95% of the election promises have already been fulfilled

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95% of the election promises have already been fulfilled

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In a decade of civic governance, the goals and commitments for 2010 were met by 95 percent, the Perspective Institute said in an analysis.
Speaking of the analysis, the institute recalled that just ten years ago, on May 14, 2010, the sixth freely elected Parliament after the change of regime convened, which, as they put it, “also closed the work started twenty years earlier”. They added that in the new parliament, the Fidesz and KDNP factions won two-thirds of the seats. Their election program has also become the official program of the government of Viktor Orbán, who was elected prime minister two weeks later, they wrote. The analysis highlighted that in a decade of civic governance, the 2010 targets and commitments were met by 95 percent. In this context, it was recalled:

During the 2010 change of government, Hungary was hit by an economic and moral crisis. The government program announcing the policy of national affairs 2010 wanted to respond to Hungary's economic, public security, health, social policy and rule of law challenges.

The Point of View Institute called the creation of 800,000 new jobs the most important achievement in the economy. From the reduction of bureaucracy to the provision of corporate and municipal resources to the opening of the economy to the east, all the measures implemented “made the Hungarian economy more resilient and Hungarian families more self-sufficient”, they continued. They added: After 2010, the perception of the police and the sense of security of the families was restored. The number of crimes has halved, with the focus on protecting victims instead of protecting perpetrators. By creating a medical career model, supporting access to practice and raising the wages of health workers, workers in the sector have been given a perspective, the analysis also highlighted an increase in the purchase value of pensions, 36,000 families fleeing their homes, employment and childbearing has been made more compatible and the burden of social care has been reduced.

Although 5 per cent of the government's program targets are still being implemented, at least as many measures have been implemented since 2010 to respond to the new challenges.

They remarked. The viewpoint called the benefits of the last ten years, among other things, the reduction in overheads introduced for the first time since the change of regime, the largest NATO-led force development since the change of regime, a series of economic whitening measures, and Europe's most comprehensive family support.

The success of the government between 2010 and 2020 and the expectations after 2022 are evidenced by the fact that, according to the opinion of 70% of Hungarians, Viktor Orbán can still be the head of government after 2022.

The institute said.


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