According to the left, Viktor Orbán has never dealt with a crisis, but his crisis management has failed anyway.

The reality, on the other hand, is that Viktor Orbán has handled countless crises over his more than 30-year political career and has always solved the task.

According to the left, Viktor Orbán has never dealt with a crisis, but his crisis management has failed anyway.

Anyway, here is the international opinion on the current crisis management. Not what we said!

On the threshold of the left wreck derby (pre-selection) we only say: Hajrá Viktor Orbán! Only FIdesz!

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We found another “secret tunnel”

In fact, new elements of the system-level development of the country! Hajrá Fidesz-KDNP!

We found another “secret tunnel”

As before, these are not "snatched examples." In our latest video showing the improvements, we present more than 2,000 similar projects! Worth a look, there are quite some amazing reincarnations!

And now comes today's dose of "secret tunnel"

1. The Garden of the Blind in the Grove has been completely renewed!
Ádám Barbélywrote: The nearly one-hectare Garden of the Blind was built in 1972 in Városliget, so - after almost half a century - it was timely to put it in order and modernize it.
In the vicinity of the park there are many institutions and organizations that help the blind and visually impaired, who actively use the garden, which no longer met the XXI. century accessibility requirements.
However, thanks to the Liget Budapest Project, the Garden of the Blind has been completely renewed inside and out: the area has been made accessible, equipped with modern equipment, its vegetation has been rehabilitated, and the playground equipped with special toys has been renovated and expanded.

2. The Csőszi access road is completed! (with video)
Gábor Vargawrote: The connecting road to the pipe was practically completed with the technical handover on Friday, but the work is still continuing with the connection of the branching streets. The section of about 1.1 kilometers leading to the center of the town has become really high quality and "different from the eye". The development test was supported by the Government of Hungary with HUF 171 million.
Come on, Crazy South!

3. Sukoró: new market and sports park instead of telekmutyi
Zoltán Tesselywrote: Thanks to the grants won within the framework of the Hungarian Village Program, we were able to hand over two significant developments in Sukoró on Wednesday: the area of ​​the Géza Toldi sports park was made even more comfortable with outdoor benches and rest areas; and the Green Dot Market, which also functions as a community space, has been transformed into four seasons thanks to the support.
The developments were handed over in the company of Mayor Éva Mészárosné Hegyi Gyöngyi and Dr. Krisztián Molnár, County President and Dr. László Simon, Government Commissioner.
I wish that both investments will serve the recreation, comfort and benefit of the community of Sukoró!

4. Győr's new market is full of life!
These pictures are also worth a look!
Fresh and succulent goods and sumptuous tastings awaited those who visited the Market Hall on Saturday morning. The good atmosphere was provided by Győr Radio from 7 am to 11 am. Although there were many, everyone, according to the rules, chose between the finer than the finest porters. Most enjoyed steaming hot sandwiches or coffee on the landscaped terraces. The Győr Radio took care of the terrifying atmosphere and the venue came live. Several traders and producers have been interrogated and everyone is happy one by one that the market has been able to live full of life again after the rules of the epidemic have been eased.
Source, pictures:

5. The Lónyay Street Reformed Grammar School and College in Budapest will be renewed!
Renovation of our building is progressing slowly but surely. Our yard is full of machines and building materials. Workers roam the school grounds. Moreover, the School building was scaffolded.
We will tell you about the renovation in a few words and with pictures.
The main progress is the construction of scaffolding. The inner courtyard, the corner of Lónyay-Zsil Street and the section of Lónyay Street are approx. half is fully scaffolded. The statue facing Zsil Street was lifted by crane. The sculpture lady can relax in the courtyard after years of perching.
Last week, a larger part of the windows arrived, a significant amount of building materials, construction equipment, and more. Life is going on in the yard, many are working to make our building flaunt it again.

6. Nyíregyháza Athletics Center before handover!
Dr. Tünde Szabó wrote: Nyíregyháza Athletics Center before handover! We visited the modern athletics stadium, which is also unique in Europe. The facility will serve not only live and youth education, but also the city residents, as the Athletics Center has been expanded with a record runway within the framework of the investment!

Pass on the reality!

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Today's broadcast of the silenced news follows

Thus, Fidesz "does nothing"

Today's broadcast of the silenced news follows

This is an earlier video of improvements, with at least 2,000 similar projects in it. The first 6.5 minutes of the video are about improving health care.

Now let's look at today's "dose"!

