Since 2010, income taxes have fallen by 50 percent

Numbers instead of speech. The government supports the introduction of a minimum wage of HUF 200,000 with a further tax cut, the soco!

Since 2010, income taxes have fallen by 50 percent

Decided: the minimum wage will definitely be 200 thousand! The parties are only working on the details. The government is supporting this work with further tax cuts, which could reduce socio to 11.5 percent! As a reminder, this is how the history of the tax type has evolved in recent years

January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2016
🟡2017. January 1 - December 31, 2017
🟡2018. January 1 - June 30, 2019
🟡2019. July 1- June 30, 2020
🟡2020. from 1 July
🟢2022. from 1 January

These numbers, comrades! Good luck explaining why this is NOT GOOD for us. Mihály Varga wrote: We will continue the policy of tax reduction!

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12 points about why we support the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance!

We want Hungary to remain a Hungarian country! Pass it on if you can!

12 points about why we support the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance!

No pseudo-right Gyurcsány puppet will be able to deceive the majority!

With 12 comprehensive articles (and another 4,000 on our website), let us tell you why we support the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance! For the sake of clarity, let's say: we are not paid by Fidesz, Mészáros or Megafon - no one! We are "merely" field taxpayers, and we support the current government, we edit this page because we love our country, we know we have experienced how bad our lives were under the left government, and we see how much more humane Hungary is now. , how much better life is, how much more is the opportunity now. Fidesz is not "handing out fish", but giving us the opportunity to "fish", and that is the only right way! Home, family, work - there is no other alternative!

️The only program on the left is to "dismantle the Orbán system." Ok, and what happens next? Where will the jobs, family support, pensions, health care, education, national defense come from? Hmm?

Let Hungary stay


You thriveShe

You're rightm

Family friendlyt

Your healths


Environmentally friendlyt



His unitys

The more Hungary is attacked from abroad, the more we will gather around Viktor Orbán, and with the fourth two-thirds victory in 2022, we will tell everyone our opinion about how we see the world!


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50,000 families!

More than 50,000 families have already applied for home renovation support worth a total of about HUF 65 billion! THANK YOU!

50,000 families!

And now we thank you not only in general, but for personal involvement! We are one family! Government support has been a great help to us! The left has always just taken from us and you are helping!
We will not forget this!

The Minister without Portfolio for Families stressed that the winners of the grant can raise their children in better conditions.

He added that the range of beneficiaries has expanded, it is also possible to apply for a public debt of less than HUF 5,000. So, if you haven't been able to do this before, it's worth applying again for the change, he said.

Katalin Novák emphasized that families' home renovation support can also be applied for with a child who is about to be born. In addition to the non-repayable support of up to HUF 3 million, a home renovation loan of HUF 6 million can also be applied for at a favorable interest rate.

Family support and home renovation results, numbers
Thus, the government “does not help” Hungarian families!
The reality is, on the other hand: Compared to the 2021 budget, next year there will be about HUF 500 billion more, HUF 2,778 billion to support families!


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The Gyurcsány show is over!

Gyurcsány brought out the character as the winner, who fled Hungary during his reign (2004-2009), so he did not experience those years together with us!

The Gyurcsány show is over!

Mark-Zay would bring back the era he escaped from!
Don't leave it!

And who is Péter Márki-Zay? Here is a list gathered in a few points.

Mark-Zay would bring back the era he escaped from!árki-Zay_Péter
According to Márki-Zay It is a shame to be Hungarianégy-magyarnak-lenni-2523231
Márki-Zay beats his children, to whom he regularly refers, and whom he advertises to try to gain political laurels
Márki-Zay likened Viktor Orbán to Hitler, while using all possible support!ájn_jo_ez_a_diktatura_ugye_Peter
According to Márki-Zay, it would be worth knocking down health care and education for a change of government as well!
Mark-Zay is a guilty, reluctant liar!
Defeat the lawsuits against him one by one! "We lied in the morning, at night and in the evening" .... familiar?
Márki-Zay was not even able to handle local public transport
Mark-Zay wanted to scramble local farmers with a land tax canceled_a_foldadorol_szolo_rendeletet
Mark-Zay looks at women in contempt
The misfortune of mature Márki-Zay: the new library will not be built in Vásárhely!
Hódmezővásárhely lost billions because of Márki-Zay
The "spitz law" of Hódmezővásárhely evokes the darkest years of communism
Márki-Zay likens Orban to Ceausescu (while many say he is just like him!)
Although it receives several million forints of state (taxpayer) support every year, it has lived and taxed abroad for 5 years
Enforcement had to be initiated against Péter Márki-Zay because he was withholding a donation due to the hospital
The left bankrupt Hódmezővásárhely, HUF 1.8 billion disappeared in 2 years
He has reduced the salaries of the municipal employees he has chosen and threatens to dismiss Péter Márki-Zay
List judges who make unfavorable decisions for him Péter Márki-Zay left-wing "politician"

