Already 15,000 families, more than 75,000 people can enjoy the smell of the new car thanks to the Large Family Car Purchase Program

The government provided HUF 35 billion for this

Already 15,000 families, more than 75,000 people can enjoy the smell of the new car thanks to the Large Family Car Purchase Program

The left has always just taken away from families raising children, the National Government, on the other hand, supports them! The Large Family Car Purchase Program is just one of many grants, here is the full list:

The family car assistance program exceeded all expectations. More than 15,000 seven-seater cars have already been taken over in the year since the launch of the large family program, and the government provided HUF 35 billion for this, the Ministry of Human Resources said. In the first half of the year, about eight thousand seven-seater cars were delivered to private individuals, which is twelve times more than a year earlier.

In thirteen months, the state supported the purchase of more than 15,000 new seven-seater cars with HUF 35 billion. This also means that the state provided approximately HUF 2.5 million per car as a non-refundable subsidy. In the thirteen months in question, families submitted about 28,000 applications. The vast majority of these will be contracts and disbursements when the ordered cars are delivered, said Attila Beneda, Deputy State Secretary for Family Policy at the Ministry of Human Resources. Based on the data, the program performed better than expected in the first year. Although the adverse effects of the coronavirus epidemic have been felt in the market, but with the restart of the economy, demand for subsidized seven-seater cars is picking up again. After about 30 billion forints made available so far this year, 15 billion forints are available for the program in next year's budget.

According to Ferenc Thomka, a member of the board of the Hungarian Leasing Association, by the end of June the leasing companies had signed a contract for the purchase of a new car for a total of 4,024 cars with large families requiring financing in addition to state support. The state-owned companies of the Hungarian Leasing Association provided financing for about thirty percent of the new cars delivered to large families with state support, which corresponds to the total new car market proportions. Since July last year, a total of 4,841 lease financing applications have been received from large families, of which 4,438 have been approved by leasing companies.

Gábor Gablini, president of Gémosz, recalled that there was a month before the coronavirus epidemic when so many people ordered a new seven-seater car with state support that delivery was delayed despite all the efforts and pre-stocking of dealers. Among the seven-seater models purchased in the program was one of the most popular, the Dacia Lodgy, of which four thousand have been sold since last July. Among the most sought after are the Opel Combo, the Skoda Kodiaq, the VW Touran, the Peugeot Rifter, the Citroën Belingo, of which four thousand also found owners.

Gábor Gablini said that in the first half of 2019, private individuals bought 670 seven-seater cars, and in the first six months of 2020, nearly 8,000 units were purchased. That is, sales of seven-seater cars have doubled. The car purchase program contributes to the modernization of the Hungarian car fleet. The Hungarian Leasing Association and Gémosz support all steps that help this process.


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Infrastructure development: they don’t talk about it - they do

Infrastructure development: they don’t talk about it - they do

Almost every week you get something that is just being handed over or a new development that is being announced. These are multi-billion dollar investments that require expertise, resources, and precise engineering, design, construction, and execution tasks. There are cities where it takes a year to put out a procurement, and even after that time, the document is full of errors, and there are cities where they don’t talk and mostly don’t talk but work. We now present 4 more developments.

🇭🇺1. The four-lane project for the Kecskemét motorway connection has been completed. To connect the county seat to the expressway, the Danube Asphalt on the main road 54 extended a 5.7-kilometer road section.
At noon on Wednesday, the four-lane section of the main road 54 in the city area was handed over in Kecskemét. The capacity expansion of the section between the M5 motorway and the main road 5 was carried out by Duna Aszfalt Kft.
Source, details:

🇭🇺2. The Hungarian Road strengthened it with special small tractors. The machines and their adapters will be used for mowing, snow removal, degreasing and sweeping work. With twenty tractors, the road manager covers all his tasks.
Previously, the local governments maintained the cycle paths belonging to them, but each of them performed the task at a different level, so since 2018, the cycle paths along the main network and the main roads have been carried out uniformly by Magyar Közút. Acceptance of more than a thousand kilometers of bike paths was completed by the road manager in June. The value of the fleet of 20 machines and their adapters is close to HUF 1 billion.
Source, details:

🇭🇺3. A quarter of an century of expected bridge widening took place near the Austrian border. The investment was necessary due to the increased traffic on the bridge over the Lajta.
The widened Lajta Bridge in Mosonmagyaróvár was handed over. The bridge over the Lajta River was widened by the city from HUF 600 million due to the increased traffic. The investment, which started last autumn, was carried out by Kútház Építőipari Kft.
The original width of the bridge was 5.3 meters, this was increased to 14 meters. Following the widening, the new cross-section will carry road traffic twice with a track width of four meters. In addition to the two traffic lanes, bicycle and pedestrian consoles were also developed on both sides.
At both ends of the bridge, the connecting roads were also widened to pass through the bridge, and at the same time public lighting of the bridge was implemented.
Source, details:

🇭🇺4. The Tisza Bridge in Tokaj will be renovated with half-track traffic.
The reconstruction and modernization of the 231-meter-long bridge will be carried out by the A-Bridge.
Work will begin on the Queen Elizabeth Tisza Bridge in Tokaj, the investor National Infrastructure Development Ltd. (NIF) informed on its website. The crossing, which forms part of the main road 38 and connects the center of Tokaj with the recreation areas of Rakamaz, will be widened, a bicycle lane will be created on the north side and a footpath on the south side. The works use cantilever widening technology.
It will also take place
for painting the steel structure of the 231-meter bridge,
to renovate the stone cladding of the bridgeheads,
for the modernization of the Tokaj roundabout with a concrete track structure,
and on the Rakamaz side to cross the currently used cycle path on the main road 38.
Source, details:

These are all important development projects for sustainable development. They are just "stadiums", for us the cornerstones of the prosperity of our country.


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A magyarok itthon boldogulnak – OeconoMaps

A magyarok itthon boldogulnak – OeconoMaps

Az ellenzék vinnyoghat: történelmi fordulat a magyar kivándorlásban, többen jöttek haza tavaly, mint ahányan elmentek.

A KSH adatai szerint a pozitív tendencia 2019-ben is folytatódott, a 21 900 kivándorló mellett 23 200-an tértek haza olyanok, akik korábban elmentek, vagyis régóta először volt pozitív az egyenleg. 2019-ben 21 900 magyar állampolgár vándorolt ki külföldre, ami majdnem kétezerrel kevesebb a 2018-as adatnál. Emellett 23 200 olyan Magyarországon született állampolgár vándorolt vissza, akik korábban elmentek – derül ki a KSH adataiból. Grafikon:

Jakub Marian ENSZ statisztikákon alapuló térképe szerint legnagyobb arányban a délkelet-európai országok állampolgárai hagyják el hazájukat. Bosznia és Hercegovina esetében legmagasabb a külföldön élők otthon maradókhoz képest mért aránya - ez az érték egészen elképesztő, 43,3 százalékos. A negatív dobogó második fokán Albánia áll, 38,8 százalékkal, míg a harmadik helyezett az Észak-Macedón köztársaság 24,8 százalékkal. A következő országok Portugália (22,3%), Montenegró (22,1%), Moldova (21,8%), Horvátország (20,4%), Litvánia (18,9%) és Írország (18,8%).

🇭🇺 Magyarország nemcsak a régióhoz, hanem az európai átlaghoz képest is kifejezetten jó mutatószámmal rendelkezik. A 6,0 százalékos elvándorlási arányunk körülbelül harmada a fent is említett 20,4 százalékos horvát vagy a 17,5 százalékos román értéknek, nagyjából fele a 13,0 százalékos ukrán, a 11,5 százalékos lengyel és a 10,9 százalékos szerb rátának, jóval alacsonyabb a 8,8 százalékos cseh mutatónál, de még a 6,8 százalékos szlovén, 6,7 százalékos osztrák és 6,3 százalékos szlovák arányszámnál is jobb.

A kedvező magyar mutató valószínűleg a sikeres hazai gazdaságpolitikai fordulatoknak, a gazdaság kiemelkedően gyors növekedésének, a hazai munkaerőpiac dinamikus bővülésének és a bérek ütemes emelkedésének köszönhető.
Jakub Marian másik térképéből azt is kiolvashatjuk, hogy a külföldön szerencsét próbáló magyarok elsődleges célpontja Németország, mely állam Európa egészét tekintve is a legnépszerűbb.

#Elvandorlas #Kulfold


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A library of thousands of square meters was established in Tatabánya with a knowledge tower and an indoor tree

This is not a stadium, nor was it built by "Lőrinc". Now what?

A library of thousands of square meters was established in Tatabánya with a knowledge tower and an indoor tree

The building will be created on a plot of 3850 square meters with a floor area of ​​almost 3400 square meters in the cooperation and construction of Laterex Építő Zrt. (This is not Lőrinc) and EP Konstruktív Kft. (This is also Lőrinc).