1. Three developments were handed over in Juta!
Attila Gelencsérwrote: Today we handed over three investments in Utah worth more than 70 million forints. The crèche has been expanded, the communal space has been roofed and a gym can be occupied by the people living in the settlement. Congratulations to the Jute!
Three rebuilt facilities were also handed over in Utah, the first official opening held since the outbreak of the third wave of the epidemic in the county. Life did not stop under the virus, investments were made in Somogy.
They employ ten childminders, all Jute. The village received more than HUF 55 million in support for the development of the nursery from the Regional and Settlement Development Operational Program (TOP). It was one of the fastest similar projects in the county to be completed in just one year.

2. The burned lookout tower of Révfülöp will be rebuilt!
Zoltán Fenyvesiwrote: I have good news for both the pilgrims and the visitors. Reconstruction of the burned-out lookout is on schedule, almost certain by the end of June. The government has provided the missing resource for the town so that we can once again admire the beautiful panorama of our countryside.

3. Medical service flats were built in Borszék!
Árpád János PotápiThe Studium Prospero Foundation, with the support of the State Secretariat for National Policy, is building service flats for young doctors and artists in many settlements in Transylvania. After Târgu Mureş, Sepsiszentgyörgy, Satu Mare, Miercurea Ciuc, Kraszna and Gheorgheni, we were able to hand over the completed flats in Borszék today.
Our goal is to help people stay in their homeland, to solve the shortage of doctors and to guarantee the supply of doctors who speak to their patients in their mother tongue.

4. The Petőfi school in Zalaegerszeg has been renewed!
László Vighwrote: an energy modernization and renovation of HUF 3–3️6 million was completed in the downtown Petőfi school, where the yard is now being renovated.
In Zalaegerszeg, we have spent HUF 4.2 billion on the renovation of schools in a few years. At present, 27 different public cultural developments are being implemented in the city in this government cycle, worth more than HUF 6 billion.

5. It is already possible to travel by bicycle between Nyírábrány and Vámospércs
Vámospércs / Nyírábrány - The previously built bicycle section was extended from more than half a billion forints. Work is still underway on Main Road 48, with the contractor also reinforcing and widening the pavement. Once the work is completed, transport between the settlements in the area and the county seat can be faster and safer.
More than three kilometers away is the new cycle path section that runs parallel to Highway 48. From Vámospércs to the road junction in Szentannapuszta, there was already a bicycle line, to which the new part is connected and leads all the way to Nyírábrány.
They have been working on the bike path since last summer. There will be an additional 400-meter section from Nyírábrány to the border, which will be available after the modernization of Main Road 48. The development cost more than half a billion forints.

6. The Pest County Hall is renewed
Lajos Szucswrote: The facade of the middle building of the County Hall is being renewed. It was an honor that between 2006 and 2014, as the president of the county, I chaired the general assemblies in the Lajos Kossuth ceremonial hall in the building.


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Star five!

The government has protected jobs! Thank You!

Star five!

Industrial production has grown the most in Hungary!
Among the TOP3, the Hungarian investment rate in the EU!
The Hungarian industry has a balanced structure, it stands on several legs!
An industrial investment of HUF 1,700 billion is in progress!

György Lászlówrote: "Hungarian industry grew the fastest in the EU in March (Figure 1).

What is it due to and what are we doing to further expand it?
The growth of the Hungarian economy in the first quarter will not depend on the industry. Domestic industry expanded by 4 percent in the first quarter, despite the fact that the automotive industry, which has the highest weight and growth potential, even fell by 3.6 percent. All this shows that the Hungarian industry has a balanced structure and stands on several legs.

In addition, the temporary stagnation in the automotive industry did not happen because there were no orders or the Hungarian workforce and the companies operating in Hungary would not be competitive. The global raw material supply chain has simply emerged, which has had a negative impact on the world's automotive industry, including Hungary.

The data also indicate that there is huge growth potential in Hungarian industry this year. If the supply problems caused by the COVID-19 crisis affecting the operation of the world economy are resolved and the restrictive measures are alleviated not only in Hungary but also elsewhere, there will be a significant demand for our industrial products. Let us not forget that in Germany alone, hundreds of billions of euros in extra savings were made in 2020 from the fact that families simply could not spend their disposable income during the epidemic. This is almost three quarters of the annual performance of the Hungarian economy - GDP. The savings rate of Hungarian households also increased, by almost 30 percent compared to the pre-crisis level, which could have resulted in additional savings of up to HUF 700 billion in 2020.

