Stop Mutyi!

In order to protect Hungarian farmers and Hungarian consumers, we support the regulation of fertilizer production, trade in and export of fertilizers!

Stop Mutyi!

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Mandiner wrote: "István Nagy: The fertilization of László Bige caused invaluable damage to Hungarian farmers and consumers!

The left-wing billionaire makes Hungarian agriculture impossible, taking advantage of the market position of Nitrogénművek Zrt.
“For seven years, the big entrepreneur harmed not only Hungarian farmers, but all Hungarian bread, fruit and vegetable buyers in order to gain extra profit. It is the firm position of the Ministry of Agriculture that, in the interests of farmers and Hungarian families, all possible means should be used in connection with the safe supply of domestic fertilizers. We will not allow László Bige to be blackmailed, we will protect Hungarian farmers and Hungarian consumers! ” - said the Minister of Agriculture.

István Nagy called unacceptable profit-making on producers and Hungarian families unacceptable. "Rural Hungary is the country's base, a valuable resource," the minister said, noting that László Bige would not be blackmailed. "We will protect Hungarian farmers and Hungarian consumers!" He declared.

Balázs Győrffy, President of the National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK), said: "The press is loud about the fertilization of fertilizers".
As the expert described, a fertilizer is “an impulse for agriculture that cannot be bypassed,” a “plant fuel”. It determines the production results that farmers achieve and how much food costs consumers. If this is raised - in addition to the high world market prices - it will “take the money out of the pockets” of Hungarian farmers and consumers, Balázs Győrffy pointed out.

The price increase started in the summer
The President of NAK welcomes the decision of the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) to penalize the companies involved in the cartel.

They hope to be able to prevent this kind of market abuse
- He told. In the video, a farmer, László Horváth, said that the price increase started in the summer, but they did not expect such a 4-4.5-fold increase. He noted that this is likely to be reflected in food prices as well. The farmer put it this way: "let the Hungarian king of fertilizers be satisfied with a decent income". Don't want to make multiple extra profits to "finance the left's campaign" from the purchase of fertilizers, said László Horváth.


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Orbán stole the shortage of crèche space :)

By the end of 2022, the number of crèche places will increase from 32,000 in 2010!

Orbán stole the shortage of crèche space :)

Bence Rétvári: 840 municipalities already operate nurseries

As a result of the government's family policy, 840 municipalities now operate crèches, compared to 326 in 2010, the parliamentary secretary of state for the Ministry of Human Resources (Emmi) said in Őrbottyán on Saturday.
Bence Rétvári spoke at the ceremonial handover of the Children's Island Kindergarten in Őrbottyán that the government supported the construction of the children's institution with more than 400 million forints, but the next crèche is already being planned, as well as in the surrounding settlements. one follows the construction of the nursery and the other.

He said that the number of marriages has increased significantly nationwide, while 35,500 marriages took place in 2010, and by 2020 there were already 67,000. The overall fertility rate, which shows a willingness to have children, has risen from 1.2 in 2010 to 1.59, which has been achieved with 10 years of strong family policy, the secretary of state added.

Bence Rétvári said that the new crèche created 13 new jobs and 48 new crèche places.
The parliamentary secretary of state also spoke about the fact that in recent years Őrbottyán has received more than one billion forints in support of various investments, schools, kindergartens, nurseries and other infrastructural developments, which does not yet include government support for the primary school under construction.

Nursery Development Program: A total of 70,000 places for little ones. The goal of the nursery development program is that by 2022, anyone who wants to can place their child in their nursery. To this end, the government is helping to create and expand about 20,000 new places with a total of HUF 10.5 billion.

Concrete examples, implemented developments:ölcsőde


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"Whom did your government do?"

Judit Varga: "Germany has fallen"

"Whom did your government do?"

The German government's program:
School LGBTQ lobby, public funding for non-transplant surgeries, resettlement, sky-high overheads, no-go zones
The program of the Hungarian government
Family allowance, Cheap overheads, 13th month pension, youth tax exemption, family tax refund, border protection

Judit Vargawrote: Germany fell
️ As the policy of the new German government is outlined, gender madness has shifted into fifth gear.
For example, the left-liberal Ampel coalition program devotes a separate sub-chapter to Queer policy, which will encourage the LGBTQ lobby in schools, fund the full cost of non-compensatory surgeries from taxpayers' money, but encourage the recognition of rainbow families in all EU Member States. same-sex marriages.
We can see that LGBTQ propaganda has also knocked Germany off its feet, so there is a growing need for Central European countries to protect future generations from the woke revolution along Christian values ​​and common sense.
We Hungarians persevere and command this madness to stop!

