Meanwhile in Hungary

Meanwhile in Hungary

We are pleased to report on the next 6 developments. In 2022, we will vote on whether we want a peaceful life and continuous construction, or chaos, downsizing, anti-familyism and unconditional service to globalist aspirations. We do not need liberal values, but a calm life, continuous development, family-friendly Hungary!

📌1. The Bocskai István Primary School in Debrecen was renewed.

László Pappwritten by:
The European Union funds received by Debrecen are thus utilized. Schools are being renewed one by one. Taking into account the environmental aspects as well, we have renovated 10 educational institutions so far, 2 are in progress and another 6 are in preparation. Renewed environment, energy-saving operation in Bocskai István Primary School as well.# Debrecen2030


📌2. Ceremonial handover of the new Leopards' hangars in Tata

Two more Leopard 2A4 tanks arrived at the Tata barracks
Szilárd Németh, Parliamentary Secretary of State of the Ministry of Defense, inaugurated two hangars of about 2,000 square meters each in the barracks of the 25th György Rifle Brigade of the Tata Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The new hangars will house Leopard 2A4 tanks leased by the military from the military vehicle manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW).
Szilárd Németh said that eight tanks of this type have already arrived in Tata, and the ordered four are expected in the spring.
The 12 combat vehicles are primarily used to train the crew, as they are much more complicated to handle than the T-72s used so far, he added.
The Secretary of State said that from 2023, state-of-the-art 2A7 armored personnel will be able to be used by soldiers, 44 of which will be deployed to develop weapons.
He emphasized that from 2016, the state of the Hungarian economy allowed them to formulate the Zrínyi 2026 defense and force development program, as part of which the Tata brigade would be equipped with the most modern equipment.
The program set a threefold goal, to train soldiers at a high level, to introduce the latest techniques, and to build the appropriate infrastructure for all this, said Szilárd Németh.
With the construction of new hangars and the acquisition of Leopard tanks, it will be possible to acquire the right knowledge so that the triple goal can be achieved, he added.
Szilárd Németh thanked the Defense Forces for their ability not only in possible combat situations, but also in today's pandemic times. As he said, the first phase of the fight against the coronavirus was won with the exemplary contribution of the soldiers.


📌3. An industrial park was inaugurated in Taszár

Mihály Witzmannwritten by
We opened an industrial park in Taszár
Despite the plague of the epidemic, life cannot stop! Our region must develop even in this difficult situation!
Our joint work, our joint efforts, have reached the goal again today.
It will help modern infrastructure, support businesses, create new, modern jobs and develop the local economy, but also serve the purposeful and forward-looking use of the former barracks area.
This means the handover of the industrial park in the life of a settlement with two thousand inhabitants.
Because industrial parks are not born by themselves. We fought for it from the beginning until we won the tender! The Local Government of the Municipality of Taszár received HUF 300 million in non-refundable support through the Regional Development Operational Program in 2017.
The project was felt by both the previous and the current settlement management. Here it is! So the recipe for the road to success is no secret: a good idea, thoughtful preparation, persistent, persistent work and sincere cooperation!🤝
Thanks to this cooperation and joint work, in addition to the new industrial park, the renovation of the primary school, the modernization of the kindergarten and the creation of a new community space may soon begin.👍
Congratulations Taszár! God bless all the inhabitants of the area and the settlement!🇭🇺

Source, video:

📌4. The new generation of ships arrive on Lake Balaton

The BAHART General Assembly voted to design and build 2 medium-sized catamarans and 2 ferries, launching the company’s recently announced fleet renewal program. At the meeting of the decision-making body, they also voted to increase the falcon capacity (coastal ship assembly area), however, the Hungarian state, which has majority ownership, suggested further consideration of the exact construction. The proposal will be renegotiated by the board later this year, as the development is of particular importance: thanks to the expanded hawk capacity, the new boats on Lake Balaton will be completed on site, about which BAHART has previously announced a visual plan.
As previously reported, a development that has been awaited for half a century will start on Lake Balaton, within the framework of which the entire water transport on Lake Balaton and its infrastructure will be modernized by the state-owned company. BAHART's chairman of the board had previously believed that the project needed to make up for 50-60 years of backlogs and purchases, but the grandiose investment could bring about a century-long change in Balaton's shipping and tourism.
The first step in this could be the decision of the general meeting of the company, according to which the Balaton fleet, which has remained unchanged since the 1970s, can be renewed with 4 new ships. The 2 ferries and 2 catamarans will be built on the BAHART assembly site. The company's general meeting may decide on the necessary capacity expansion this year as well.


📌5. The mayor's office, doctor's office and library moved to a building in Szabolcs were handed over

In Szabolcs, the mayor's office, doctor's office and library moved into one building were handed over, dr. István Simicskó, leader of the KDNP faction, dr. Győző Vinnai is a Member of Parliament and Oszkár Seszták, President of the County Assembly. In his speech, László Csegei, the mayor of Szabolcs, emphasized that the 367 people living in the settlement have now been given a building where they can recover in dignified conditions and act in small or large matters. During the HUF 58 million investment implemented within the framework of the Hungarian Village program, the more than one hundred-year-old house received modern thermal insulation and new doors and windows, solar panels provide electricity, and the whole institution is barrier-free. In the last five years, several other developments have taken place in the village of Szabolcs. The main road was renewed, the village was made bicycle-friendly, the kindergarten was beautified, and the drainage of rainwater was also solved, writes Eastern Hungary.


