The racist BLM movement would get a statue from Krisztina Baranyi, IX. mayor of the district

These are completely out of their common sense

The racist BLM movement would get a statue from Krisztina Baranyi, IX.  mayor of the district

Let's nail one in advance, "dear" Krisztina Baranyi: if you erect this statue, we will overthrow it that day! You will not play the racist card in Hungary, in Hungary‼ ️EVERY life counts.‼ ️

It could be a statue of the arsonist, far-left movement in Ferencváros.
Krisztina Baranyi IX. district mayor during the coronavirus epidemic - writes the PestiSrácok. The riots of the Black Lives Matter movement also spread to Europe, with France, Britain and Belgium falling victim in particular.

Krisztina Baranyi, the left-wing mayor of Ferencváros, published the decision of the local government, which revealed who had won the Public Art open tender for public spaces. Based on the decision, it is revealed that Krisztina Baranyi wants to erect a statue of the BLM movement in the IX. district. According to the mayor, the sculpture would be a “public memorial paraphrase” “bringing into play current social and political issues: Black lives matter, prejudices about society in relation to LGBTQ”. also published a document confirming the claim:


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Momentum, which consists of foreign agents, wants to continue to blackmail Hungary

Momentum, which consists of foreign agents, wants to continue to blackmail Hungary

While we Hungarians are fighting to ensure that no one can take our own money for all sorts of provocative reasons, the gender lobby mocked by the "rule of law" and the imposition of resettlement quotas, the anti-Hungarian Momentum is lobbying for the extortion mechanism to remain.

Fortunately, we have an excellent Prime Minister, and we have a right of veto, and a "blend" of these guarantees Hungary the maintenance of sovereignty and a real rule of law - a state governed by the interests of the Hungarian people.

📌50 points about why a traitorous party is Momentum

‼ ️In 7 points, with 7 articles, we restore Katalin Cseh, a botmixer.

📌1. Viktor Orbán: We will join forces
📌2. We are not asking for a communist or a Brussels dictatorship.
📌3. Judit Varga: The left-liberal narrative of the demolition of the rule of law is false and false.
📌4. Reality about EU money and the veto
📌5. EU money is not a gift, we have given our market for it
📌6. Judit Varga's lines on planned left-liberal damage around the EU budget and the false news they spread
📌7. Briefly about the rule of lawhttps: //

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It’s cold, there’s a virus, but the construction is still performing superbly!

Viktor Orbán said: "No resources are taken away from us, all development is realized!"

It’s cold, there’s a virus, but the construction is still performing superbly!

📌Based on our previously shared articles, we’ve created a video with 1,000 improvements to share with those who only see stadiums.

Let's see today's dose!

📌1. It is already clear what the new court in Érd will look like

The new judicial center in Érd is being built in a greenfield investment. The project involves the construction of a three-storey building of approximately 3,570 square meters in a greenfield investment for HUF 3.24 billion. In addition to the court currently operating in a temporary building, the prosecutor's office will also be housed here in the important agglomeration city, and the police headquarters building will also be located nearby, making the construction of an important judicial center in Pest County
Progress is clear
On the ground floor, among other things
nine rooms will be set up,
hand over a customer center,
a witness room is placed,
and a spacious waiting room.
On the upper floors, there will be offices for court staff, as well as management offices and a multifunctional conference room. The project will also include the construction of 99 car parks, as well as the construction and development of public spaces.
After the structural construction has been completed earlier, the focus of the project is now on tinsmith and exterior locksmith work, mechanical and electrical installations and fittings, painting and wallpapering, and garden construction.
The affairs of seven settlements will be handled here
It was established in the temporary building of the District Court of Érd on January 1, 2019, as a result of several decades of preparatory process, it judges cases concerning Érd, Százhalombatta, Pusztazámor, Diósd, Tárnok, Sóskuta and Törökbálint.