We are working to give Hungarian industrial capacities an even bigger role in meeting the soon-to-increase global demand. That is why, when creating the economic protection action plan a year ago, we decided to allocate HUF 1,000 billion in investment incentives in order to maintain the investment level, which helped to realize the investment exceeding 4 percent of the Hungarian GDP. Due to this, the Hungarian investment rate after Estonia and Ireland is the third highest in 2020 (27.3 per cent), which is almost 6 percentage points higher than the EU average (Figure 2).

So far, we have been working to keep businesses from delaying their capacity-building investments, and now we are working to keep the investment rate high. At present, more than 1,700 billion forints of industrial investment is “in the pipeline”, as many domestic and foreign companies operating in Hungary have announced in the recent period (Chart 3).
This is the key to creating competitive jobs that can pay higher and higher wages in Hungary. Thus, this 10-year-long consistent investment-promoting economic policy played a central role (Figure 4) in the fact that in March, industry grew the fastest in Hungary in the entire EU.
️ By reading the posts on my Facebook page, it is worth clarifying some issues. Hungary did not become severely vulnerable to international economic processes, actors and companies in the 1990s, but in the 1990s, during the time of the balliberal governments that professed neoliberal - that is, extremely market-oriented - economic policy principles. At that time, economic policy did not differentiate between foreign and less favorable foreign investments for Hungary, and did not pay enough attention to supporting Hungarian companies. On the other hand, we believe that Hungarian companies are the first to give us the most help, but we also welcome all foreign investors who bring the technologies of the future, thus bringing the demand of the future to Hungary and thus providing long-term work for Hungarians.

Our goal is also for foreign companies that dominate world markets to find the Hungarian economy attractive, because through them we can increase the performance of the Hungarian economy by earning extra income from export markets. At the same time, we are working on what neoliberal economic politicians before 2010 did not address: so that Hungarian suppliers can join and integrate into the value chains of these companies in the right proportion and on fair terms. This is also important because Hungarian companies can thus acquire the knowledge that enables them to produce their own product, the skills needed to increase their productivity and thus their wages, and they can become multiv, Hungarian multiv.

At the same time, we do not forget about Hungarian micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. For us, they are the first. That is why we are launching more than HUF 400 billion worth of investment incentive programs for them in the next period (this means an average of HUF 10 million per employee) to invest in the technologies of the future and become a stable Hungarian company or a Hungarian multivale capable of gaining a foothold in export markets. That is why we created VALI (, personalized entrepreneurial information and the Modern Model Plants program ( so that our entrepreneurs can find customized business development opportunities in three clicks and learn about the technologies of the future in action.

This is how our economy will be Hungarian, high-tech and green. Come on, patriots, come on, Hungarian entrepreneurs!


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Jövőre további 400 milliárd forint maradhat az adófizetőknél!


#merazorbánlop :)

Miért "további"? Azért, mert a mostani adócsökkentés egy 10 éve tartó adócsökkentési trend következő lépcsője. Ebben a cikkben összefoglaltuk a korábbi évek lényeges eredményeit.

Ugrásszerűen emelkedhetnek meg 2022-ben a büdzsé bevételei, az adócsökkentésekkel viszont csaknem 400 milliárd forint marad a lakosságnál és a gazdálkodó szervezeteknél.
A járványból való kilábalással és a GDP-növekedéssel párhuzamosan szinte minden adónemből növekedést vár jövőre a kormány, az újonnan bejelentett adókedvezmények ellenére is – mondta a Világgazdaságnak Bajusz Dániel, a Vámosi-Nagy Ernst & Young Ügyvédi Iroda adószakértője a 2022-es büdzsé várható adóbevételeiről. A szakember hozzátette: a vállalkozások gyors talpra állására számít a jövő évi költségvetés, ami abból is látszik, hogy például társasági adóból már 50 milliárd forinttal több bevétellel kalkulál a kabinet. Ez a 2021-es várható teljesítéshez képest is 31,8 százalékos növekedés.

Hasonlóan vélekedett lapunknak Bagdi Lajos, a Niveus Consulting Group adótanácsadási partnere: 2022-ben már azzal számol a kormány, hogy magunk mögött hagyjuk az elmúlt időszak gazdasági megpróbáltatásait, ezért minden fontosabb adónemben magasabb adóbevétel várható. A szakember hozzáfűzte, hogy a fogyasztás felfutására számítva az áfabevételeket csaknem 10 százalékkal tervezi felül a kabinet az ideihez képest, ebből az adónemből a jövő évi előirányzat szerint 409 milliárd forint pluszbevétele lehet az államkasszának.
Emellett a gazdálkodó szervezetek befizetésének előirányzata csaknem 230 milliárd forinttal, az szja esetében pedig 150 milliárd forinttal magasabb az idei célkitűzésnél.