"A compensation fund will be set up for trans and interspersed persons who have suffered bodily harm or divorced under previous legislation." So if an average person suffers bodily harm, there is no compensation for it, but they are entitled to ....
What if it is not discrimination? Discrimination against normality.


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The fake-news media on the left is keeping this quiet

They are very important investments, they are not talked about either, instead they describe that the vaccination campaign is "government propaganda" (but of course they are not anti-vaccination ...)

The fake-news media on the left is keeping this quiet

"The number of Hungarians who deny the virus has increased spectacularly, but the government's propaganda seems to be suffocating," writes the pseudo-news portal So the vaccination campaign is what they say is "government propaganda" .... Whoever described this is not normal. He must have been beaten in his childhood. And they claim they are not vaccinated!

But let's get back to the important news! Here are another 8 developments to refute the "steal in the Oba" section. lies. As we can see, the money is in the right place.

One of the most important milestones has been the Mosoni-Danube water level restoration project: the estuary has been relocated
We regularly inform you about the construction of the floodplain and comprehensive development of the Mosoni-Danube complex estuary, which is taking place at Véné, near Győr, as a major water investment in the area. The major investment is being carried out by a consortium of Mészáros és Mészáros Kft. And Kötiviép’B Kft. The engineering tasks are performed by Főber Zrt., The formwork equipment is provided by Magyar Doka Kft. In the project.
You can massacre, libsik!

Nagykáta: the building of the police headquarters was renovated
- The energy renovation of the Nagykáta Police Headquarters was also justified by economic and environmental considerations.
- The financial source of the development was provided by the support won in the KEHOP tender approved in 2016.
- The existing building has been given 15 cm of external facade insulation with noble plaster.
- Instead of the old plastic windows, high-quality wooden doors and windows have been installed.
- Instead of central heating, a modern heat pump system has been developed, which also solves the cooling of offices during the heatwave period.
- The power supply is assisted by a 129 solar system on the roof.
- The cost of the development is HUF 291 million, to which ORFK and Pest MRFK contributed HUF 30 million.
Thank you for the work of the police! Thank you for living safely in Hungary!
I wish you much more success and good health!

Békéscsaba: The parking garage will be completed soon, then the pavilion line and the market can come
Once the parking garage is structurally completed, the building will carry out electrical, mechanical, resin, locksmith and paving work on the building. The parking garage will be completed first, after the parking garage is licensed for use and the vendors are temporarily relocated, after which the contractors will take over the pavilion line and the market area as work areas so that they can start working there as well.

Feldebrö: the kindergarten has been renewed
Horváth Laciwrote: Every corner of the János Asztalos Kindergarten in Feldebrő has been renewed!
A decade ago, the left left the small settlements alone, saying the village was an outdated form of settlement. However, the Fidesz government is convinced that the rural way of life is valuable and must be maintained and strengthened by all means. That is why, among other things, the Hungarian Village Program was launched, thanks to which the institutions where our children open their wings are renewed.
The settlements of our region, including Feldebrő, showed how to take advantage of the opportunities, and also how serious the results can be achieved if there is will, strength, intention and perseverance. The kindergarten in Feldebrő is now a real wedge of the settlement!
Congratulations to the community and at the same time thank you to all the kindergarten staff for their quality, loving work! And I wish the children many experiences and happiness!
Let's keep working!

The Zselici section of the Blue Tour is developing
Another tourist accommodation was handed over on the Zselic section of the South Transdanubia Blue Tour
Another accommodation was handed over in the stunningly beautiful surroundings of the Zselic Forest, on the Pál Rockenbauer South Transdanubia Blue Tour route. Haracsi Vendégház offers affordable accommodation for hiking, cycling and horse riding in the vicinity of Hotel Kardosfa. During the Ödön Téry National Tourist House Development Program, two more accommodation facilities were recently renovated in Zselic, with the Meteor Chalet in Simonfá and the Gyertyános Chalet in Kaposvár.
Zselic is part of the Transdanubian hills, with its sloping landscapes it is a great destination for tourists who like gentle terrain. There are several hiking trails through the charming hills, including the Pál Rockenbauer South Transdanubia Blue Tour and the South Transdanubia Red Tour. According to the period visitor counts, tens of thousands of visitors and hikers visit Zselic every year. Therefore, there have been a number of recent developments in the area that are also an excellent destination for tourists in boots, cyclists, nature photographers, amateur astronomers and school groups.