📌6. A covered product space was inaugurated in Domaszék

The new indoor product space in Domaszék has been completed.
The development was implemented within the framework of the LEADER program, with a subsidy of HUF 4 million, for which the local government provided almost the same amount of self-sufficiency. In the center of the settlement, in a 413-square-meter, paved area, a covered pavilion has been set up on a total of 90 square meters, which means five 18-square-meter sales outlets with shingle roofs and interior lighting. 20 tables were placed under the pavilions - at the same time, restrooms were built in the Teleház building.


❤️🤍💚We do not need liberal values, but a calm life, continuous development, family-friendly Hungary!


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Mihály Varga: Karácsony explains and misleads

The Minister of Finance refutes the lies of the Amok Runner Karácsony with numbers

Mihály Varga: Karácsony explains and misleads

An embarrassing explanation can be read on the community page of Mayor Gergely Karácsony, the essence of which is that the “ugly, evil” government takes the capital’s money, destroying the capital’s self-government, the finance minister wrote in his Facebook post on Thursday.

According to Mihály Varga, on the other hand, it is a fact that since 2010 the government has taken over a debt of HUF 375 billion from Budapest, while its business tax revenues have risen from 85 billion to 164 billion. At the end of the second quarter of 2020, the capital's local government had HUF 27.9 billion available and government securities HUF 135 billion, he added.

He pointed out that the principle of solidarity - where richer municipalities support the poorer with a solidarity contribution - had previously been broken by only one municipality and paid less: Budapest. This exception will be phased out by the government: the capital will pay 85 per cent of the amount under the “normal formula” this year, and the situation will only end next year. By the way, this process started already in the time of István Tarlós - the Fidesz politician wrote.

“Gergely Karácsony explains, misleading, while the - critical of the government - Moody's credit rating improved the assessment of the capital's financial situation from stable to positive. Decide who to trust: Karácsony or Moody's? ” Mihály Varga asked.

Karácsony Lies:

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Dobrev Klára ámokfutása az európai minimálbérrel

Hazugság vs valóság. (+ a FideszEU közleménye)

Dobrev Klára ámokfutása az európai minimálbérrel

Gyurcsányné dörgedelmes bejelentést tett, miszerint „Lesz európai minimálbér, …” (1). Ezt arra alapozza, hogy a jelentését néhány nappal ezelőtt elfogadta az EP (2). A jelentés 19. pontja foglalkozik az európai minimálbér kérdéskörével, amely kollektív szerződések és nemzeti jogszabályok révén kívánja rendezni a kérdést. A Bizottságot pedig felkéri, hogy erre adjon valamiféle keretrendszert.

Csak ennyi? Nincs itt semmi látnivaló! A felelős magyar kormány pedig nem kíván nemzeti jogköröket átruházni az EU-nak. Dobrev Klára továbbra is hangzatos demagógiát közvetít. Elmondjuk, miért.

A minimálbért természetesen mindenki növelni akarja, azonban fontos, hogy a bérek emelése az észszerűség keretein belül maradjon, mert akár ár-bér spirál is kialakulhat.

Az európai minimálbér ötlete évekkel Dobrev EP-képviselőségének kezdete előtt megfogant (3), ő csak felült a vonatra. Dobrev folyamatosan hangzatos demagógiát közvetített, alig lehet kihámozni, hogy mire gondol. Egységes összeg nyilván kivitelezhetetlen lenne, de végül mint kiderült elképzelése szerint a minimálbért az átlagbér legalább 60%-ára kellene emelni minden tagállamban (4), (5).

Ezek nagyon magasztos célok, azonban a probléma mindössze az, hogy mindenki más ezt a kérdést máshogy gondolja (6), (7), (8). A világ és az EU túlnyomó része szerint a minimálbért a mediánbér és nem az átlagbér 60%-ához kellene kötni. Sőt sokan a mediánbér 50-60%-os tartományát már elfogadhatónak tartják, továbbá az átlagbér 50%-áról beszélnek. Tudjuk, hogy a mediánbér összege az országok túlnyomó részében 80% körüli része az átlagbérnek. Dobrev az átlagbér 60%-áról hadovál, azaz a mediánbér akár 75%-át kifizetné minimálbérként. Ez gazdaságilag lehetetlen az EU-tagállamok nagy részében.

Az Eurostat nem rendelkezik a minimálbér és a mediánbér arányáról pontos számokkal, csak az átlagbérhez képest közöl adatokat (9), amely 2019-ben 42.4% volt Magyarországon. Azonban az OECD országok (nagyon sok közülük EU tagállam) mediánhoz képesti statisztikáját megnézve (8) Magyarország már 2017-ben is az előkelő 52%-os értékkel rendelkezett.

Elmondható, hogy Magyarország igencsak jól áll a minimálbér tekintetében mind a mediánbér 60%-ához képest (lásd diagram), mind pedig az átlagbér 50%-ához képest is (9). Felvetődik, hogy az EU többségét alkotó azon tagállamok, ahol rosszabb a helyzet, mint Magyarországon, hogy vélekednek a kérdésről, ha mellébeszéd helyett már konkrét számokról van szó.