Bajusz Dániel az adóváltozások közül a kisadózók tételes adója (kata) évek óta tartó diadalmenetének megtorpanását emelte ki, katából ugyanis, ha mérsékelten is, de kevesebb befizetés várható jövőre, nem függetlenül az idén bevezetett szigorításoktól.
Ugyanakkor a kormány szándékaival összhangban – hívta fel a figyelmet Bagdi Lajos – arányaiban jelentős növekedésre lehet számítani a korszerű adónemként aposztrofált kisvállalati adóbevételek (kiva) terén. Szintén a korábbi évektől eltérő fejlemény az energiaellátók jövedelemadója esetében tapasztalt mérséklődés, amit Bajusz Dániel azzal magyarázott, hogy a kabinet a társasági adózáshoz hasonlóan az energiaellátók jövedelemadójában is lehetővé szeretné tenni a korábban keletkezett veszteségek beszámítását a tárgyévi nyereségbe.


Jövőre több adó is mérséklődhet, a költségvetési törvényjavaslatban a 25 év alattiak adómentessége és a lakásáfa csökkentése nyomán összegszerűen 423 milliárd forint bevételkieséssel számolt a kormány.
Varga Mihály pénzügyminiszter a törvényjavaslat benyújtása óta újabb adócsökkentést jelentett be. Mint a Vámosi-Nagy Ernst & Young Ügyvédi Iroda szakembere jelezte, 2022 júliusától nem az eddigi ütemezés szerinti 2 százalékkal, hanem csak 0,5 százalékkal, 15 százalékra csökken a szociális hozzájárulási adó.
Viszont az 1,5 százalékos szakképzési hozzájárulást kivezetik, így sikerül fenntartani az eddigi, a bérmegállapodásnak megfelelő 2 százalékos csökkenési ütemet, ami már a kormány kommunikációjában is megjelent – hívta fel a figyelmet az adószakértő. Ezzel a szaktárca becslése szerint mintegy 250 milliárd forint bevételtől esik el jövő évtől a költségvetés. Bajusz Dániel arról is beszélt, hogy a behajthatatlan követelések miatti áfa-visszatérítések szabályozása és gyakorlata folyamatosan megkérdőjeleződik az Európai Unió Bírósága és a Kúria előtt, ezért elképzelhető, hogy ez a szabályozás felülvizsgálatra szorul. Ez pedig az áfabevételeket folyamatos és egyre nagyobb mértékű nyomás alá helyezheti.


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The vast majority of people say a head of government needs to know English!

The vast majority of people say a head of government needs to know English!

👉What do you think? VOTE!
(Y) - You need to know
- I do not need it.

The overwhelming majority of Hungarians (83 percent) believe that the current head of government of Hungary should know English, according to the nationally representative opinion poll of the Perspective Institute.

Eighty-three percent of the total adult population expects the Hungarian prime minister to know English in order to “represent the interests of the country,” and only 15 percent of those surveyed think this is not necessary. As the left and right-wing media have also been vocal in recent days due to Gergely Karácsony's lack of language skills, the clear social expectation makes it difficult for him to announce his start in the pre-election. Last time, socialist Hungary had heads of government who did not speak at least one foreign language, and Karácsony hardly wanted to get on a common platform with them.

It is noteworthy that even among critics of the work of the current prime minister, three out of four (73 per cent) are unwilling to accept if a prime minister does not speak English. However, pre-election participants will be out of this circle. Among the Prime Minister's parties, who are confident in Viktor Orbán's knowledge of English, the expectation of the current Prime Minister's knowledge of English is even higher, at 90 percent. These two camps rarely agree on public issues

Among social groups, young people are the most likely to require a head of government to speak English fluently: nine out of ten (89 per cent) of 18-29 year olds think so. Even for the most permissive demographic groups (men, skilled workers, over 60), 3 out of 4 people see language skills as an important part of a prime minister’s repository.


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Putin: "American taxpayers' money was blown away by the wind"

👉We found a real treat from 2018! This gives them a brainstorm in the editorial offices of 444, Telex, index, HVG and other fake news factories :)

The Russian president gave an interview to U.S. NBC TV channel after announcing the introduction of new nuclear-powered weapons. Putin explained that because the U.S. had unilaterally kicked off a treaty restricting missile defense systems in 1972, Russia was forced to respond to it in order to protect itself. With the introduction of new Russian devices, the missile defense system built with U.S. taxpayer money has become ineffective because it protects against ballistic missiles only, and new Russian weapons are moving on non-ballistic trajectories, leaving U.S. taxpayers ’money blown away by the wind.