Source, more pictures: Hungarian Builders 🇭🇺


From today, commuters in the area can use the final route of the newly built road with a new border crossing point on the Hungarian and Austrian sides.
Another milestone was the modernization of the section of the main road No. 87 between Kőszeg and Rőtfalva. During the road construction works, the continuous maintenance of the traffic of the main road in the 2 × 1 lane was a priority. To this end, from 8 April 2020, traffic could proceed on a newly constructed diversion road
On November 26, 2020, from 12 noon, another traffic change began. Traffic was diverted to the new section of the main road No. 87 completed within the crown edge. Thus, commuters in the area can already use the final route of the newly built road with a new border crossing point on the Hungarian and Austrian sides.
At the same time, the old Kőszeg-Rattersdorf Border Crossing Point will be temporarily closed. On the Hungarian side, the work will continue, therefore speed limits will be introduced on the new route, and on the section 407/2020 on the temporary reintroduction of border control due to the emergency situation caused by the Covid-19 virus. (VIII. 30.) during the entry into the country, the Police also carry out border checks on a permanent basis.
Due to the changing traffic regulations and the ongoing work, we ask for the kind patience and increased attention of those traveling in the area, as well as the increased observance of the TRAFFIC signs (restrictions) placed at diversions and border controls.
The route connects the main road No. 87 on the Hungarian side with the road B61a on the Austrian side with a new border crossing point, thus relieving the existing narrow-border Kőszeg border station and the inner section of the Austrian settlement of Rattersdorf (Rőtfalva).
During the development of the border connection between Kőszeg and Rőtfalva, an intervention was carried out on the Hungarian side on a section of 825 meters long, of which a new route was built on 625 meters, and the existing main road No. 87 was renovated on the remaining 200 meters. Until the completion of the project, by June 30, 2021, the road construction contractor will have to build a new road connection to the road leading to the old Kőszeg border crossing, complete the hydraulic works on the section of the main road 87 to be handed over, in addition to the crown edge. In order to ensure drainage, you will have to build a drainage system along the old railway embankment along the main road No. 87 along the old railway embankment, as well as a connection to the stormwater drainage channel.
The aim of the project is to improve the accessibility of the surrounding Hungarian and Austrian settlements and to make more efficient use of the common opportunities inherent in cross-border infrastructure. The investment was supported by a joint Interreg V-A project with the project Renovation of the Zsira-Lutzmannsburg (Locsmánd) connecting road project.
The project is implemented on behalf of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, in the investment of NIF Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt., Within the framework of the Interreg V-A Austria-Hungary Cooperation Program 2014-2020. The construction is carried out by VértesAszfalt Építőipari, Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. And Meliorációs és Rekultivációs Kft. With a net value of HUF 1,539,976,875.


📌3. The multifunctional learning center of the University of Debrecen is developing nicely

The newspaper of the University of Debrecen, Egyetemi Élet, published two recent photos (and in pairs the visual designs) on Facebook about the construction of the Learning Center.
The study center of the University of Debrecen on Dóczy József Street has been built by Dryvit Profi Kft. In Debrecen since spring, and they have 14 months to complete the work.
In the new, multifunctional, modern and comfortable learning center, students can prepare individually or in small groups, and the new building will also be a venue for lectures and exams. The facility will serve to build the community by integrating students of different nationalities and large numbers into a learning community, taking into account the individual needs of each culture.
The three - storey building with a net useful floor area of ​​4249 square meters will have a reinforced concrete structure with a lightweight closed - open mechanical roof level. On the ground floor there is a central hall, communal spaces, a lecture hall for 256 people, accessible from the first floor level, a buffet, an office and service spaces. Rest gardens will be built in front of the entrances. On the 1st floor, there will be open, separable, walled community student boxes. A II. upstairs electronic examination room, training rooms, separate consultation rooms, prayer room, while the III. upstairs there will be a server room and mechanical rooms.
The interior of the 4,200-square-foot study center will be similar to that of the renovated Library of the Humanities and will evoke a club-like atmosphere.
The net investment of HUF 3 billion 416 and a half million forints is implemented by the University of Debrecen with EU support and own resources. The Learning Center is expected to be available to students from the next school year.


📌4. The construction of the Innovation Center of the University of Debrecen is progressing well - with video

Debrecen - The foundation stone was laid only six months ago, but the facility in the industrial park on Vezér út is ready for construction.
The cornerstone of the Innovation Center was laid on 9 June in the presence of László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Development. In the industrial park of the University of Debrecen, this will be the first building based specifically on university knowledge, serving both research and industrial needs.
It is planned that the more than 5,000 square meter, three-storey facility in the Science, Technology and Innovation Park of the University of Debrecen will be handed over in the spring of 2021. The center, with its spectacular, huge glass façade, will bring together actors from education, research and the private sector.
"The building will primarily be used for incubation activities, but it will also serve as an educational and practical base, where projects from start-up companies will be available from theoretical research to prototype production," said Chancellor Zoltán Bács to
The Innovation Center, which will be 85% of the HUF 3.8 billion, will also play a role in serving the companies moving into the science park. The missing part of the implementation will be able to be adapted on the ground floor “operational” level or on the top “office” floor, depending on the needs of the movers. The middle level of “open office & meeting rooms” will be fully prepared for those who want to move in or want to use only one work space.
A pilot vaccine plant and a vehicle laboratory will be built in the next phase in the Science, Technology and Innovation Park of the University of Debrecen. Archaeological work is already being carried out at the planned site of the latter. The originally 25-hectare university industrial park now awaits 70 hectares of joint investments with knowledge-intensive sectors. Innovative investments are being made in the DE science park, primarily in the healthcare and automotive industries.
The university-owned UD TUTI Science, Technology and Innovation Park Nonprofit Ltd. plays a decisive role in the implementation of the Innovation Center and the infrastructural development of the science park. The area was prepared by Dryvit Profi Kft., Based on the plans of BORD Építész Stúdió Kft. will be implemented by Hunép Kft. until February 2021.