A minimálbér összege 161 000 Ft 2020-ban, miközben 210 600 Ft a garantált bérminimum összege, amelyhez legalább szakmunkásbizonyítvány és képesítést igénylő munkakör szükséges. A garantált bérminimum 30%-kal magasabb a minimálbérnél, tehát a garantált bérminimumot kereső szakmunkások már európai minimálbért keresnek most is.

Közben azért Dobrev is leszállt a magas lóról (10), mert szembejött a valóság Ursula von der Leyen és az Európai Bizottság képében. Azt persze nem tudjuk, hogy szándékosan beszél az átlagbér 60%-áról vagy annyira ostoba, hogy összekeveri a mediánbért és az átlagbért.

A PM adatai szerint 2020. év elején 250 ezer munkavállaló dolgozott minimálbérért és 800 fő garantált bérminimumért. Mindkét kategóriát tekintve összesen 250 ezres csökkenést látunk 2018-hoz képest (11).

Fidesz EU közleménye:

Az Európai Bizottság minimálbér-javaslata a magyar modellt, az adócsökkentést, a családtámogatást, a stabil költségvetést, a munkahelyteremtést és a bérnövekedést támogatja

Az Európai Bizottság a minimálbérekre vonatkozó uniós irányelv-javaslatot terjesztett elő. A bizottsági javaslat megerősíti azt a gazdaságpolitikai irányt, a magyar modellt, amely az adócsökkentésre, a családtámogatásokra, a stabil költségvetésre, a munkahelyteremtésre és a folyamatos bérnövekedésre épül.

Az Európai Bizottság a minimálbérekre vonatkozó uniós irányelv-javaslatot terjesztett elő.

A minimálbérekre vonatkozó uniós irányelv-javaslat előkészítése során két egymással teljesen ellentétes elképzelés ütközött. A baloldal olyan intézkedéseket javasolt, amelyek növelik az eladósodást, radikális adóemeléssel járnak, elbocsátásokhoz, a munkanélküliség növekedéséhez vezetnek és gyengítik a gazdaságot. A magyar emberek 2010 előtt a saját bőrükön tapasztalhatták, hogy milyen súlyos következményei vannak ennek a baloldali gazdaságpolitikának a személyes életükre, a megélhetésükre. Ezekben az években csaknem egymillióval kevesebb embernek volt munkája és a mainál jóval alacsonyabb bért kaptak.

Ezzel az igazságtalan és embertelen gazdaságpolitikával szemben az Európai Bizottság javaslata az Orbán-kormány gyakorlatát, a magyar modellt megerősítve az adócsökkentést, a családok támogatását, a stabil költségvetést, a munkahelyteremtést és a bérnövekedést támogatja.

Dobrev Klára Gyurcsány Ferenc teljesítményét is megszégyenítő hazudozásával szemben Nicolas Schmit, a foglalkoztatásért és a szociális jogokért felelős uniós biztos elmondta, hogy a minimálbér irányelvet alkalmazva sem fogják az emberek minden országban ugyanazt a bért kapni. “Ez teljesen lehetetlen lenne. Tönkretenné a gazdaságot, ha holnap Bulgária elfogadná a luxemburgi minimálbért. Holnap után már nem lenne bolgár gazdaság. Tehát ez nem lehetséges. (…) Tehát nagyon világos leszek a polgárok számára is: nem ígérünk minden európai számára azonos minimálbért. Nem egy egységes minimálbért vezetünk be egész Európában. Ez nem lenne reális. Ez teljesen lehetetlen lenne. Sőt felelőtlen. (…) Tehát erről szól ez az irányelv, nem határoz meg egyetlen egyedi minimálbért egész Európának.”

A Fidesz-KDNP európai parlamenti képviselői támogatják a magyar kormány erőfeszítéseit, hogy kiemelten kezeli a bérek folyamatos emelését: 2013 óta töretlen a reálkeresetek növekedése Magyarországon, és ez a tendencia idén is folytatódott. A minimálbérek emelkedése a 2010-es 73.500 Ft-os összegről 2020-ra 161.000 Ft-ra nőtt, tehát több mint kétszer akkora ma a magyar minimálbér, mint Gyurcsányék idejében volt. A bérek folyamatos emelése mellett jelenleg Magyarországon közel egymillióval több embernek van munkája, mint 2010 előtt volt.



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The government supports the creation of new multi-generational homes!

(Family support, home creation: full list)

The government supports the creation of new multi-generational homes!

From January 1, young people who are about to have children or are raising children can receive a grant of up to HUF 10 million to create a new multi-generational home, the minister without portfolio for families announced at a press conference in Budapest on Wednesday.

Katalin Novák said that the government supports the creation of multi-generational homes, therefore, from January 1, the maximum amount of family home creation support (check) can also be used for the attic installation of family houses.

The minister called it a common life situation for a young couple to build the attic of a family house in a family to raise their children there.

They can use 600 thousand forints in case of undertaking or raising one child, 2.6 million forints in two children and 10 million forints in three children, he said. He mentioned as an example: if a family raising two children undertakes a third, it can use the amount of HUF 10 million. He added that for a child who has already been born, parents can claim support at any age if they have a child in advance, when the age limit is 40 years.

Speaking about the additional conditions, he said: the grant can be taken up for a self-contained home with a separate entrance that has a kitchen, bathroom and living space. The floor area must be at least 40 square meters for one child, 50 for two, and at least 60 square meters for three or more children, he detailed. It is also a condition that you cannot have the same owner of the ground floor and attic apartment - he indicated, adding that typically parents, grandparents live in the living space below, and in the above, young people raising or having a child.