What’s pathetic about this story is that NBC censored this part of the version they reported, but the internet doesn’t forget we found the original recording. This, of course, is understandable in the minds of fake news producers, it would be painful to show their own people the sad fact that their government is spending billions of dollars on unnecessary things.

And why do we need to talk about this? Because Russia and its president are being demonized exactly like Hungary and Viktor Orbán, meanwhile they are not and we are not the deadmen.

The text of the convention unilaterally kicked by the US
Announcement of new generation nuclear weapons:
Russia has systematized the Avangard hypersonic missile system

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Elements of the system-level development of the country!

These are not "snatched examples" either! We show 2000 similar developments in a video!

Elements of the system-level development of the country!

Video! Share it in as many places as possible! Let the "stadiums" see

And now comes the fresh dose of development!

1. The renovation and expansion of the Fabian House Kindergarten is progressing well.
Member of Parliament Simon Miklóswritten by:
The kindergarten building in Fábiánháza will be renewed and expanded with an expenditure of more than HUF 247 million, thanks to the HUF 192 million support of the Regional and Settlement Development Operational Program, which will be supplemented by the Government of Hungary 1403/2020. (VII. 15.) with more than HUF 55 million.
Congratulations Fabian House!

2. The construction of the Szeged handball hall is progressing at a good pace!
WHB Group wrote: The delegation of the European Handball Federation (EHF) held a tour on 27 April in Szeged.
The handball hall in Szeged will be one of the venues for the 2022 men's handball EB, EHF experts have now looked mainly at the related areas / venues.
The delegation toured the player and referee locker rooms, the sampling rooms, the VIP area and all the venues that will be designed for the media, such as e.g. intermediary room, press conference rooms.
The relevant leaders of the organizing committee of EURO2022 and the employees of the company responsible for the Hungarian organization, Eurohandball 2022 Kft., Took part in the discussions from the Hungarian side.
Representatives of the EHF will report to the designated committee on a successful atmosphere in a good mood by 13-30 January 2022. during which the 24 teams will play 65 matches in 18 days. Based on the experience of the crawl, we are confident in the positive assessment of the committee.
During the EC, Szeged will host group matches.
It is a historic success for Hungary and Hungarian handball sport that together with Slovakia we won the right to host the 2022 men's European Championships, and the fully accessible multifunctional sports hall will meet the requirements of the European Handball Association (EHF).
The pictures show a moment of walking.

3. HUF 1.4 billion development in Nyíregyháza-Sóstó!
Ferenc Kovácswrote: A lot of good news lately: the government is providing an extra source for the implementation of our new Salt Lake Development Program! The project, which totals more than 1.4 billion forints, is now starting, and many of its elements will beautify Sóstó for us, the people of Nyíregyháza, while it can further stimulate tourism. In addition to the construction of the individual fountain and the connection and renovation of the existing ones, the investment also includes the construction of public toilets and bicycle rental, green space reconstruction and irrigation network, optimization of parking lots, creation of a producer market and music pavilion and a trampoline park. Within the framework of the investment, grassing, 34 deciduous trees, 1,325 shrubs and 383 perennials will be planted on a surface of 6,607 square meters. As the new development involves the temporary closure of some of the car parks, we ask for everyone’s patience and understanding.

4. Another development in the Győr Zoo!
Péter Ovádiwrote: Today, as the Ministerial Commissioner responsible for the renewal and implementation of the National Animal Welfare Program, I attended the handover of the developments of the János Xantus Zoo within the framework of the Modern Cities Program.
Zoos are key players in animal protection: they take part in scientific research, in the conservation of species, in the protection of individuals of protected species, but they can also perform nature conservation rescue center tasks! Congratulations on your investment!

5. Despite the headwinds, the development of the hospital in Vásárhely has started!
The official website of János Lázárwrote: The epidemic has changed everything, especially in health care: what a hospital could have managed before the pandemic can now crumble during it.
In such a situation, all withdrawals, overburdens and hard work endanger human lives.
Whoever can't help now, at least don't hurt!
The hospital is our common cause, regardless of party affiliation!