Source, video, more pictures:

📌5. The Forrás kindergarten in Orosháza was renewed

The renovation of the Forrás Reformed Kindergarten in Orosháza has been completed. The institution has undergone expansion, energy investment, external and internal renovation.
On December 20, 2017, the Orosháza Reformed Parish received a non-refundable grant of HUF 270.75 million based on the support decision of the Békés County Local Government thanks to the Regional and Settlement Development Operational Program managed by the county local government. The aim of the development was to improve access to basic child welfare services and kindergarten care, to improve the quality of services, to support the employment of those raising young children, and to help families. The existing kindergarten building was expanded during the development, the net floor area increased by nearly 600 square meters. The institution was enriched with three new group rooms and a heating kitchen.
The new wing was built in accordance with the current energy requirements, and the old part of the building underwent energy renovation with the replacement of doors and windows, wall and ceiling insulation, so the maintainer can save significant costs during the operation of the institution. The old part of the building was remodeled, new rooms were created by demolishing and relocating public walls, and the interior windows and cladding were also replaced. Parking lots have been set up in the area of ​​the kindergarten, among which there is a barrier-free space.
In addition to the renovation works, new kindergarten equipment and furniture were purchased, with which the new rooms were furnished, and the previous, worn-out equipment was replaced. With the expansion, the number of places in the institution has also increased, so far the kindergarten has been able to accommodate 45 children, now it is possible to take care of 30 more, 75 young children in Orosháza and the surrounding area.


📌6. The developed embankments of Csongrád-Csanád county were handed over

The flood protection situation in the Lower Tisza Valley has improved, the risk of flooding has decreased, and the costs of flood protection are expected to decrease due to developments implemented with HUF 12 billion in EU support in the Southern Great Plain, the regional water directorate informed MTI- t.
According to the communication, the protection implemented by the National Directorate General for Water and the Lower Tisza Region Water Directorate has improved the protection of people living in the area, industrial and economic facilities and the agricultural areas concerned. The development also contributes to the protection of protected floodplain areas and the unique natural values ​​found there. The most significant flood protection development project of the last fifty years has affected the outskirts of Baks, Szentes, Mindszent, Szegvár and Apátfalva.
Large flood gates were built on the Dongéri and Sámson-Apátfalvi-Szárazér main canals to contain the flood waves, which are supplemented by 20-20 pumps with a capacity of 0.5 m3 / s each. On the left bank of the Hármas-Körös and Tisza rivers, embankment development works were carried out for a total length of 9.7 kilometers, during which the section size of the embankments was increased and a new road surface was built on the dam crown. At Mindszent, one inoperable pumping station was demolished and another was upgraded, increasing its capacity.
The Upper Kurca and Kurcatoroki locks, which play a significant role in the region, have been rebuilt and two dam sites have been completely renovated. The implementation of the project was an outstanding investment from the engineering point of view, involving the movement of more than one million cubic meters of land, during which flood gates were installed on the lower section of the Tisza.



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Gergely Karácsony deprived BKV of HUF 1,700 million in annual revenue

The bill is paid by Budapest!

Gergely Karácsony deprived BKV of HUF 1,700 million in annual revenue

For this they say that whoever breaks what kind of flower smells so.
Respect for the exception, as we know that not everyone voted for Gergely Karácsony! They could have bought 17 new buses a year just from advertising revenue, it could have been 85 0-kilometer articulated Mercedes-Benz Connecto buses in 5 years, but it won’t be.

📌Instead, used buses are rented from a buddy, offshore company registered for this purpose in Cyprus.

📌But there is also money to triple the salaries of the leaders he appoints.

📌Why is all this happening? Here is the answer.

The capital failed the lawsuit for the advertising tender

The procedure announced for the sale of public transport advertising space in Budapest ended with a fine of one hundred million and a judgment finding a violation of the BKV-BKK law.

The BKV and BKK's lawsuit was legally rejected as unfounded, and the Metropolitan Court gave the truth to the Public Procurement Arbitration Committee (KD) yesterday. The public transport companies in the capital filed a lawsuit in the case of the so-called advertising tender, after KD imposed a fine of HUF 115 million on them in January for detecting a violation of the law when the concession procedure was closed in November 2019.

In addition to reimbursing the litigation costs, the court also ordered the plaintiffs to reimburse the state for an income tax of HUF 1.5-1.5 million.

The decision cannot be appealed.
KD emphasized to Világgazdaság that it had made a well-founded and lawful decision according to the judgment, and BKV and BKK informed that as soon as they received the court's decision in writing, they would consider further actions. The capital did not comment on the matter.

A failed advertising tender would have been a particularly well-paying construction.

The procedure was announced by BKV and BKK at the beginning of 2016, the process was difficult, but a valid tender was received by the deadline of 9 August last year. JCDecaux Hungary would have paid HUF 142 million a month and more than HUF 1.7 billion a year for the right to utilize advertising space belonging to the vehicle sector and public transport infrastructure. This amount would now have given HUF 55.3 million a month, the French multi would have given a price almost three times higher.