The Püspökladány – Ebes section is completed
The railway station was renewed in Kabán, Hajdúszoboszló and Ebes, and the two-track, electrified line section between Püspökladány and Ebes was completely rebuilt and modernized. Underpasses, overpasses, noise barriers were built.
The government will spend HUF 6,000 billion (!) On railway development over the next 15 years, which will make transport in Hungary more competitive, convenient and faster.
The investment of NIF Zrt. Underwent a significant modernization in the 100. Railway line no., Püspökladány - Ebes railway line section. Thanks to the development, the quality of the railway service in Hajdú-Bihar county will increase significantly, and the rebuilt railway stations will provide a modern environment for the traveling public. Sándor Bodó, State Secretary for Employment Policy of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Lajos Barcsa, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen, Tamás Nyiszter, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of MÁV Zrt. And Zoltán Nyul, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of NIF Zrt. .
Source: levélszakasz-atepitesenek-munkaió-Sándor-746134725416297/posts/313613430584341

Újfehértó: Szabolcs Almacentrum
Istvan Nagywrote: Újfehértó. Szabolcs Almacentrum. Bouquet inauguration holiday.
It is always good to visit home, but especially today, as we have reached a milestone, the foundation of the apple center, the construction of the structure and the exterior cladding have been completed. It is planned that in July 2022 the complex will be fully operational.
Thank you for being a part of this development!

The Derecskei main canal was renewed
Dr. István Vitányiwrote: The modernization of the Derecskei main canal has been completed. Thanks to the successful implementation of the HUF 3 billion project funded by the European Union and Hungary, the water management of the Derecske region has improved. The investment has made it possible for the area to grow crops in a predictable, safe way, thus greatly increasing the competitiveness of those living in agriculture in the agricultural sector.


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Thank you for your reader support!

Numbers are still at the forefront of the social networking sites on the right!

Thank you for your reader support!

We will never be first on this list because we don’t have tens of millions to advertise, but the 5th place in this field is also good! Of course, we achieved all this together with our readers, and we thank them again! Reality is spreading through shares, so we continue to ask everyone to spread the word about our site and get the information to as many people as possible!

We are a force together! The stakes for next year's election will not be small, we will not vote for parties, but for the future of ourselves and our families!

Fidesz-KDNP! We will protect the results we have achieved so far!

PS: It would be much more interesting to have a list where paid and civil sites are listed separately, because in this line-up it's not a fair competition :)

Source, details:

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Overhead reduction then and now

There was an overhead cut before 2010, it worked just a little differently

Overhead reduction then and now

Before 2010
Residents of the Einstandolt villa on the “Szem-lő-hegy” street have doubled the residential price of electricity and tripled the residential price of natural gas
Meanwhile, the company of MOTIM, Gyurcsány, received the electricity well below the market price

After 2010
With the reduction of overheads, families saved an average of HUF 386,000 a year, and the population saved more than HUF 2,000 billion in total.

So it's understandable why they're also attacking overhead cuts! The money does not land at their (often offshore) companies, but goes where it belongs: to the Hungarian people.


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The Hungary of the future is being built, we are putting development resources in the right place, and the EU recognizes that

While Mark-Zay insults people

The Hungary of the future is being built, we are putting development resources in the right place, and the EU recognizes that

Another recognition, now from the European Court of Auditors
The European Court of Auditors presented its 2020 annual report to the European Parliament's Wednesday plenary session, noting that Hungary's performance was outstanding in the 2014-2020 financial period.
Meanwhile, the left
It is outrageous and distasteful what the "best fit man" on the left can afford!
He thinks everyone who doesn’t want higher overheads is dark, and those who don’t want to let in hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants are dark!

Now let's look at today's nation-building compilation!

The Cradle Mountain Lookout was handed over
The government has spent 27 billion forints on ecotourism investments through state forest farms since 2010, the state secretary for forests of the Ministry of Agriculture said in Szentendre on Thursday.
At the ceremonial handover of the Bölcső-hegy lookout tower, Péter Zambó said that within the framework of the ecotourism developments of the last ten years, 52 lookout towers, 150 other facilities, 40 forest accommodation establishments, 17 visitor centers and 11 forest schools had been established. He added that 11,500 kilometers of marked forest hiking trails, 1,600 kilometers of designated cycling trails and 400 kilometers of horse riding trails are managed by forestry farms.
35 major ecotourism developments have taken place in the Pilisi Park Forest alone, including the Naplás Lake Lookout Tower, the Hármashatárhegy Lookout Tower, the Rotter Lajos Tourist House or the now handed over Bölcső Hill Lookout Tower, the Secretary of State added.