Katalin Novák also drew attention to the fact that a maximum of HUF 15 million interest-subsidized chocolate loan can be used for this support. The monthly installment of the total HUF 15 million loan is HUF 72,000, the HUF 10 million loan that can be taken up for the upbringing and undertaking of up to two children has to be paid HUF 48,000 per month, he explained. He said families who need a loan thus have to pay less in installments than the rent for an apartment they need.

Katalin Novák emphasized: The aim of Hungary's largest home-building program is for everyone to be able to live in their own homes, for young people to wait and raise their children there. He reminded that the purpose is to reduce the sales tax on new construction real estate to 5 percent, as well as the total VAT exemption for those who buy new construction real estate with chips, as well as the tax exemption and home renovation program when buying new and used flats.

He also announced that a bill on VAT reductions and exemptions was submitted to Parliament on Tuesday, the first proposal to be made in his name as minister.

In response to a question, Katalin Novák said that the support for the creation of a multi-generational home only applies to the installation of the attic, in the case of an extension, a chocolate for expansion can be requested.

🇭🇺Family support, home creation: complete list.

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With a relentless rent increase, the left makes it impossible for the people of Miskolc

Even now, they hit those who hurt the most, those who can defend themselves the least. (with video)

With a relentless rent increase, the left makes it impossible for the people of Miskolc

The Fidesz-KDNP faction in Miskolc protests, according to which the left-wing leadership of the city brutally increased the rent for municipal apartments. The governing parties believe this has pushed many tenants to the brink of insolvency. According to the city management, the increased fees would be used to renovate dwellings in poor condition. Fidesz-KDNP deputies say that not only should former rents be restored, but also catering and taxi companies in difficult situations should be helped, it was revealed in the M1 Newsletter.

Tenants in Miskolc will receive a brutal rent increase from the city administration - the Hungarian Nation wrote about this on Monday. According to the article, the left-liberal leadership of the city of Borsod County has drastically increased the rent for municipal housing in Miskolc, pushing thousands of citizens to the brink of insolvency.

Among other things, the former employees of the cement factory in Miskolc, some of whom may have a 50 percent or even double increase in their monthly housing costs.

According to the decision, residents will also have to pay a deposit from January,
which the municipality would collect not only from new tenants but also retroactively from those who have lived in municipal housing for decades.

Several residents told M1 that if you pay the new rent along with the security deposit, almost nothing will be left of their pension.

In addition, the tenants say the municipality would be wrong to ask for a deposit from a significant portion of the residents.
It has already been worked on by many local factories under the original housing contracts.

At the request of M1, Miskolc Holding Zrt., Which manages rental flats, stated that the city management would renovate the municipal flats in poor technical or unpublishable condition from the increased fees.

They wrote that 60 percent of the proceeds would be spent on reconstruction, but their response did not indicate what the rest of the money collected from tenants would be spent on.
According to the Fidesz-KDNP faction in Miskolc, it is also unacceptable that they want to pay for the renovations to the needy residents.

Attila Soós, a pro-government local government representative, emphasized that the left-wing city administration could do so either from tender sources or from the tax revenues received in the city.

As he said, the decision affects 3,800 flats and thousands of Miskolcis, including retirees, as well as hundreds of families with small children, with whom the municipality has not consulted on the matter.
Meanwhile, pro-government MPs on Wednesday spoke out against more than just left-wing city government decisions on rental housing.

Representatives of Fidesz-KDNP also proposed that the local government of Miskolc release the public land use fee and a part of the rents imposed on caterers and taxi drivers by the end of December in view of the coronavirus epidemic.

A similar proposal was recently submitted by the Fidesz-KDNP faction in the capital, which was rejected by the General Assembly chaired by Gergely Karácsony in Budapest.
The city administration in Baloda did not put the 50 billion rescue program on the agenda in the capital either, instead it submitted a proposal of its own, in which the amount of subsidies intended for Budapest residents was reduced compared to Fidesz's proposal.

Source, video:

More by "Veres Pál"
🔴1. Plagiarism self-government in Szentendre, copied, stolen or unfinished economic programs in Miskolc, Érd and Tatabánya
🔴2. For sale half Miskolc!
🔴3. Bankruptcy on the edge of town
🔴4. The deficit is 7 billion in 7 months
🔴5. Due to their incompetence, the development of the castle is also lagging behind.

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Another 6 handed over improvements!

The work will not stop due to the epidemic and economic difficulties either, so we will end jobs and continuously develop Hungary

Another 6 handed over improvements!

Government window, kindergarten, nursery, school, church, zoo were renovated and handed over.

📌1. The Kiserdei Nursery was handed over to Dunakilitin

On the morning of October 25, the handover ceremony of the Kiserdei Nursery School, built with state support of HUF 175 million, took place in Dunakilitin. The event was attended by, among others, dr. The family of László Batthyány-Strattmann, dr. Minister of Agriculture István Nagy, Member of Parliament of the region and Sándor Széles, Government Commissioner, also honored him with his presence.
The new 24-seat institution was a gap-filling service in the life of the village, making the handover ceremony a real holiday for the village.
This was also emphasized by Minister István Nagy in his speech, who emphasized:
In two or three decades, the future of the settlement will be determined by the children who will grow up within the walls of this building. So it doesn’t matter what conditions we provide for them. Closely related to this is the life and example of László Batthyány-Strattmann, who is still a decisive figure in the life of Dunakiliti to this day. These funds all add to the celebration that we are inaugurating Dunakilitin Nursery today.