Nevertheless, the contracting authorities declared it ineffective and then closed the procedure. This was justified by the fact that on the proposal of Mayor Gergely Karácsony on November 5, 2019, the General Assembly prohibited the companies of the capital from using their advertising space for more than a year. The mayor's initiative was not secretly aimed at closing the public transport advertising tender: BKV and BKK would have organized the sale of advertising space for another four years as an option, thus becoming unable to fulfill the commitments made in the procedure. KD did not dispute this either, but found that it was unlawful to declare it ineffective on the basis of this, as this condition could only exist if pre-established conditions were met. The mayor's veto was not included in these calls for proposals.

The role of the town hall remained significant in the matter even after the failure of the tender.
After the imposition of the fine, Gergely Karácsony announced that BKV and BKK would represent him in court. In the first instance, the companies applied for legal protection, which would not only have suspended KD's decision, but would also have granted an exemption from paying HUF 115 million. This was also rejected by the Metropolitan Court and the Mansion, so the amount of the sentence was transferred in May this year.


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It is not the EU that finances us, we the EU

It is not the EU that finances us, we the EU

Viktor Orbán: “we do not receive money from the union; we see this as compensation for the profits we make from other Member States, so it does not affect us if they are blackmailed with money '.

As he said, “there is no equal competition because we come from communism and dictatorship and countries like Germany come from capitalism, freedom”.

Therefore, “neither the Germans nor the Brussels can consider EU funds to Hungary as a gift” because they are merely “partial compensation for their advantage in unfair competition”.

Hungary receives a net 4.1 billion euros from the EU, and mostly German companies export 6 billion euros a year from the country, the Hungarian prime minister added.

🔴An earlier, more detailed article on this topic.
EU money is not a gift, we have given our market for it


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A huge investment of HUF 12 billion has been announced, 3,000 jobs will be protected

"For us, Hungary is the first" - this is what it means in practice

A huge investment of HUF 12 billion has been announced, 3,000 jobs will be protected

(additional job creation and job protection investments)

Despite the pandemic, Hungarian-Chinese economic relations are developing unabated: the Hungarian government's strategic partner, BorsodChem, with a Chinese ownership background, is making another major investment in Kazincbarcika. The value of the investment is HUF 12 billion, for which the Hungarian government will provide HUF 1.3 billion in support, thus BorsodChem will protect 3,000 jobs in the region, said Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Kazincbarcika, at the announcement of BorsodChem's new investment.

He added that BorsodChem will increase its current annual production capacity of 200 kilotonnes by 90 kilotonnes, thus creating new nitric acid production capacity and maintaining its leading position in the world market in this field.

Péter Szijjártó emphasized that
Exports from Hungary to China increased by 12 percent this year, and trade between the two countries increased by 18 percent compared to the same period last year. In the last three months, five significant Chinese corporate investments have been announced in Hungary, together with which ten new Chinese investments will be created this year, which represents an investment value of HUF 140 billion.

The Minister stated that the policy of opening up to the East is a clear success.

He added that last year 45 percent of all investments made in the world were financed from Eastern capital, Hungarian exports to the east have increased by 22 percent in the last ten years, and last year most investments came to Hungary from the east.


The cooperation between the two countries has proved that it works well even during an extraordinary period, the Foreign Minister declared.

He said that in the spring, Hungary shipped 185 aircraft from China for medical protection equipment, and on Wednesday another 1 million favipiravir drugs arrived from China, bringing the number to 2.8 million.

In his speech, Péter Szijjártó emphasized that the Hungarian government supports fair market competition and therefore rejects all calls for national discrimination.
In Hungary, companies must comply with all legislation, regardless of ownership
he pointed out.

According to Péter Szijjártó, it can be deduced from the conclusions of the coronavirus pandemic that a new world economic era is coming, the clear goal of Hungarian foreign policy is to advance the interests of the Hungarian economy and to make Hungary one of the winners in the competition of economic capacity redistribution.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs praised that the industrial performance of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County had increased by 72 percent in the last ten years, unemployment had fallen by a third during this time, and the seventh largest foreign invested capital of the country's counties was here.

🔴In 2010, the Gyurcsánys handed over government with 12% unemployment
Currently, the unemployment rate is 4%
It was 3.4% before the epidemic.
These are the numbers.

🔴The government’s action is clearly visible, with dozens of job-creating investments announced in just a few weeks. Here is the list of over 5,000 new jobs!