Laterex Építő Zrt. And EP Konstruktív Kft. Have built a library of nearly 3,400 square meters in Tatabánya, which will serve the entire Komárom-Esztergom county with books.

The Tatabánya County and City Library is located in the main square of the city, in the area between the railway station, the Árpád High School and the City Hall. The project originally started as a renovation, but during the works several static problems surfaced, which also had to be remedied.

"The facility will be realized from about 3 billion municipal funds, which will consist of several main contractor amounts," the expert of Laterex Építő Zrt. Told our magazine. amount.

The investment became necessary as the old library building in the current area was built in 1964 and was last expanded and renovated in the 1980s.

The former 1,500-square-meter library building was no longer able to serve its purpose perfectly, either in size or texture. This is one of the reasons why modernization and expansion were needed.

A pyramid-shaped illuminator gives light to the indoor tree in the reading room
In addition to the center of the reading room, a pyramid-shaped illuminator was installed to give light to the reading room and the indoor tree below, which was meant to symbolize the “green” character of the library.

In the corner of the building, a so-called knowledge tower was created, which covers the economic and service part. Here, in addition to the offices, the bookstores were located, which, unlike usual, were set up in the upper area of ​​the building, thus giving a greater task to static designers and structural builders. The interesting evening lighting of the tower hints at the mystery of knowledge.

The designers also paid attention to the fiber cement covering of the outer façade of the knowledge tower, which harmonizes perfectly with the main entrance of the opposite Árpád High School.

During construction, the contractors had to create areas with different functions. Furthermore, the mass and formal character of the original pavilion reading room and the side wings had to be kept in mind. The reading room on the side wings and the children's library and creative area can be accessed via the spacious lobby on the main line of the building.

Entering the building, the gallery lobby has a community space on the ground floor with a magazine reader, a café, a children's library and internet tables, as well as a multifunctional creative lecture hall.

In addition, a collection of local knowledge, local history and museums, as well as a research room and a training room for county librarians were placed on the first floor.

Soon, books may also move back to the shelves
The contractor Laterex Építő Zrt. Is currently completing the completion of the building, and the technical handover-acceptance processes of the facility have already begun.

"The building project originally started as a renovation, but with the start of the excavation and demolition work, several static problems came to the surface, which we had to fix by demolition, reconstruction or reinforcements," the contractor's colleague explained in detail. , as they were in poor condition and the original building could not meet the current static requirements, such as earthquake safety, and the children's library slab was not suitable for snow loading, so we had to demolish it and then rebuild it, ”he added.

The handover from Laterex Építő Zrt. Is expected by mid-August, after which the relocation of library staff and books may begin. However, for the schoolchildren and the general public, the library is not expected to open until early December.

Source, more pictures:

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There will be another! - Bodolai's claims can be confirmed

There will be another!  - Bodolai's claims can be confirmed

Screaming, marching, tears: everything was just a play, just like the anti-government demonstration. Every existing opposition politician shouted loudly, some at home, some in Brussels, and here, "in the zorbán," the index was being abolished. Meanwhile, the reality is that instead of an index, there have now been two, in fact, there will be three, because the "outgoing indexers" are just a temporary page, which they will certainly not eliminate, but will do one more.
In the meantime, they overthrew the government and Hungary, aroused guilt in their deceived believers and encouraged them to give more, because the rebuke was continuous even during that misfortune.

László Bodolai, Chairman of the Board of Index, may have been right to point out recently that the whole Index affair is nothing more than a pre-planned play. And the latest developments point very much in that direction.

The former Index team, which presents itself as a front-runner for the “independent” news service, will soon continue working on a new portal, at least as evidenced by their post posted the other day - which they also shared on the Facebook page called Outgoing Indexers. "There will be another!" - that's what the message is about, and the post also shows that you probably don't have to wait long for that.

However, if a new portal is really created soon, it will be confirmed by the president of the foundation that owns the Index, who reacted to what happened last week: “if the former indexers create a new page within two weeks with a publisher registered a month ago, then I expect an apology from everyone because it was all a play ”.

Solidarity is just a hoax
Although seems to sympathize with its left-wing counterpart, it nonetheless distributes index terminations on Facebook as a tastelessly paid advertisement, writes Origó. is currently circulating 11 news related to the Index on the social media. Origó believes that Zoltán Varga, CEO of Central Media Group, may be behind the action.