Source, more pictures:

📌2. The schools in Bácsalmás were renewed.

Member of Parliament Gábor Bányaiwritten by:
In the three member institutions of the Bácsalmás District Primary School, more than HUF 1 billion worth of development could be realized. The completed developments could be handed over by Dr. Zoltán Maruzsa, Secretary of State for Public Education, and Gabriella Hajnal, President of the Klebersberg Center. The electrical network and the heating system were renewed in the member institutions of Bácsalmás, the coverings were beautified, the water blocks and the gym were renovated. The interiors and facades of the buildings were painted, the doors and windows were replaced, new art and science classrooms, a library, accessibility and a record-breaking sports field were built. A new 460 square meter sports hall was also built in the yard of the Rákóczi street building.
We can all be proud of the completed development!
Thanks to the Government and the Klebersberg Center for their support and a lot of help in implementing the improvements!
The last 10 years have shown that the current government is committed to developing and modernizing education, creating a better environment for children!

Source, more pictures:

📌3. The EMMI workplace crèche has been handed over.

Emmike, the nursery at work, was handed over to the XIII. district
At the event, Csaba Latorcai, Secretary of State for Public Administration of the Ministry, emphasized that the nursery was a model project:
According to him, the government is expecting to set up as many crèches as possible in the workplace, and they want to support employers in this as well.
Emmi also wants to help her employees with her workplace crèche, he stressed, adding that “opening it has made a“ long-planned and cherished dream come true ”.
He announced the modernization of the building, which used to be a nursery and cared for twelve children after the renovation: the interiors were renovated in accordance with today's needs, the playground was tidied up, toys, equipment and tools were purchased, and permits were issued.
Ildikó Kovácsné Bárány, Ministerial Commissioner for Day Care for Young Children, said, emphasizing the importance of early childhood education, among others: more and more parents with small children will have access to nursery care.
He said the establishment of workplaces would also contribute to the government’s family policy goals.
He said that the new institution and the Family-Friendly Country Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd. (CSBO) that will maintain it will provide assistance to those employers who need professional help to set up their workplace nursery. The state also provides support for its operation, the amount of which will increase more than seven times compared to 2017 - Ildikó Kovácsné Bárány indicated, adding that next year the government will also provide development funds for the establishment of workplaces.
In her greeting, Ágnes Szuromi-Kovács, the managing director of CSBO, hoped, among other things, that there would be more workplaces in Hungary and that the children wanted by their parents could be born.

Further pictures:

📌4. The steering window was handed over at the bottom of Érd

From October 28, the residents of Érd can do their business here close to their place of residence, and passers-by can go to work or on their way home. Customers will be met by clerks at eight work windows. The construction of the 264 sqm property was realized from EU and MÁV sources.
István György, State Secretary for Territorial Administration of the Prime Minister's Office, Tamás Nyiszter, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of MÁV Zrt., Richárd Tarnai, Pest County Government Commissioner, Péter Domokos, Viktória, head of the Érd District Office, and clerk Zita Konkoly are also.
Tamás Nyiszter, on behalf of MÁV Zrt., Explained at the event that a government window will now open at their 12th station, thanks to the launch of the Station Development and Integrated Customer Service Development Program in 2012. The essence of this is that MÁV should give a role to forgotten, long-unused buildings and parts of buildings. "The government window, as an extra railway service, also fits into the process of MÁV's renewal, the ultimate goal of which is to enable the railway company to perform its public service tasks at the highest possible level and to make rail and rail transport lovable with a wide range of services," deputy, who also added that the building was technically completed in Érd by the end of 2019, but the epidemic situation made it difficult to take it into real possession.


📌5. The Seven Sorrows Virgin Parish Church in Vál was renewed

On October 25, Antal Spányi, the county bishop of Székesfehérvár, blessed the renovated Church of the Virgin in Seven Sorrows with a festive Mass. As part of the liturgy, the chief pastor presented the sacrament of the Assumption to twenty-three young people.
In the greeting of the parish priest Zoltán Kovács, every church proclaims the glory of God, as well as the place and source of the renewal of the community. The imposing building, rich in treasures, is part of our cultural heritage, and it is an uplifting feeling that the mercenaries are now asking for the confirmation of the Holy Spirit in this beautiful sacred space.
In his speech, the county bishop Antal Spányi praised the external beauty of the church and drew attention to the importance of the internal content, as the strength and presence of the community make the church alive. The inner radiance comes from the soul.
Zoltán Tessely, Member of Parliament and Prime Minister, delivered a speech at the ceremony. He emphasized that Hungary needs to work, there are many tasks, but there is a need for such occasions when we can recharge, from which we draw strength. He also talked about the fact that value saving is the norm in Hungary today, and the government has also committed itself to it, which is why churches, schools and community spaces are being renewed.
The externally completely renovated two-hundred-year-old Catholic church has also been partially renovated from the inside. One of the outstanding examples of Hungarian classicism, the building is one of the largest churches in the Diocese of Székesfehérvár. Its capacity exceeds the needs of the parish of Valais, but represents a serious architectural and cultural-historical value.
As part of the investment, the facade was restored on more than 6,000 square meters, and more than a thousand square meters were insulated. Of the gross cost of the church renovation of about 600 million forints, 500 million was government support, the rest was provided by the diocese.