📌1. Continental, 150 new jobs
📌2. Gedeon Richter, 125 new jobs
📌3. Lenovo, 1,000 new jobs
📌4. Güntner, 150 new jobs
📌5. MST, 77 job protection
📌6. Construction of Auchan, electric charging network
📌7. Dunakeszi Vehicle Repair, hundreds of new jobs
📌8. Huawei, new cloud center, new jobs
📌9. Bettermann, negotiations on new investment, currently employ 1,200 people
📌10. Pannon Oven, preservation and development of 243 jobs
📌11. Marso, 50 new jobs
📌12. Bumet, retaining 158 jobs, new investment
📌13. A new production hall is added to the Béres Pharmaceutical Factory in Szolnok, 69 new jobs
📌14. Patec is also developing in Miskolc: 1.7 billion investment, 71 new jobs
📌15. 800 new jobs in Ózd
📌16. Nestlé will create 160 new jobs at its production center in Bükázeripari_beruhazasa.715261.html
📌17. Bodrogi Bau expands its capacity with a 1,500-square-meter concrete element production plant
📌18. The world's most modern wheel factory is built in Székesfehérvár, 90 new jobs are created
📌19. Chevron Car, 138 new jobs
📌20. The Sanofi pharmaceutical factory and service center will create 350 new jobs in Budapest.
📌21. Zalakeramia: 210 new jobs with an investment of HUF 22.1 billion
📌22. Huawei establishes a new research and development (k f) center in Budapest. 100 new engineering jobs
📌22. Hajdúsági Sütödék Kft. Creates 15 new jobs
📌23. 90 new jobs in Sóskút, Korean Dongwha Electrolyte Hungary Kft to establish a plant for about HUF 11 billion
📌24. 130 new jobs at Continental's new test track in Veszprém
📌25. A big announcement has been received: a HUF 75 billion new automotive investment will be made in Tatabánya, 200 new jobs will be created.
📌26. A huge investment arrives in Debrecen. A factory of 100,000 square meters will be built from HUF 65 billion, and 440 new jobs will be created.
📌27. Dunaföldvár, Vajda Papír kft, 16 billion investment, 50 new jobs, protection of hundreds of jobs.
📌28. An American software company is making a huge investment in Budapest. 300 new jobs.
📌29. Two large chemical investments in one day in Borsod county! Kischemicals Kft and BorsodChem, HUF 23 billion investment, security of 3,200 jobs guaranteed, 30 new jobs


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More children were born this year than a year ago

(3 previous related articles)

More children were born this year than a year ago

The rate of natural weight loss decreased in the first ten months of 2020, after 4.7 percent more children were born and 1.5 percent fewer died than in the same period last year, the Central Statistical Office (CSO) said.
In the first ten months of the year, 77,596 children were born, 3,499 more than a year earlier. The number of live births was 8.8 percent higher in January-February, 2.3 percent in March-May, 9.1 percent in June, and 3.6 percent higher in July-October compared to the same months in 2019.

The estimated total fertility rate per woman was 1.57 compared to 1.48 for January-October 2019.

Decreased natural weight loss
In January-October 2020, 106,723 people died, 1,583 less than in the same period last year. In January-February 13, in May-July 2 percent less, in March-April 1.8, in August-September 2.1, and in October 15 percent more died than a year earlier.

It was highlighted that despite a significant increase in the number of deaths in October, the number of deaths decreased compared to the same period last year. Because of this and the increase in the number of births, the rate of natural weight loss decreased by 15 percent compared to the same period last year.

Several were married
According to the agency, the number of marriages has increased: 60,333 couples were married, 2,541 more than in January-October last year. In January-March 101, 8.9 percent more marriages were registered in April, 8.3 percent more in September-October, and 15 percent fewer marriages were registered in May-August than a year earlier.


❤️🤍💚3 previous related articles

📌1. Summary list of family support with amounts and numbers!ével_szamidega
📌2. Elements of our family support system - complete list
📌3. Hungarian society has been slowly but surely recovering in the last 10 years (number of marriages, divorces, abortions)

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GPs will also receive a significant salary increase in 2021!

Another bomb news!

GPs will also receive a significant salary increase in 2021!

Doctors and professionals working in primary care will also receive a wage increase in 2021, according to a government decision released on Wednesday. The planned budget expenditures of the general practitioner system next year may thus increase by 50 percent. Previously, doctors' salaries were settled by the government.

The decision to increase the salaries of general practitioners was published in the Hungarian Gazette. Under this

* The government invites the Minister of Human Resources to create a legal framework for communities of practice and group practices in order to organize GPs into practice communities and home pediatricians into group practices. Miklós Kásler, Minister of EMMI, is responsible for this, and the deadline is 31 December 2021.
* The government invites the Minister of Human Resources to update its criteria for the establishment of GP and home pediatric and primary dental districts and to publish them electronically on the government website. The deadline for this is January 1, 2021.
* The government will increase the appropriation of the item "General practitioner, general practitioner care" on the expenditure side of the 2021 budget by HUF 71.558 billion in order to cover the salary increase. The deadline for this is 1 January 2021 immediately after. This increase represents a 50 percent increase over the previous amount.
* At the same time, the Minister of Finance must ensure that the necessary coverage is planned when planning the 2022 and 2023 budgets.

As previously reported, on October 8, the parliament passed a law on raising doctors' salaries. Miklós Kásler called the increase in salaries periodic.


The decision of the Orbán government is of historical significance and unprecedented: we can remember that the Gyurcsány government not only increased the salaries of doctors, but also took them away.

🇭🇺Health improvements in more detail.

According to Klára Dobrev, the wife of Ferenc Gyurcsány, "health care has never seen a bad condition under the 10-year rule of Viktor Orbán" Then let's see what the reality is. The Gyurcsány clan withdrew 600 billion forints from health care, sold the hospitals to Hospinvest, then bankrupted them, laid off 3,000 doctors, 6,000 health workers, closed dozens of hospitals, closed down 16,000 active hospital beds, and wanted to privatize health care. the 2010 election just intervened, where we sent them to the sunny with a two-thirds majority.