The construction of the southern bypass of Veszprém is progressing well
Progress is being made on schedule 8. Implementation of the first bypass phase of the main road Veszprém between the Litéri and Füred junctions.
From the end of December 2021, the section belonging to the first stage of construction, between the Litéri and the new Budapest junction (up to the 49,100 km section), can be used by commuters.

M85: handover of another section is approaching
Already at the end of this year, NIF Zrt. And the DS Consortium will fully market the section of the M85 motorway between the Balfi junction and the Fertőrákos junction.
In recent weeks, the construction of the Deep Road has progressed at a very good pace, so for the 100th anniversary of the allegiance to the City of Sopron, ie
At the end of this year, NIF Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. and the DS Consortium will fully market the M85 IV. between the Balf junction and the Fertőrákos junction and the new Deep Road.
The final touches are made before handover
According to the DS Consortium, the contractor completed the construction of the pavement on Mély út in mid-November by pulling on the asphalt wear layer. At the same time, the contractors solved the painting of the pavement signs and the construction of the traffic technology.
In addition, the humus layer of the benches has been completed, where gardeners have already grassed and planted plants until handover, and there will also be an irrigation network.
At the junctions of Mély út, the paving work has also been completed, with the final installation work on the traffic lights and street lighting remaining. As a closing, the railings will be placed on the sidewalks of the retaining walls. Prior to the handover in December, the DS Consortium will remove the temporary traffic equipment currently in use from the section between the M85 Balf junction and the Fertőrákos junction and clean the pavement, allowing road users to take possession of the new section of the expressway in a completely new condition.

Fonyód: the new sports hall is finished
With the work of B Build, the new hall will fully serve not only the athletes but also the audience with technology that is absolutely in line with the requirements of today’s modern age.
One of the largest sports investments in the area is being built in Fonyód with the cooperation of the NIKÉ Handball Association and B Build & Trade Kft. The billion-dollar construction - which will be carried out by B Build & Trade Kft. As the sole general contractor on the order of the Hungarian Sports Academy of the NIKÉ Sports Association and is expected to be completed in the early spring of 2022.
The exterior and interior industry is currently working
Construction manager Ervin Szentesi informed our newspaper about the current status of the three-storey, 3,720-square-meter handball hall with a net floor area of ​​nearly 1,000 people. In the project, a prefabricated sports facility with a reinforced concrete frame and a steel truss roof structure will be implemented. The hall is approximately 65x45 meters in size, with car and bus parking and bicycle storage.

Nyírkarász: new workers' hostel
The government's labor market program encouraging the creation of workers' accommodation will continue next year, the state secretary responsible for employment policy of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) said in Nyírkarász, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, on Thursday.
Sándor Bodó recalled the handover of the HUF 323 million workers' apartment group of the Master Good group of companies.
The program, which was announced for the sixth time in September this year and has a support budget of more than HUF 10 billion, is managed by the National Employment Fund and is being evaluated, the Secretary of State reported.

Kaposvár: new buses at the new railway station
Attila Gelencsérwrote: Another 6 environmentally friendly, comfortable and modern buses are on the roads of Somogy county.
Travelers can find modern vehicles in the areas of Kaposvár, Kadarkút, Böhönye, Nagyatád, Csurgó, Barcs and Marcali.
The aim of the continuous modernization of the vehicle fleet is to make bus travel more and more environmentally friendly, safer and more comfortable for passengers.

The Zalaegerszeg-Zalalövő cycle path is ready
László Vighwrote: The so-called "lighting technology" provides greater traffic safety for cyclists on the Zalaegerszeg-Zalalövő cycle path, about which we gave information today to Tamás Schanda, Parliamentary and Strategic State Secretary, Deputy Minister and Mr. József Móricz, Director of Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt.
Thanks to an investment made courtesy of Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt., Illuminated pavement signs help traffic in the dark - from sunset to sunrise. Congratulations on your development!