6. A new school is being built in Kismaros!
Bence Rétváriwrote: The population of Kismaros is growing significantly year by year. Many new families choose the beautiful settlement as their home, so there are more and more children with joy. As a result, the students outgrew the primary school building so far. Due to the explosively growing demands, the government is building a 16-class new school building in Kismaros, with a new gym, group rooms, courtyard, and serving kitchen. The visual design also shows that a large-scale, modern, green investment is expected. We are building a family-friendly country! Construction plans can be completed in 2021, construction can start in 2022. Kismaros is getting stronger!

# non-stadium
Give it on!

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Zoo entrance fee (and much more)

How much is the guaranteed minimum wage now and how much has it been worth 10 years ago? - Part 26

Zoo entrance fee (and much more)

The numbers are also here for seasonal fake news. The tourist season is starting, Olga Kálmán has also started, but we will be on the lookout too!
list at the end of the article!
👉The price of the entrance to the zoo (and much more)
How much is the guaranteed minimum wage now and how much has it been worth 10 years ago? - Part 26

Now that relatively few people have listened to the left's anti-vaccination campaign and many have also been vaccinated with oriental vaccines, the Budapest Zoo, among others, has become open to the public again. If we hadn’t procured oriental vaccines, we would still be as unfortunate with low vaccinations as the bright west and we wouldn’t even be able to go to the zoo.

The Budapest Zoo can therefore be visited with a protection certificate. At present, the price of an adult ticket costs HUF 3,300, and a children's ticket costs HUF 2,200. If we search the prices of the Budapest Zoo at the end of April 2011 in the web archive, we will find a ticket price of HUF 2,100 and a children's ticket of HUF 1,500. We could look at the pensioner ticket, group tickets, passes, but we will now count on the adult ticket.

The net guaranteed minimum wage (skilled worker certificate, skilled worker job) in 2011 was HUF 70,549 according to the wage calculator, while in 2021 it was HUF 145,635. That is, in 2011 we could have visited the Zoo 33 times from a monthly guaranteed minimum wage, while in 2021 we could have visited it.

The zoo entrance fee is cheaper than our salary than 10 years ago.

It is a special pleasure that a new tall and thin non-English speaking animal arrived at the Budapest Zoo. It is important to note that the most common occurrence of this monk is the Mayor’s Office. Experts say he should be taken care of because he is a very liar.

Since Olga Kálmán opened this year's Lake Balaton pseudo-news season, we will now see what we lied about last year in connection with Lake Balaton and tourism in general.
Since the change of regime, they haven't had as many holidays on Lake Balaton as in 2020!# 4 million hungry
A tale about the precious flame - here are the Numbers
The left opposes the reconstruction of “resorts” in this state, new jobs
Hundreds of thousands of Hungarians went down to Balanton in a single weekend# merazorbánlop
This is how the Gyurcsánys sold out Lake Balaton - Lies and Reality
Who owns Lake Balaton? A tale about paid beaches
Reality about Lake Balaton - against false news. The personal report of our reader
Kunhalmi ran into a hole again. He demanded a free beach on a free beach.
The left is constantly attacking domestic tourism, we support it!
According to Olivio Kocsis-Cake's "compatriot", a flame costs thousands of forints due to "Orbán's oligarchs" on Lake Balaton
The left is lying about the prices on Lake Balaton with a photo of Kamu
The Elizabeth Camp has been renewed! Thank you, Mr Mészáros. Thank you, Viktor Orbán!
Twice as many children can camp, in 21st century conditions, in safety as before!
Beware, another MSZP fake video!
Balázs Orbán refuted it within 7 hours of its appearance
The Lake Balaton region is being developed from billions: here are 8 new sights by the Hungarian sea
Contrary to the false news on the left, the money is not given to "Lőrinc", not "Ráhel" but not even to "Tiborcz", but to all Hungarians, as these facilities are not privately owned.
The socialist leadership of Ajka sells the children's resort on Lake Balaton for pennies
Club Aliga beach will not be closed
all such rumors are the brains of left-wing camouflage politicians and their footwear media
Huge collaboration, huge success!
Almost all domestic accommodations can expose a full board
His own lies are refuted by left-liberal propaganda
Our reader's personal account of Lake Balaton
DK-Jugend, ie "DEL", is going to lie on Lake Balaton
The youth section of the Gyurcsány couple, meanwhile, was the leader who sold Lake Balaton (also) to his friends.
Thousands of people at the Nyíregyháza Zoo: deep poverty is raging
The LMP could not stay out of lying around Lake Balaton either, they got the slap for it
The Beach Development Program will continue in the fourth phase
In exchange for balloons, the MSZP collects personal data in Balatonlelle
More and more Hungarians can afford a holiday!
According to the left, Lake Balaton is only accessible to the Fidesz Oligarchs, and in reality to twice as many people as at the time of their regeneration.
Ujhelyi talks about Lake Balaton
They don’t go to hotels, but to their own eternally panoramic luxury vacation homes!
Only in 2020 90 beaches were renewed at Lake Tisza, Lake Velence and Lake Balaton
Such will be the new ships and ferries of Balatoni Hajózási Zrt

