivism, of sensitivity, of ignoring rational solutions, as they cannot fetch the skin of the people who vote for them (trust). (The situation is made really spicy by the fact that senior EU officials are not even elected, but appointed as a dictator.) , incited hatred against Nobel laureate (DNA structure) Professor Watson. (Watson called for a review of the aid situation in Africa, a review, an objective and rational review of it.) Under pressure from the Liberals, Kurt Waldheim had to resign as UN Secretary-General because II. he was a soldier enlisted in World War II. The prosecution of Serbian war criminals was a series of pathetic, “a lot of fuss for nothing” hypocrites. “They failed to prove them” to the killings that decimated the civilian population. After the change of regime, the so-called - the issue of verbal and physical atrocities and grievances against pseudo-Hungarians in Slovakia and Romania was not swept under the rug, they did not protest (pardon: Roma) ‘ancient’ rights. At present, there are obstacles to clarifying and resolving the migrant issue and communicating objective reality.

EU politicians are regularly sweeping off the table requests for violations of indigenous European minority rights, but are threatening to punish countries that do not share the irrational views of EU leaders enthusiastically enough. They are trying to force Carl Popper’s suicidal nightmare of open society and multi-culture to force any country in the EU. Kosovo, an ancient province of Serbia, was allowed to become an independent state - saying there are more Albanians. I dare not think that the secession of Kosovo was a collective punishment for the Serbs, a retaliation for the genocide, the massacres, the outbreak of the Balkan war. I dare not even think of such hypocrisy. At the same time, sanctions were imposed on Russia and a hate campaign was launched because, almost half a thousand years ago, Crimea, which had been part of Russia, was declared its own again, citing the vast majority of Russians.

Why a double standard? The great powers allow themselves to protest against a law passed in a democratic - but small - country, even though they have stricter laws in this regard. Why? "That is something else!" “Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi” What are the behind-the-scenes interests? (cheap labor?) All critics of liberalism are called prehistoric, jerk, taho, rural death, Nazi, hate speech, they classify all opposing opinions, ignoring freedom of opinion. (How long would archaic human cultures, with today's mentality and liberal attitudes, survive? Not for a century.) They lie down for the mass demand, they support the spread, dominance, and sometimes provocation of Western (mostly American) cultural garbage. (Why are Romanian-language advertisements broadcast in Hungary?) On mass-consumed commercial TV channels, the viewership, the uncritical service of the degraded mass demand, and consequently the profit, the money are authoritative. Looking at the shows on commercial channels, hearing them, and seeing the news of the lower body flashes, the vision of a neo-barar civilization comes to mind. In several liberal-democratic countries, cage fights, animal fights, etc. that whip up primitive instincts are allowed.

The spirit of entrepreneurship permeates entertainment, but also sports. In the name of freedom, aesthetic pollution is rife in a place reserved for culture. Art is represented by bridal rock, “party music,” reality shows, soap operas, brainwashing, and the tabloid. There is a clear alliance and merger with chasing multinational companies that encourage excessive consumption, all with reference to personal freedom. The free ordinaryness of our modern age is supported by the fact that the so-called celebrities became role models to whom (I quote “only from a pure source.”): “They are not, and if they are, they are not interested, the so-called values. The point is to always feel good, everything should be “cool”. In the absence of a role model, a significant proportion of young people despise serious work, turn away from accepted values, wander in the world without goals and values. It is only the unpretentious entertainment - not virtues, merits, goals, individuality - that drives and drives the desire of the “bad”, trying to fill its spiritual-spiritual emptiness with drugs. It is sad that our neoliberal writer, who was proclaimed a pillar member of today's Hungarian literature, stood up for the legalization and liberalization of drugs with full chest width! A society where a significant proportion of young people are drug addicts and others go psycho-analysts is very ill.

Is a “man” stupid of drugs an equal citizen? Under the “everyone does what they want” principle, a young person looking for an example can also learn only empty, unpretentious entertainment, alcoholism, from most adults. If there is no positive pattern, example, help, presentation of a way out of this way of life, then this attitude is enlarged again and again. Because what he sees in his surroundings: primitive “reality shows”, car and motorcycle races, disguised camouflage, inverse intellectual quizzes, where the winner is the dumbest, the most uneducated. And the “winner” isn’t even ashamed, even proud of his amazing stupidity. And the media uses it to increase its popularity and viewers, because it has the right to do everything. In the absence of knowledge of fiction, tear-jerking kitsch for the broad masses, or primitively didactic witty tele-novels, lecture literature, take the place of art. Learning, mastering broad literacy, and thinking based on them is tiring, not rewarding, and “chic”. Plenty of time becomes free, boredom, the problem of the “beating” of time, appeared, instead of enriching their material knowledge and education. True culture is slowly being displaced - like ragweed imported from America - by the cool tour. He has a fundamental right to all this, thanks to liberalism. Stupidity is a constitutional right of all. The severe disability of the moral life of our time, the shift in values, pleasures, the cult of hedonism, and the denial of higher communal and personal values.

Manipulating and then serving mass demand - journalism - business: the trinity of liberal news editing of our time. Present, and a similar revealing study can never be published by them, it will be self-censored by profit-oriented book publishing. Because the rights of personality allow this too: rudeness, jealousy, willpower, verbal and physical aggression prevailed in everyday life. The speech is bustling with robes, deafening inaccuracies, Hungarianness, a multitude of English “technical terms,” (unbelievable, but it happened that a customer asked for a volume of “Edáj” (ADY) in a bookstore), self-serving obscenity, slang. According to the liberals, no one has the right or authority to change this subculture, as everyone speaks as they want (Life and Literature, 2007). In a hitherto high-level, authoritative journal in the past system, a linguist (! ?) hatched with enormous vehemence against language cultivation - especially the unforgettable merit and memory of Lajos Lőrincze. He accused language education of anachronism, aristocracy, violation of personal rights, discrimination and humiliation against uneducated, uneducated people. (Since then, I don't buy the sheet, which has been used annually until 30 years ago.)

The electronic media has not broadcast language programs since then. Thanks to the refinement of petty neoliberalism, nothing is what it is today: the ugly, the fat, the debil, the imbecile, the idiot, the killer, and so on. Instead of markers, markers that beautify, ignore the essence, - specific, damaged, special, struggling with weight problems and challenges, poorly socialized (childhood was bad) - should be used. Liberal aesthetics allow classical literary works to be rewritten according to their own tastes, the spirit of the times (e.g. Romeo Negro, Juliet Man) I could go on and on with examples of my favorite theme of cabaret. (“The theme lies on the street”) The world has fundamentally turned upside down: liberal “folk culture” says it is not people who need to be elevated to high culture, but culture to be brought down to the level of mass taste. “Political correctness” does not allow the terms Negro, mestic, mulatto, busman, instead African, African American, other ridiculously euphemistic names should be used as if all Africans were just and equally black.

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