The two-lane 83 main road is under construction
They are working on piling up 23 bridges on Pope’s expressway. The development will be implemented with the main contractor of Soltút and Danube Asphalt and the work of Euroasphalt.
We’ve written several times about the construction of Highway 83, which began a little over a year ago. In the investment of NIF Nemzeti Infrasturktúra Fejlesztő Zrt., A four-lane road between Pápa and Győr will be built on a mainly new route in two stages. On the main road 83, the southern section between Pápa and Tét will be constructed by Duna Aszfalt Zrt., While the northern section between Tét and Győr will be constructed by Soltút Kft. In the southern section, EuroAszfalt Kft. Participates as a subcontractor.
Now, the NIF has released a spectacular video that shows how the work is progressing on the new path: the state-owned company said it was moving at the pace planned.
Work on the track structure will begin in the spring
In addition to the video, several data showing the scale of the development and the stages of construction have been published, as it turns out that the humus sanding and filling foundation work has been completed and the trial installation of the pavement base and the asphalt base layer has been completed. Thus, in the spring, based on the evaluations, the construction of the track structure can start on the already completed embankments.

👉Thousands of improvements:

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Now you can hiss because of the model change!

Left-wing-driven "Free" histories have failed, and model-changing universities have taken a huge step forward!

Now you can hiss because of the model change!

We recently reported that at the University of Debrecen, in addition to the improvements, teachers received a huge salary increase.

And now here's MOME: next year's salaries for university teachers will increase by 84%, for associate professors by 84%, for assistant professors by 113%, for teaching assistants by 144%, study, social and public scholarships, textbook - and tuition support) increases uniformly by 100% at the university.

Then when was the university "Free" and when wasn't it? Now you have your own budget, which you decide on your own, teachers will be motivated, students will also receive more scholarships, and developments will be upgraded.

BNGwritten by:The biggest pay raise in the history of the university at MOMÉ!

My father is a doctor, my mother is a humanist, and they are both deserving university professors. I know exactly how old and significant domestic higher education owes to those who work in it. Unduly low wages, poor working conditions - at MOMÉ we are now taking a huge step towards resolving this.

The MOME - Foundation for the University of the Arts of Moholy-Nagy yesterday approved the university's budget for 2022, with the largest salary increase in the history of MOME. What does this mean when translated into numbers?

In the last year before the change in MOME's model, ie compared to 2019, the basic salary of our university teachers will increase by 84% next year, that of our associate professors by 84%, that of our assistants by 144%, that of our teaching assistants by 160% and that of our master teachers and art teachers by 160%.
The new base wages will be accompanied by significant bonuses from the second half of 2022. The total achievable increase in the income of university teachers compared to 2019 will be 107%, that of associate professors 107%, that of assistant professors 139%, that of teaching assistants 174%, and that of master teachers and art teachers 194%.
It is not a wage increase, but it is closely related to the fact that in 2022 all of the most important student grants (including study, social and public scholarships, and textbook and note grants) will uniformly double.
The renewal of our university has reached another long-awaited station. With yesterday's decision, we are catching up at the forefront of the Central European region in terms of teacher income. Thanks to everyone we’ve been able to work with for the past few months!

Given the events of recent times, we can safely say that the left is the enemy of universities and education! They don’t need successful universities, well-earned, and so independent teachers, proud, smart students. They need a crowd of aid, which they can force to vote for at any time, with the prospect of abolishing aid.


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1100 new electric buses on sale by 2025!

The "NER" has fallen - the money is NOT STOLEN against the left, but is invested in the future!

1100 new electric buses on sale by 2025!

And how much more than that is a promise? Here is an example, at the end of the article you will find many more examples!
The first 40 Mercedes-Benz eCitaro electric buses acquired under the Green Bus Program have been handed over
Fidesz doesn't talk about it! Fidesz is acting!

Hungary's commitment to climate protection is reflected in its actions: between 2022 and 2025, 1,100 electric buses may be available in Hungary. Mandiner interviewed Attila Steiner, Secretary of State for Climate Action.

The left has "taken back" Budapest .... They are fined one after the other for irregular procedures and theft. They're still fined 50 million today, and that's "our money," where are the Butchers?

At least 1,100 electric buses will be available nationwide from 2022 to 2025 within the framework of the HUF 180 billion Green Bus Program - Humda Magyar Autó-Motorsport Development Agency Zrt.

The company, which is wholly owned by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM), will coordinate the program from September, in collaboration with Attila Steiner, Secretary of State for the Development of the Circular Economy, Energy and Climate Policy.

According to the statement, the Secretary of State explained that

Attila Steiner emphasized.

Humda’s president and CEO has announced that a series of public events will raise awareness of the benefits of electric vehicles. Balázs Weingartner added that hybrid and electrical technologies, paired with traffic safety and environmental awareness, are currently being presented at the Humda Junior Go-Kart Challenge family day, a series of children's motorsport talent search programs.