The editorial board of the index resigned on July 24 after László Bodolai, the chairman of the board of trustees of the Foundation for Hungarian Development, initiated the removal of the editor-in-chief of the portal, Szabolcs Dull. Mourning the death of press freedom, international hysteria began and Fidesz was immediately named the instigator of the events, despite Bodolai stating the major ruling party had nothing to do with what happened because "the Index fell apart so they didn't have to reach out." In the meantime, interesting information was published about the edited editor-in-chief: Szabolcs Dull leaked business secrets and consulted with high-ranking left-wing politicians, including Klára Dobrev and István Nyakó.


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Let there be a “Facebook law” against cyberstalinizm!

We are tired of restricting freedom of opinion! Social networks cannot override Hungarian laws. If you support it, share it

Let there be a “Facebook law” against cyberstalinizm!

Absurd: they attack the government because it protects freedom of opinion.

Unjustified censorship of Facebook violates freedom of expression

It did not take long for the left to twist the proposal of Attila Péterfalvi, the head of the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority. The president of the NAIH advised the government to legislate on social media, according to which community profiles can only be suspended for good reasons, and the Hungarian authority can override its legitimacy.

As Magyar Nemzet wrote earlier, another wave of unjustified profile suspensions is sweeping across Facebook, which, in addition to violating freedom of expression, in many cases also hinders the flow of information and work. Attila Péterfalvi said that a Hungarian official procedure should be established, during which the Hungarian authority obliges Facebook to review the unjustified bans so that the expression of opinion really remains free.

And Jobbik was given the opportunity to twist the contents of the proposal to harass people against the government. John Stummer was the first to respond to Peter’s suggestion that he said Facebook was the government’s next victim of what he wanted to do after the Index.

But the party suffering from identity disorder did not stop here. The other day, he stated on the community page of the Jobbik for Hungary Movement that the prime minister does not tolerate dissent, and has even set himself a new goal: after settling with press freedom, he wants to restrict Facebook. He also conducted a short survey in his post asking if there was a need for Hungarians to take to the streets en masse if Fidesz restricted Facebook's access to Hungary. The naive and ignorant crowd that follows Jobbik doesn’t understand that it’s not about restricting Facebook’s access, but on the contrary, the goal is to make Facebook accessible to everyone and not restrict freedom of opinion.

PS: We send a message to Jobbik, Gyurcsány, and the other anarchists: we can and will go to the streets if we have to, and we will be more and stronger because we are protecting our country.



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Hungarian successes in chemistry, mathematics and physics student olympiads

Attention "Oktatásegészségügyezők"!

Hungarian successes in chemistry, mathematics and physics student olympiads

The quality of education is not shown by the oscillation of the left-liberals' slumber, but by the fact that our students measure and achieve good results on an international stage.

Our high schools won three silver medals and three bronze medals at the online chemistry student Olympiad for the coronavirus. The international competition was attended by 231 students from 59 countries from 23 to 30 July. All 4 Hungarian participants won medals, as Dávid Benkő received a silver medal and István Dávid Ficsór, Bulcsú Fajszi and István Garamvölgyi won bronze. Chemical successes include the recent end of the Mendeleev Student Olympiad, in which 130 students from 28 countries tested their chemistry skills, with the Hungarian team of ten winning seven medals - two silver and five bronze - and three students receiving praise.

Not only did our high schools excel in chemistry, but they also excelled in physics, as we finished 22nd in the countries competition at the 2018 Student Olympics with 1 silver medal, 3 bronze medals and 1 praise. While we won 5 bronze medals at the 2019 Physics Student Olympiad, we finished 38th out of 78 participating countries.

At the 2018 Mathematical Student Olympiad, we won 4 silver medals and 2 bronze medals, placing us 15th out of a total of 107 participating countries. And in 2019, we finished 11th overall with 1 gold medal, 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals from 112 countries.

You can be a good student in a class or a grade. However, this is just a little immersion, so it is not authoritative. The quality of the education of a class, school, nation is really measured if we achieve good results in national and international competitions. A good result qualifies the student, the teacher, the school, the curriculum, so the education system in general.

The quality of education is not determined by the volume of left-liberal squabbling, but by the results achieved in international comparison.


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The construction of the MOL Campus is proceeding according to plan

The construction of the MOL Campus is proceeding according to plan

The new MOL headquarters will be one of the most innovative and greenest office buildings in Budapest, which will fit in organically with the view of the renewable Budapest-Kopaszi Dam.