The price of flourthe

Euro exchange rate:
Price of bread:
How much is left over after paying the overhead now and in 2010? mind_maradt_a_rezsi_kifizetese_utan_most_es_2010
Due to the favorable taxation, we have more net wages!

The effect of the overhead reduction: an average of HUF 1 million per household
Facts: We are twice as rich as in Gyurcsány's time
New car:
Chicken meat:
The price of a “New Year’s Eve pig’s back” has dropped by 42.3 percent!
Christmas candy:
Pine wood prices:
However, Hungarian life is not expensive:
Fuel prices:
Purchase value of the minimum wage:
Apartment price:
Minced meat:
Cooking oil:

Source: wage_in Hungary Tickets

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If the left comes to power, the family tax credit will be abolished!

Once it has been canceled, a second time it will be done

If the left comes to power, the family tax credit will be abolished!

In the time of left-wing governments, the employer paid more and the employee took home less. The numbers speak for themselves! We are now refuting several false news and mantras circulating for a decade now with a single article. Left-liberal false news propaganda will not like this very much, but the point for us is that with concrete examples, numbers, data, pictures and authentic citations we refute what no one has ever refuted before, the lies have been allowed to spread. Let's cut into it!

Fake news:
"Orban does not help the childless"
"Orbán does not help employers"
"Orbán extends half of our salary"
"Everything is expensive"
"Orban only helps his oligarchs"
"Orbán only spends on stadiums, not on wages, hospitals"
The reality:
Let’s line up these statements, we’ll link additional full articles to each statement, and we’ll even support with a video why we support the current direction and knowing their plans, why we don’t support the left. No one should doubt that if they come to power, EVERYONE will pay again:

1. "Orban does not help the childless" - LIE!
As you can see in the statement below, the net pay of childless people has also increased, not by much! From the same wage (we calculated an average wage of HUF 400,000, but everyone can recalculate it with their own wage) In Orbán's tax system, the employee takes home HUF 52,500 more than in Gyurcsány's tax system, so the net wage increased by 24.6% even in the case of children. The numbers can be checked by anyone:
Payroll Calculator 2021:
Payroll Calculator 2008:
In addition, the cost of overheads has been reduced for the childless, they also use the results of the developments (details in point 6), they can also enjoy free education, developing health care, free public administration, and above all they can benefit from starting a family. from the elements of our family support system, accessing a 60 million house at half price, or a 30 million property almost completely free of charge. 850,000 new jobs have been created, so unemployment is no problem for the childless and they too can experience improved public safety.

2. "Orbán does not help employers" - LIE!
Orbán has been helping employers for 10 years, and now, due to the crisis, he is supporting them with additional benefits (eg halving the business tax, job-creating wage subsidies, job-protection wage subsidies, tax breaks, credit moratorium, etc.) But let's look at regular spending, wage payments! how much did it cost to pay the 400 thousand forint salary in Gyurcsány's tax system, and how much does it cost now? We know that the one who is looking for 400 thousand today earned half of it in the time of Gyurcsány, but we used the same amount to sense the measure.
Well, the reality is that the salary of 400 thousand forints cost the employer 535,950 forints in Gyurcsány's time, and today they have to spend 468,000 forints for this purpose. This saves employers HUF 67,950 per month per employee. This represents a 14.5 percent reduction in wage expenditures. More articles: thoseatos

3. "Orbán takes down half of our salary" - LIE!
In Gyurcsány's tax system, net wages were much lower, the childless took home 53.7 percent of their gross, and today 66.5 percent, it follows that Orbán deducts much less tax than Gyurcsány, more remains in the pockets of the childless. and the net salary of employees raising children increased significantly due to the previously non-existent tax tax (or only HUF 10,000 for large families)!
Anyone with any pay can see the extent of the "downgrade" now and in 2008. if you do not like the 400 thousand salary, you can count on anything.
Payroll Calculator 2021:
Payroll Calculator 2008:

4. "Everything is expensive" - ​​LIE!
Although we do not dispute that the price of certain products has increased due to inflation, at the same time we note that the Gyurcsánys' inflation was 42.2 percent in 8 years, while Orbán's was 10 percent in 10 years. As the average wage has increased from HUF 202,525 to HUF 397,400 since 2010 and the minimum wage has increased from HUF 73,500 to HUF 161,000, it can be seen that real wages have also increased. In net terms, the childless minimum wage changed from HUF 56,190 to HUF 107,065 compared to 2008, and the net average wage increased from HUF 121,821 to HUF 264,271. Today, we can take a lot more from our wages, as we will show with concrete examples
Prices: (the article below the link contains articles about other products!)
The textbook is free:
Reduced overhead price:
Free public administration:
Family support - full list:

5. "Orbán only helps his oligarchs" - LIE!
On the one hand, Mészáros won only 6.8 percent of public procurement, and on the other hand, this constant side-talk is also about the left wanting to steer public discourse in the wrong direction when it comes to living better.
It is not true that Orbán does not help, because everyone's salary, pension, esteem has increased, everyone enjoys new doctor's offices, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, roads, parks, renewable public transport, improved public safety, all the benefits of a developing country!

6. "Orbán only spends on stadiums, not on wages, hospitals" - LIE!
The part of the thing about wages has been explained above, let the stadiums come. We refute this with noble simplicity with a video showing the development of hospitals, educational institutions, settlement development, public transport, the military, green spaces, the energy industry, flood protection, public buildings and monumental buildings!

More articles:
We will elect in 2022. Part 1
We will elect in 2022. Part 2
We have something to be proud of! The biggest results of Fidesz since 2010!
Thus, the government “does not help” retirees
Thus, the government “does not help” Hungarian families!
Thus, the government “does not improve” health care!

Acknowledgments from abroad
Rétvári: we have saved more than a million families from losing their homes!
Median wage then and nowépelmebe
10 YEARS OF CIVIL GOVERNANCE: 28 topics in one
Crisis management then and now:
We have created the largest home-building and family support system of all time:
Unemployment: well below the EU average:
Additional economic protection measures:
Since 2010, the government has saved the homes of one million families:
Due to the left, the government is forced to introduce a tax increase stop:
Change of attitude:

If there is work, everything is:

At the European level, housing costs are low in Hungary
Repurchase of energy sector:
Electricity and gas prices
This is how the left was ruined and indebted to Hungary by the left.
The left would distribute free money to those who avoid work:
Taxes are being raised locally by the left, so government intervention was needed.
The more people who work, the less crime there is and the more capacity they have to detect a particular crime, which has also improved the rate of detection.
The state does not tame family wealth
Our gold reserves at a record level!
Hungary's gold reserves increased thirty times from the 2010 level to 94.5 tons!
Credit moratorium and further crisis management facilitations now and austerity in the time of the left government:
Hungary is the second largest tax cutter:
Balance at the beginning of the school year:

The tax burden on Hungarian workers is the fourth lowest in all of Europe:
Tax cuts instead of restrictions:

PIT rate:
The price of gas is 28, the price of electricity is the cheapest in Hungary in the EU for 12 months.épelmebe_tenyek_kovetkeznek
Saving nearly 600,000 forints for an average family by reducing overheads. (And we don't even think how much more we would have paid if libs had steered in the last 10 years ...)
The traitorous DK demands an increase in overhead prices in Brussels!
More children are born:
The number of marriages is increasing, the number of divorces and abortions is decreasing.
Economic bleaching:
Poverty has fallen by a third!

The number of passenger cars in circulation in Hungary has increased by 936,736 since 2010 and by 108,786 in the last year!
We are past a decade of demographic change!

Gyes, gyed, gyet - Expiring permissions are being extended!
The warmth of home: we were army drivers, we are performing much better than the EU average now! present
This is how the purchase value of wages has changed over the last 30 years!
The Hungarian population set aside billions in 2020!

Overhead reduction - here are the real numbers

Facts: We are twice as rich as in Gyurcsány's time
Hungarian workers pay the fourth lowest tax in the European Union
Significantly more money remains in people's pockets due to overhead cuts, tax cuts and steadily rising wages since 2010 mind_maradt_a_rezsi_kifizetese_utan_most_es_2010
In the great dictatorship, the number of people living in overcrowded housing fell from 47 percent to 20 percent
Fees for public services and administration have decreased significantly
Wages, net, gross, labor costs.

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