The Gyurcsánys also ensured that health care could not be easily restored, as they also closed youth training institutions: they closed nursing homes, they closed nursing schools, they did not substantially increase the salaries of doctors and health workers, inflation was higher than the infrequent and low wages what they gave. The wages of health care workers fell in real terms, so many health care workers were forced abroad, and their knowledge gained with Hungarian taxpayers' money was used to treat patients from other countries. Dobrev's ally, László György Jobbikos Lukács, for example, founded a company to export doctors to other countries and removed at least 60 doctors from Hungarian healthcare.

It was Gyurcsany who introduced the visit fee, the hospital daily fee, while they bought safes for the hospitals, they wanted to cure them with safes. It wasn’t crime that was eradicated, but decent people were put in a safe next to their hospital bed so they wouldn’t be stolen in the hospital! What a shame!

Planned left-liberal damage occurs. The left said that "Orban can be replaced if there is an economic downturn" - they have been working on this for 10 years! They stop (where they can) or hinder developments, raise taxes in "reclaimed" cities, in vain do they have money, do not help those in need, even the homeless were taken to the streets, even though they were housed in Tarlós' time. They need people to die, their financial situation to get worse, then to blame Orban for blaming them against the government.

This is what they did with health care, this is what they do with the economy, this is what they do with the Hungarian people. They need power, everything else they can sacrifice, an additional loss.

And what did FIdesz do? Let's see! With separate articles on each topic!

📌They have tripled the salaries of health workers and increased the salaries of doctors fivefold.
📌Today, there are 7,300 more doctors and 15,000 more nurses working in healthcare
📌Since 2010: 91 hospitals have been partially or completely renovated, 54 clinics and 107 ambulance stations have been modernized, and 23 new clinics and 34 new ambulance stations have been built in Hungary.
📌From January this year, the basic salaries of health professionals increased by 14 percent, and in November there was another twenty percent wage increase. From January 2022, another thirty percent wage increase is planned.
📌The work of all healthcare workers was thanked with a prize of HUF 500,000. There has never been an example of this before!
📌1,000 new ambulances were put into service
📌The GP surgeries are being renovated
📌Sports and leisure opportunities are developing, as one of the cornerstones of health care is prevention and a healthy lifestyle.
📌Queues are shrinking
📌The situation of the privatized hospitals was settled, the state recovered everything that did not come to bankrupt Gyurcsánys
📌The new central hospital is built
📌Video of the improvements

In more detail:

‼ ️Social Sector, Nurses, Developments, Expenditures, Queues, Debt Settlement, Ambulance Services, Vaccinations, Wages, Health Homes, and More: A Collection of Numbers for "Health Care Providers"

The latest news (doubling doctors' salaries, stirred up a lot of dust among the libsi narrators, and so why they cried for 10 years after it materializes is now a problem for them.

We have seen quite hair-raising comments about this, we quote a couple:
- "The cash register is empty, the zorbán and the money is handed to the doctors with both hands"
- "It's good that doctors grow, but nurses don't!"
- "Why raise it if all doctors work abroad"
- "He raises to be voted on," etc.

Well, for the sake of the left and those fooled by their footage media, we have written a comprehensive article about what reality is. Let's see!

Between 2006 and 2008, the Gyurcsánys fired more than 3,000 nurses. Compared to the number of employees in 2010 (change of government), there are almost 3,000 more nurses today, so the Orbán government has rebuilt the number of employees laid off by the left. Nurses' wages doubled from 2010 levels. Wages increased by another 14 percent in January this year, they received a reward of HUF 500,000, another 20 percent increase is coming in November, and another 30 percent by 2022, and thus wages will reach three times the 2010 level!


🔴2. Doctors.
Since 2010, the salaries of doctors have increased 2.5 times, with the now announced salary increase, salaries will reach five times the 2010 level. Compared to 2010, there are 7,300 more doctors in Hungarian healthcare today, and the number of newly graduated doctors has doubled. The salaries of doctors increased at an unprecedented rate during the period of civilian rule, and their emigration also virtually ceased.


🔴3. General articles, editions, developments.

📌We started from here in 2010
📌Left performance in numbers
📌Development of headcount in numbersó_Retvari_Bence
📌Resources: 915 billion, or 76% for health
📌Health expenditure
📌Video of the improvements
📌Ambulance service:
📌Social sector:
📌Employment of people with disabilities, accessibility, child protectionédelmiites_gyermekvedelem
📌Debt settlement:
📌About the visit fee, hospital per diem:
📌Health status:


Dobrev's lying post:


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Another dose of "stolen" money

In the dictionary of the left, this means that this money is not in their Cypriot bank accounts, but was spent for the benefit of the Hungarian people, for the development of Hungary.