Municipalities with a population of more than 25,000 can apply for the Green Bus Program adopted in 2019. Procurement of electric buses is an important tool for climate steel.

Would this be a "snatched example"? No, it's not!
👉Examples of renewed railway stations, development of public transport in the video from 15 minutes:
👉After the 123 electric buses, 164 CNG-powered vehicles will arrive!
👉Green Bus Program: 123 electric buses arrive
👉You can “Orb” and “Butcher”
The infrastructural developments of the Lake Balaton region in a spectacular video!
👉Another "Scandal"!
The left can no longer steal this money! Fidesz does not say "get out of the car and walk" / Gergely Karácsony /, but develops public transport!
👉Bulky train at Lake Balaton!
Renewable track, road construction, development of public transport: not a dream! Reality! Contrary to false news, Lake Balaton is not "for Fidesz", but for everyone
👉Environmental protection, public transport in practice!
The diesel era on a section of the North Balaton railway is over
👉Hungary for being great! (list)
The share of Hungarian ownership in the energy sector, the banking sector and the media sector has increased significantly
👉Public transport, environmental protection
Fidesz doesn't talk about it, it acts! (list at the end of the article)
👉The installed capacity of solar power plants has increased tenfold!
(comprehensive climate strategy article at the end of the description)
The Hungarian Earth Day movement is 31 years old!
But what did the government do? We will show you!
👉The Mátra Power Plant will be renewed and environmentally friendly
But most importantly: no one will be fired!
👉Thick II. - our sovereignty must not be negotiated
He received the permit to establish an energy office in Paks II. power plant
👉The largest solar power plant in Central Europe was handed over in Kaposvár
Instead of talking
👉Tracking traffic problems
Taste these two approaches and don’t vote against yourself next year!
👉Budapest deserves more
Gone are the days when the capital bought vehicles scrapped by others and scrapped by other countries ... Shame!
👉Value creation in Hungary!
The section of the M85 motorway between Csorna West and Balf junction has been handed over!
👉The first section of the M8 motorway has already been handed over!
👉Our development video is about infrastructure improvements from 13 minutes to 35 seconds
KorábbiPrevious articles in the series:
👉Only one county town is no longer accessible on a four-lane road
ÓtaA total of 6,000 km of roads and 500 km of expressways have been built or completely renovated since 2010.
👉Sopron is also connected to the expressway network
The cost of the project is HUF 150 billion PURE DOMESTIC SOURCE
👉The expressway connection of Eger is complete
(Non-credit and non-payable PPP scheme for 35 years)
👉Modernization of the Budapest – Hatvan (80a) railway line in Finini!
This is how Orbán "stole" the country, or more precisely, how it rebuilds Hungary!
64In 2020, 642 kilometers of roads were renewed in 214 projects.
0001000 kilometers of road will be renewed this year!
Since 2010, 6,000 km of roads have been renewed, with a total value of HUF 755 billion
👉The construction of the section of the M6 ​​motorway leading to the Croatian border is starting!
And since it is being built by Fidesz, it will not have to be repaid for 35 years and thus there will be no damage of HUF 2,853 billion!
👉Construction starts: 36 km of four-lane road in Northern Transdanubia
We are not talking about improvements, we are implementing them!
👉The easternmost section of the M4 was handed over, reaching the Romanian border
👉A approaching Debrecen from the east became faster with a four-lane road. The value of the investment is HUF 10.5 billion. They don't talk about it! They are building!
👉 The M4 is close to Szolnok

👉Development of public transport

👉The road network of small settlements is also supported by the Hungarian Village Program
👉Kalocsa-Paks Danube Bridge: the work area has been handed over, construction is starting
👉This is how the future is built in Hungary!
Construction of the M85 is in full swing! The Balfi junction will be completed soon. The handover is getting closer
👉In our video presenting country building, there are 2000 additional developments and road constructions!
KorábbiPrevious articles in the series:
👉We are building a bridge that connects! Hundreds of bridges have been built and renovated since 2010! Here are some examples!
👉Hódmezővásárhely Népkert stop
We have been cleaning the ruins left by the left for 11 years!
👉M4: SWIETELSKY is already asphalting the northern bypass of Szolnok
👉24 new buses arrived in Somogy!
Fidesz is not talking about public transport, it is developing it!
👉Instead of line closures
14 out of 40 KISS trains are already in service! The Gyurcsányi robbed MÁV, Fidesz is developing it!


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