📌6. The Veszprém Zoo has been renovated.

Porga Gyulawritten by:
The Veszprém Zoo, as the largest tourist attraction in the city and in the region, has been further expanded, built and beautified.
Funding from the Modern Cities Program:
- a new training house was built
- the new camel runway was built and the old camel runway was reconstructed
the house of jellyfish was built
- the economic yard was established
It was built with additional European Union funding
- the office building,
- the children's favorite, the Africa-Savannah Adventure Playground
- the lion's house and catwalk were built
- The house of the bears and the catwalk are completed
- several showrooms were built
- the savannah pier and the lake have also been reconstructed
The game park offers a high-quality, high-quality program for the whole family.

Source and more pictures:


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Mese a "kivéreztetett" Budapestről

30 darab új csuklós Mercedes busz átadása és újabb 6 milliárd forintos támogatás bejelentése további 60 busz beszerzésére (+ egy kis lista a cikk végén)

Mese a "kivéreztetett" Budapestről

🔴 Új buszok átadása: Vitézy Dávid írta:
30 darab új, Euro6-os, környezetbarát, alacsonypadlós, klimatizált csuklós Mercedes-buszt adtunk ma át Budapest és az agglomeráció utasai számára Fürjes Balázs Budapest és az agglomeráció fejlesztéséért felelős államtitkárral, Homolya Róbert MÁV elnök-vezérigazgatóval és Pafféri Zoltánnal, a Volánbusz vezérigazgatójával.
🚌 Az új járművek Budapesten a XVIII. kerületben és Gyálon (55, 84E, 89E, 94E vonalakon), a XVII. kerületben és Pécelen (169E vonalon), illetve Csepelen és Szigetszentmiklóson állnak forgalomba (38, 238, 278, 279, 280-es vonalakon).
🚌 Új kék buszok, melyeket kormányzati támogatásból a Volánbusz vásárolt, és egyszerre szolgálják Budapestet és az agglomerációt. Állami megrendelésre, a Volánbusz Zrt. üzemeltetésében közlekednek a fenti vonalakon, de felszerelve FUTÁR utastájékoztató rendszerrel és a BKK - Budapesti Közlekedési Központ budapesti jegy- és bérletrendszerének részeként. Jó példái annak, mennyire fontos a regionális együttműködés a közösségi közlekedésben, amiről éppen napra pontosan 10 évvel a BKK megalapítása után a sajtótájékoztatón is beszéltem.
🚌Ahogy a sajtótájékoztatón Fürjes Balázs is kiemelte: Budapest közlekedési problémáinak megoldásához a külső kerületekben és az agglomerációban a közösségi közlekedés versenyképességét javítanunk kell. Az elővárosi buszflotta megújításán túl ehhez járul hozzá a hévek és a vasút fejlesztése is. Ahogy a mai sajtótájékoztatón elmondtam: az agglomerációból ma 10-ből 3-an használják csak a közösségi közlekedést, míg Budapestről 10-ből 6-an. Elemi érdek a főváros és az agglomeráció számára is, hogy javítsunk ezen - ennek érdekében zajlik a Déli Körvasút fejlesztése, a hévek megújítása, számos vasútfejlesztés előkészítése és az agglomerációs buszflotta fejlesztése is ezért fontos. A Budapest Fejlesztési Központban a MÁV-val és a Volánbusszal közösen dolgozunk azon, hogy a regionálisan egységes tarifarendszert is mihamarabb megvalósítsuk, ahogy erről ma Homolya Róberttel közösen beszámoltunk a sajtó számára.
🚌 A Mercedes-Benz Conecto G városi csuklós buszok megvásárlására idén márciusban szerződött a Volánbusz az ITK Holding leányvállalatával, az Inter Traction Electrics Kft.-vel. A Törökországban készülő, végig alacsonypadlós, légkondicionált buszflotta gyártása zajlik, várhatóan mindegyik forgalomba áll még ebben az évben. A 37 ülő- és 84 állóhelyet kínáló csuklós buszok akadálymentesek, kerekesszékkel vagy babakocsival is igénybe vehetők, hasonlóak a BKV és a VT Arriva által Budapesten már működtetett Mercedes Conecto G csuklósokhoz. A hathengeres, 360 lóerős dízelmotorok a legkorszerűbb, Euro 6d környezetvédelmi normának is megfelelnek. A buszokba néhány biztonsági, diagnosztikai, utastájékoztatási rendszert és a zárt vezetőfülkét Debrecenben, a magyar szállítónál építik be, itt történik a forgalomba helyezés is, így hazai hozzáadott érték is van a járművekben.
🚌A Kormány nem csak az állami tulajdonú Volánbusz flottájának megújításához járul hozzá Budapesten: ugyanilyen Mercedes Conecto autóbuszokból 34 darab áll gyártás alatt a BKV Zrt. számára, melyek néhány hónapon belül állnak forgalomba és melyeket 100%-ban a központi költségvetés finanszíroz.
📌 Forrás:

🔴Újabb támogatás bejelentése:

6 milliárd forint forrást biztosít a kormány a fővárosnak 60 darab Mercedes-Benz Conecto G típusú busz beszerzésére! A fejlesztést Fürjes Balázs, Budapest és a fővárosi agglomeráció fejlesztéséért felelős államtitkár jelentette ma be. A 100%-ban kormányzati forrásból beszerzett 60 darab új busz hetente 400 ezer utast szállít majd Budapesten és az agglomerációban.
📌 Forrás:

További számok a "kivéreztetésre"
📌 1. Budapest költségvetése
📌 2. +118 milliárd az önkormányzatoknak
📌 3. A kivéreztetett önkormányzatok:
📌 4. Budapesti projektek:
📌 5. Tarlós munkássága (videó)
📌 6. Karácsony első éve
📌 7. Pontot teszünk a „Tarlósnak volt 9 éve” mantrázás végére

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Unemployment, crisis management (review and EU situation)

Unemployment, crisis management (review and EU situation)

The loudest shouts today are those who doubled the number of unemployed during their regeneration, making hundreds of thousands of Hungarians and Hungarian families run aground. Unemployment in Hungary was 3.4% in the year before the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic, compared to 10.8% in 2010, currently (January-August) this figure is 4.6% and is steadily declining. It is almost certain that the September figure will be even lower, but this number is not yet known, so we don’t even use it.

The number of job seekers is constantly declining

Thanks to government measures, the number of jobseekers is steadily declining, falling to close to 300,000 in recent days, the Secretary of State for Employment Policy of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology said at a press conference in Budapest on Tuesday.

Sándor Bodó emphasized that the health emergency due to the coronavirus epidemic posed an unprecedented challenge to the Hungarian labor market.

At the same time, employment data show an increasingly positive picture, he added.
According to the records of the National Employment Service, the figure of 300,000 in October was 70,000 less than the mid-June low. According to the latest data, the number of unemployed has been steadily declining for 19 weeks. By October, the number of registered jobseekers had dropped to 306,000, a decrease of 5.3 percent from the September figure, the secretary of state said.
Sándor Bodó pointed out that unemployment in Hungary is one of the lowest in the European Union. The 3.9 percent unemployment rate in August is the third best in the EU.
He said that 4.5 million people worked in Hungary in September, which is the same as in January and close to the same period last year.

The employment rate of the 15-64 age group, which is the most active in the labor market, is 70.7 percent, which is 0.2 percentage points higher than in the previous year.

Sándor Bodó also said that the number of new jobs announced in trade and manufacturing has multiplied since June.
He emphasized that the measures of the economic protection action plan, based on the results of the period after 2010, will greatly help the recovery of the Hungarian economy.

The wage subsidy program managed by ITM helped preserve 260-280 thousand jobs. Until the end of the year, job protection subsidies will run, in the case of job creation subsidies, companies can use them until the end of spring next year, said Sándor Bodó.
The Secretary of State also said that credit facilities, tax and contribution reductions, and training have so far helped 1.4 million workers.

He also called the birth of the corporate white paper an important step. This includes epidemiological measures that employers can use to guarantee employment security.
Sándor Bodó announced that in the case of state-subsidized loan schemes, HUF 2,557 billion of loans and guarantee applications will be accepted. Of this, HUF 1,527.5 billion has already been contracted.

🔴Meanwhile in Europe
Unemployment August 2020:
EU27 average: 7.4%
Euro area: 8.1%
Denmark: 6.3%
France: 7.5%
Italy: 10.6%
Slovakia: 6.8%
Sweden: 9.3%
Spain: 17.2%
Full list:

🔴Look back!
The Gyurcsánys did not spare the Hungarians, the crisis of 2008 hurt on its own, as more than 100,000 people lost their jobs in a few months with group redundancies across the country, the repayments of foreign currency borrowers doubled, prices rose, but wages did not . The people who lost their jobs at the time became permanently unemployed, they managed to double the 6 percent unemployment rate recorded at the beginning of Gyurcsány's rule, and the nearly 12 percent unemployment persisted until 2013. It took the Fidesz government 3 years to repay the IMF loan taken by the left and start the economy.
- Freeze of wages
- Eviction of foreign currency creditors
- Mass layoffs
- Overhead increase
- IMF loan
- Tax increases
- Delete Socpol
- Raising the retirement age
- Reduction of GYES
- Cancellation of tax benefits
characterized left-wing "crisis management," which in practice meant that people already in trouble were hit even further by their government, not helping people in trouble at all. The Gyurcsánys left the Hungarians alone with their problems and further increased them.

Credit moratorium? Job-creating wage subsidies? Job protection wage subsidy? Tax cuts? That wasn't the case!

In contrast, the Orbán government manages the crisis by not losing but giving people even more.
- Credit moratorium
- Tax cuts
- Family support and
expanding home creation subsidies
- Workplace protection action plan
- Continuation of developments
- 13th month pension
- Retraining program
- Encourage investment
Only a few of the measures that have recently been introduced or abolished despite the crisis.
Every Hungarian is responsible for every Hungarian. The government protects jobs, creates new jobs through targeted subsidies and tax cuts, and has created an economic environment that has made Hungary one of the 10 most popular investment destinations in the world. Hungarian families are helped and supported by a series of measures to dare to have children and dare to create a home, as no one is alone today, Hungary has become a family-friendly country.

These are just a few thoughts, at the end of the article we link full articles to each topic, with a reference to the source, specific data, numbers. The friend gets to know him in trouble, and the numbers and facts show that the Fidesz-KDNP government was a friend of the people, the left-wing government was his enemy. A crisis can also be managed so that it does not hurt, and the current government has proved this.