Another dose of "stolen" money

🇭🇺Spectacular video based on our previous articles:…/videos/1540339236156957/

Let's see the latest developments!

📌1. The hundred-year-old grammar school of Buda received a new gymnasium

The new gymnasium of St. Margaret's High School in the capital, about 1,400 square meters, has been completed. Together with landscaping, the investment amounted to approximately HUF 2.5 billion.
According to the public procurement data, the building was constructed by Laterex Építő Zrt. And Possibuild Kft. During the handover, it was stated that the state contributed HUF 1 billion 65 million to the construction of the St. Gellért Gymnasium.
A track has also been created at the top
The grammar school, located near Móricz Square in Buda, at the foot of Gellért Hill, was founded 100 years ago by the Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Savior.
According to the published prospectus
a pile wall around the building on the hillside holds the mass of land so that the north side of the building is completely underground.
The large hall of the gym houses a standard basketball court with a partition curtain that can be lowered in the middle. At the top of the building is a handball court made of rubber. In addition to school activities, the new hall will also serve as a venue for events in the future.
István Simicskó, the leader of the KDNP faction and the Member of Parliament of Újbuda also took part in the handover of the building on Tuesday; and Miklós Soltész, Secretary of State for Church and Ethnic Relations in the Prime Minister's Office. After the speeches, the gymnasium named after St. Gellert was blessed.

Source: Hungarian Builders 🇭🇺


During the investment, a prefabricated and monolithic reinforced concrete structure with a 12 4-girder, three-pronged Y-bridge over the railway will be built. On the Kisfaludy street branch of the Y-bridge, bus bays will be formed in both directions. Pedestrian traffic will be provided by a designated pedestrian crossing on the bridge, and barrier-free traffic will be provided by an elevator.
At the intersection of Király and Vörösmarty streets, a new, modern, three-lane, traffic light-controlled turbo system roundabout will be established at the site of the existing traffic light junction.
The roundabout under construction will also be a safe crossing for pedestrians, as a designated pedestrian crossing will be provided with a traffic light. To replace the coniferous plants to be cut down due to the construction of the roundabout, the number and type of plants specified by the city administration will be planted in the designated places, and a green area with an irrigation system will be created inside the roundabout.
The contractor is currently carrying out pile foundation work as long as weather conditions allow. At the same time, the demolition of the embankment belonging to the Vörösmarty Street railway overpass, which was closed in September, will continue.



In the course of the program to increase traffic safety implemented in the investment of NIF Zrt., Four road crossings have been renewed so far in Ceglédbercel, Mende (Gyömrő), Sásd and Sárbogárd; development continues in Farmos and Tápiószentmárton.
In all cases, all the railway crossings of the project will be designed so that the vehicles running there can pass safely and without interruption. All renovated crossings have a high-load, long-life crossing system that securely connects the road and the rail. There will be less travel time as well as vehicle operating costs. The investment will contribute to reducing the number of accidents and material damage in passenger and rail freight.
More details:


📌4. Modern Cities Program: The NYVSC sports field in Nyíregyháza will be renewed

Ferenc Kovács, The mayor of Nyíregyháza wrote:
Anyone who knew the old NYVSC course knows what impossible conditions were there, the meadow dominated the edge of Garden City.
It used to be owned by MÁV, the previous city management had already made a bad agreement with the railway, and a decade and a half ago the then local government took on a multi-million-year burden. As a responsible city manager, I managed to find a solution to get the sports complex owned by the city, which is the basis of the development. Now, before our eyes, a European-level facility is outlined on the site as part of the government’s Modern Cities Program. It has more and more spectacular elements both outside and inside, we are waiting for its completion next spring.
We will be proud of him!


📌5. The new wing of the Szent László ÁMK building in Baja has been completed

With the help of about HUF 456 million in government support, the new wing of the Szent László ÁMK could be built. The thousand-square-meter, three-storey part of the building, as well as the associated sports field and outdoor fitness park, have been completed according to the latest technological requirements. Thanks to the development, students will be able to continue their studies in a homely environment, in a modern and high-quality environment.

As previously reported, the 1,000-square-meter part of the building will be built from a total of nearly 900 million forints, according to the most modern technological requirements, with a solar roof structure and a heat pump heating system. Each level will have multiple classrooms, multiple grouping rooms, offices, and service rooms. In the spirit of modernity, interactive displays and digital tools will also contribute to the effective acquisition of the curriculum.
The sports yard of the institution has also been completely renewed: the sports facilities have been expanded with a fitness park, a multi-lane running track and a multifunctional sports field.
Two years ago, before the start of the investment, Secretary of State Róbert Zsigó, Member of Parliament for Baja and his region, said: In 2017, the Government of Hungary decided to start the largest school development program of the last decades, and since then educational institutions. - We will continue this work in the future, as it is in the common interest of all of us to continuously improve the conditions of education.
The top students of the school are already looking forward to taking possession of the new wing of the building, said Róbert Hajdók, director of the Szent László ÁMK, on ​​Wednesday, November 25, during the tour of the facility. "In the beginning, we faced many problems and pitfalls, but thanks to the contractor, the school wing was completed on time," the head of the institution added.
Students of the Szent László ÁMK are expected to move into the new wing of the building in early January.