The MOL Campus, the new headquarters of the MOL Group, is on schedule, according to a press release from the construction company. According to the announcement, Market Építő Zrt. Is currently at the 10% readiness level of the construction project. MOL Campus will be one of the most innovative and greenest office buildings in Budapest, which fits organically into the view of the renewable Budapest-Kopaszi Dam and can become one of the iconic buildings in Budapest.

During the construction of the office building, the goal is to obtain both LEED and BREEAM certification, thus proving energy-efficient, environmentally conscious and sustainable awareness.

The MOL Campus will have an area of ​​approximately 86,000 square meters and provide employment opportunities for 2,500 employees. Construction of the new office building began in September 2019 and a number of workflows have been carried out on the construction site since then.

In the course of this, the pile base of the entire earthworks and the building part of the tower, as well as the base plate including 4400 cubic meters of concrete, were completed by February 2020. The leaking layer was completed in the entire excavation pit and the construction works of the high slab and the structure were also started.

Already at that time, all five tower cranes were visible, one of which will be 176 meters high in the future.

The trails are at 80% readiness
In mid-March, the entire base slab was completed while 5,000 cubic feet of concrete was poured into the slabs. It was in the final stages of public utility construction next to the future building, 80% of the routes were built, and then the construction of two 75 cubic meters of rain storage tanks was added.

Meanwhile, in the parade area, in parallel with the increase in the number of subcontractors, the container city also expanded, which is currently one of the largest construction organizational locations in the capital with more than 180 container units.

In April and May, the complete construction of the bottom two of the four basement levels was completed on the podium part of the building, while the -2. above the level, the slab construction takes place in several stages.

Construction of a prestressed slab above ground level has begun at the tower part of the building. In addition, the delivery and construction of a nearly 200-tonne creeping formwork system is also underway in the area to accelerate structural construction. The ground probing and its connection have been completed. At the lowest basement level, professional construction, masonry, insulation, and building electrical and mechanical work have begun.

Professionals face unique challenges
The new headquarters is expected to be completed in 2022, but thanks to the BIM building information system, some interesting data are already visible, such as:

nearly 5,500 facade elements will be placed on the building,
will have a steel structure weighing more than 594,000 kg,
specialists process more than 57,200 m3 of reinforced concrete,
more than 18,500 energy-saving lamps are installed,
in addition, 25,367 m2 of suspended ceilings will be built,
almost 53,000 m2 of flooring will be needed,
and 1,739 interior doors will be located in the building.
The project contains a number of construction challenges that no company in Hungary has yet implemented.

The work processes did not stop due to the coronavirus situation, the implementation is continuous with the observance of increased health protection regulations and regular inspections.

Why is MOL's success important? Simple: MOL is a Hungarian company, the success of MOL is the engine of the Hungarian economy.

The largest company in the region is the Polish oil company PKN Orlen, which grew by 20 percent to 22 billion euros in sales. The second is Skoda Auto in the Czech Republic, which increased its sales by 17 percent to 16 billion euros. In third place is Hungarian Mol, with sales of 13.3 billion euros, an increase of 16 percent.

We think it’s important to write about this too, because the left-wing media is just talking about it again, they wrote about everything, not just the point.

For many, MOL only means that there is such a gas station in Hungary, but MOL has much more than that. MOL is a strategic company, the pride of Hungary.

About MOL Group
MOL Group is an integrated, international oil and gas company with its headquarters in Budapest, with an international and dynamic workforce of 26,000 in more than 30 countries and an industry history of more than 100 years. MOL's exploration and production activities are supported by more than 80 years of experience in the hydrocarbon industry. It currently has extraction activities in 8 countries and has exploration assets in 13 countries. MOL Group operates four refineries and two petrochemical plants under integrated supply chain management in Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia, and its retail network includes nearly 2,000 filling stations in 9 countries in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

The left also squandered and sold MOL, among other strategic companies. The company's Hungarian ownership in 2010 was 15.6%, foreign: 84.4%. By 2019, more than 65% of MOL will be owned by the Hungarian state and Hungarian investors.
Relevant information:

In September, the cornerstone of MOL's EUR 1.2 billion polyol complex was laid in Tiszaújváros. Today, the investment has exceeded 30% readiness.

MOL's Tiszaújváros polyol complex will start operating in 2021 and employ 200 people.
The € 1.2 billion project is MOL's largest organic investment to date.
Thanks to the German thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, which is responsible for the construction, the factory operates with the most modern technology available. The Hungarian government is supporting the project with 131 million euros (corporate tax credit and investment support). MOL estimates that the plant will contribute nearly EUR 150 million annually to MOL Group's financial results (EBITDA). Polyol is one of the most sought-after plastic raw materials today, from automotive manufacturing to the clothing industry to thermal insulation in many industries. The Tiszaújváros plant will produce polyol using one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly methods available today, the HPPO (propylene oxide from hydrogen peroxide) process used by thyssenkrupp and Evonik.