Here is the performance of individual governments in times of crisis:

🔴Left side:
📌Crisis management.öritasokat_kepes_kormanyozni
📌Restrictions in times of crisis:
📌A deficit of HUF 7 billion in 7 months in Miskolc
📌They took part of the kindergarten teachers' salaries
📌Data from the year before the economic crisis: the left has weakened the country, which is why the crisis has hurt so much.
📌Despite the crisis, tens of millions of contracts for buddies
📌Billions are also absorbed in Hódmezővásárhely
📌Márki-Zay is reducing her salary and threatening to fire her employees
📌They would tribute the middle class
📌They have left behind bills to be paid by 2040, we still pay for their motorways today, and we will pay for another 20 years, throwing 150-200 billion forints a year out the window.öros_kart_okoztak_a_stadionok_koltsegenel

📌Thanks to the economic protection action plan, thousands of billion in subsidies, the number of employees is growing again. The article still includes 4,472,000, but according to the August figure, the number of employees is again over 4.5 million:
📌Instead of restrictions, tax cuts, here are the specific tax types and numbers.
📌No person is left without income
📌Further tax cuts
📌Economic protection action plan
📌Family support, births, marriagesében
📌In Europe, the Hungarian government spends the most on families
📌Creating a home
📌Free textbooksák_Alaptanterv_szerint_oktinta_oktatas
📌Increasing birth rate
📌PIT exemption
📌Home protection action plan, helping foreign currency borrowers after the 2010 change of government.
📌Nine out of ten previously troubled foreign currency borrowers repurchased their homes.


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This is how Dobrev insults the Hungarians!

🔴🔴🔴Video! The oligarch Gyurcsány was offended by millions of Hungarians!
If you do manual work, then in the eyes of Mrs. Gyurcsány you are just a cheap, silly, vulnerable, uneducated, sick, uncompetitive worker.
We literally quote the anti-Hungarian politician: "A country based on the manual labor of cheap, vulnerable, uneducated workers is not competitive. We need smart, healthy and balanced people."
According to them, those who do manual work are not smart, i.e. stupid, are not healthy, i.e. sick, but not even balanced.
Shame! Mrs. Gyurcsány offended carpenters, bricklayers, shop assistants, car drivers, everyone who carries out productive activities in Hungary, everyone thanks to whom we have a place to live, we have something to eat, we have something to pick up, we have infrastructure, we have electricity, it is going on. tap water, everyone who does non-spiritual activities!

If you also do manual work, pass on this message! All sane people are aware that we don’t live well with communications and marketing degrees. It should be, but the economy is not based on it.

How would the left undermine manual workers if they came to power? Would I take the tax breaks from them? Could they stop development so that construction workers don’t have jobs? What would they do with what they think are cheap, vulnerable, uneducated, sick, uncompetitive workers?


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The oligarch Gyurcsány was offended by millions of Hungarians! (video)

If you do manual work, then in the eyes of Mrs. Gyurcsány you are just a cheap, silly, vulnerable, uneducated, sick, uncompetitive worker

The oligarch Gyurcsány was offended by millions of Hungarians!  (video)

We literally quote the anti-Hungarian politician: "A country based on the manual labor of cheap, vulnerable, uneducated workers is not competitive. We need smart, healthy and balanced people."
According to them, those who do manual work are not smart, i.e. stupid, are not healthy, i.e. sick, but not even balanced.


Shame! Mrs. Gyurcsány offended carpenters, bricklayers, shop assistants, car drivers, everyone who carries out productive activities in Hungary, everyone thanks to whom we have a place to live, we have something to eat, we have something to pick up, we have infrastructure, we have electricity, it is going on. tap water, everyone who does non-spiritual activities!

If you also do manual work, pass on this message! All sane people are aware that we don’t live well with communications and marketing degrees. It should be, but the economy is not based on it.

How would the left undermine manual workers if they came to power? Would I take the tax breaks from them? Could they stop development so that construction workers don’t have jobs? What would they do with what they think are cheap, vulnerable, uneducated, sick, uncompetitive workers?

Klára Dobrev made a shocking statement in one of last week’s shows on ATV’s Straight Talk. According to Ferenc Gyurcsány's wife, the EU representative of the Democratic Coalition, Hungarian workers are uneducated and, as he put it, cheap. "The whole policy of Fidesz is based on trying to serve multinational companies with cheap, vulnerable labor," he said, and then he emphasized the hopelessness and uncompetitiveness of the economy based on manual labor.

However, the sentences intended by the DK politician to be strong are repulsive on several points. On the one hand, they rest on untrue foundations, as most employees in Hungary are not employed by multis, but by small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, the current economic model is “so” uncompetitive that in the pre-crisis period, economic growth of around five percent was recorded in Hungary, and few places in the EU were able to achieve better results, which, according to Klára Dobrev, were uncompetitive. And it should also be added that there is currently a peak of employment in Hungary, 4.5 million people have a job. During the reign of Klára Dobrev's husband, Ferenc Gyurcsány, there were one million fewer people working.

And it is only a matter of taste how someone who grew up in communist and later neo-capitalist luxury can judge the cheap nature of manual labor. Ms. Gyurcsány seems to have had little contact with the real world, where work means real work, and manual labor is not cheap because whoever does it is only worthy of such pay.

The unprecedented sentences of Klára Dobrev can be heard in the following recording:


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