Source, more pictures:

📌6. The development of the Mosoni-Danube has taken a spectacular step forward - video

With the work of Kötiviép’B and Mészáros and Mészáros, the significant water level drops of the river will be eliminated.
The delivery of the segment boards to the estuary under construction on the Mosoni-Danube has been completed, the community page of the North Transdanubia Water Directorate announced. The project is being carried out by a consortium of Mészáros és Mészáros Kft. And Kötiviép’B Kft. The engineering tasks are performed by Főber Zrt., The formwork tools are provided by Magyar Doka Kft. In August of this year, the 60 percent investment will be coordinated by a consortium formed by the National Water Directorate General and the North Transdanubia Water Directorate.
The main goal of the works is to rehabilitate the water level at the mouth of the Mosoni-Danube, ie to stop the lowering of small and medium water levels.
The problem was caused by the significant subsidence of the riverbed on the Danube from the 1950s to the 1960s.

With the work of Kötiviép’B and Mészáros and Mészáros, the significant water level drops of the river will be eliminated.
The delivery of the segment boards to the estuary under construction on the Mosoni-Danube has been completed, the community page of the North Transdanubia Water Directorate announced. The project is being carried out by a consortium of Mészáros és Mészáros Kft. And Kötiviép’B Kft. The engineering tasks are performed by Főber Zrt., The formwork tools are provided by Magyar Doka Kft. In August of this year, the 60 percent investment will be coordinated by a consortium formed by the National Water Directorate General and the North Transdanubia Water Directorate.
The main goal of the works is to rehabilitate the water level at the mouth of the Mosoni-Danube, ie to stop the lowering of small and medium water levels.
The problem was caused by the significant subsidence of the riverbed on the Danube from the 1950s to the 1960s.
The transport was also filmed from the suite of the Rába Hotel
As a defining element of the investment, an estuary structure will be built, in connection with which the segment board elements were delivered from the production plant to the work area. The operation was reported in the short film below.
The special oversized consignments were moved under police escort, accompanied by Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt. And the transport company. The elements had to be transported from the production hall of HORA Kft. In Mosonmagyaróvár on the main road 1, on the M1 motorway, on the road 813, also affecting the inner area of ​​Mosonmagyaróvár and Győr. The shipment was accompanied by several cameramen, who filmed the balcony of one of the suites of the Rába Hotel.
Ecological interoperability is also ensured
As indicated earlier, the structure under construction plays a complex role. Accordingly, it consists of a water level regulator serving as a flood gate, a ship lock and a fish passage (this ensures the ecological interoperability of the Mosoni-Danube).
In addition, an operational bridge will be handed over in its area and a two-storey treatment building will be built. Flood protection embankments will be added to the structure, and boat-lifting ramps and falcons will ensure the free movement of water tourists.
The work of art is also of great importance for Győr, as the old water life of Győr can be revived with the stabilization of the water level.
They move the mouth of the river
Another important detail is that the relocation of the Mosoni-Danube estuary is part of the investment. The new riverbed that will be built will lead the water of the Mosoni-Danube to the Danube, partly on the Wolf Island, and partly on the island of Torda, through the estuary, about one and a half kilometers above the current estuary. The current riverbed will be transferred over the Győr-Gönyű National Public Port.
The sites of the investment are the island of Torda at the mouth of the Danube and the Mosoni-Danube and the nearby floodplain areas, which are located near the Elders northeast of Győr.

Source, video:


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Reality about the number of dead in a European comparison

Reality about the number of dead in a European comparison

Most recently, based on the number of those infected, we proved that the opposition is still lying and cheating on the coronavirus. This is obviously not surprising because it is difficult to find a topic where they would not lie or skew.

In recent weeks, more than 100 people have died in Hungary in connection with the coronavirus many times a day. We were curious about how we stand in a European comparison. Is loopy liberal screaming real, or are the proportions similar elsewhere?

It is important not to look at the number of dead in absolute terms, but in relation to the population! Taking into account the data of 25 November, we looked at the number of deaths per million people at European level. According to the graph, we are in the middle, if we look at the order, we are in 14th place out of the 31 European countries studied. If we look at the number of deaths per one million people, there are 426 people per one million inhabitants in Hungary, while the average of the 31 countries studied is 579. That's all, just not remarkably high.

Every life counts! It is sad that these people have fallen victim to the virus. We know that doctors and nurses are doing their best and doing their best, but they have not been able to help these mostly elderly and chronically ill people anymore. But one thing is certain: in terms of our mortality figures, there is no basis for opposition to squabbling, as many around us are in a much worse position.

We are seeing higher and higher mortality rates worldwide. A month ago, the 7-day moving average showed 6,000 people, while we are now close to 10,000.

Of course, we know how Sweden reports and we know that many countries, e.g. Slovakia also applies looser rules for reporting coronavirus as deaths. So it is difficult to make a reliable comparison even between European countries.


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