With the investment, MOL Group will become one of the most important players in the regional chemical industry, as MOL will be the only company in Central and Eastern Europe that covers the entire value chain from crude oil extraction to polyol production. ” Said Zsolt Hernádi. - "After 2021, the plant will significantly improve Tiszaújváros' chemical position, and the expertise and new production infrastructure available here will attract additional investors to the region." -European petrochemical and chemical growth projects.

The video below is about the specific investment, and you can see more interesting videos on MOL's Youtube channel, e.g. on the road transport of the 96-meter-long column.

We, the editors of the Numbers, use only MOL fuel, thus contributing to the success of Hungary. Shell, which supports, is largely avoided.

The picture shows the visual design of the MOL Headquarters under construction


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Reality about Lake Balaton - against fake news

Reality about Lake Balaton - against fake news

One of our dear readers went to Siófok to go on holiday with his family and, of course, to see with his own eyes what we have already written about in several of our articles. Around Lake Balaton, as everywhere else in the world, there is a free, cheap, and expensive service. Everyone can find the right price / value for them.

The attached pictures were taken in Siófok, we detail:

- Free beach of several kilometers.
- Free parking, toilets, changing rooms, showers on the beach.
- Sandy peninsula for kids to have fun
- 1200 forints a menu (soup, second. The picture shows the second portion of the takeaway requested, a total of 4 slices of fried meat and 2 slices of fried fish, the soup was not photographed separately). Incidentally, this is how much a menu costs in any rural workplace canteen, it is more expensive in Budapest.
- 300 forints for a scoop of ice cream
- Continuous police, lifeguard and civilian presence.
- In the accommodation of our reader (Luxury Apartment Hotel Siófok) a 4-bed two-room, fully equipped apartment 50 meters from the water (pictured in the background) with 2 toilets, 2 air conditioners, terrace, garden connection, outdoor and indoor pool, jacuzzi cost 27 thousand forints a day , sauna, free parking, WIFI, daily cleaning. These were all included in the daily HUF 27,000. Of course, the property accepts all existing SZÉP cards.

The beach was clean and well-groomed, with trash cans every 10 meters, garbage cut off, grass cut, and the beachgoers took care of it. Despite the restriction, there were many foreign tourists in the area, but Hungarian-speaking people usually got out of the cars with foreign license plates, and there was a good chance that they could be Hungarians working abroad.

Olga Kálmán made the video of the liar in vain, Olivió Kocsis-Cake lied in vain that a Lángos tried to expire Hungarian tourism and especially Lake Balaton in vain for thousands of forints - thank you, Lake Balaton is fine! Congestion and congestion on the M7 motorway are ongoing, and our common sea remains for everyone.

Source: Picture report by the reader of the numbers. Images can be freely distributed.

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Blama: Public procurement of Chain Bridge is not regular

Blama: Public procurement of Chain Bridge is not regular

With 44 consultants, 5 deputies and HUF 180 billion in their “pockets”, they were not able to announce a flawless public procurement either. The Public Procurement Authority dropped the document due to substantive errors

Budapest belongs to the friends, the Chain Bridge to the mine.

Even after a delay of more than half a year, it was not possible to announce a regular public procurement for the renovation of the Chain Bridge by the management of the capital. The Public Procurement Authority dropped the document due to content errors, so the BKK board has to amend it, Fidesz in Budapest announced on its community page.

- The farce of Christmas Gregory continues. Even after a delay of more than half a year, it was not possible to announce a regular public procurement for the renovation of the Chain Bridge by the management of the capital. The Public Procurement Authority dropped the document due to content errors, so the BKK board has to amend it. Therefore, who will be responsible according to the mayor? Certainly the government. To be sure, the renewal of one of the symbols of the nation will be delayed for another week due to incompetence, misfortune, Fidesz in Budapest wrote on its community page.

Our paper previously reported that in the event of a successful tender, the reconstruction of the Chain Bridge could begin in the spring of 2021 and be completed in 2023. If, on the other hand, the tender is not successful, a delay of up to several years is expected. The works would be financed by the capital's local government from its own resources, loans and the government's HUF 6 billion contribution.


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