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Today's broadcast of silenced news

Let's close today with actual, tangible results!

Today's broadcast of silenced news

We think the media does little to deal with developments, while here there is an army of professionals behind every single project, from decision makers to skilled workers! Together we will build the Hungary of the future! These 8 improvements are just the "today's dose"! We’ve created themed videos from previous articles for anyone to do, check it out, and share it with your friends too!

🟠Related videos
Video: Modern Cities Program Results
Video: This is what Orbán did with our public education institutions!
Video: This is what Orbán did with Hungarian healthcare!
Video: This is what Orbán did with our listed buildings!
Video: This is what Orbán did with public transport

And now let's look at the latest news!

Kisgyőr: new catholic church
András László Tállaiwrote: The Roman Catholic Church in Kisgyőr-Mocsolyástelep, which is between the church, the Hungarian people and the government, was built and consecrated today with the cooperation.
We hope that this building, which stands on the most significant pilgrimage route in Central Europe, will for a long time proclaim the existence of Christian Hungarianness.

Sajóbábony: renovated health house
The Sajóbábony health house and member kindergarten in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county were renovated for 168 million forints, and the two facilities were handed over on Sunday.
At the event, Justice Minister Judit Varga emphasized that we believe in a Europe of strong nations, whose building blocks are strong local communities, families.
He talked about the development of the country, cities, villages, villages. Referring to Borsodi's attachment, he put it this way: it is good to see that "sobriety has remained here, people's minds, hearts and joy are still at home to see that communities are strong".
The Minister congratulated Sajóbábony for successfully participating in the grant tender, to which the European Union also contributed. It is good to see that the settlement is developing dynamically, he declared.

Debrecen: renewable community house
László Pappwrote: A long-awaited and very important development will begin soon in the Tap Garden!
The community house on Sulud Street is home to 25 non-governmental organizations, now we have the opportunity to carry out a comprehensive modernization, which includes a complete energy renovation, interior remodeling and a number of new functions. By next summer, tap garden communities may return to a whole new environment.
Debrecen is developing!

Kaposvár: the Noszlopy technical school was renewed
On Friday morning, the infrastructural investments of the Gáspár Noszlopy Economic School in Kaposvár were solemnly handed over and presented, in the framework of which the B building of the institution was completely renovated.
The school building has been able to be renovated for almost 200 million forints in recent years. As part of the investment, the school's B building was completely renovated: its façade was insulated, the doors and windows were replaced and the electricity network was upgraded. The part of the building was given a new floor, and the painting could not be left out.
At the event, Károly Szita announced that next year further developments are expected for the institutions of the Kaposvár Vocational Training Center, so that students can study in even more modern conditions.
The mayor has stated that the plans for the energy renovation have already been completed, the public procurement procedure will be announced soon, in the first quarter of 2022 there will be a contractor, and during the summer break the works can start.

Alsópáhok: renovated doctor's office
Jenő Manninger wrote: New deliveries in Alsópáhok!
Alsópáhok is constantly evolving, and today, due to the epidemic situation, official deliveries were held in the spring. The mayor's office was renovated and the doctor's office became very nice. A special acknowledgment belongs to the local government that they were able to provide funds for state subsidies from their own budget, so the new buildings were completed.

Csór: the house of culture has been renewed
Gábor Törőwrote: Culture has found a beautiful home in Csóro. After the exterior, Krisztián Csete also carried out the complete interior renovation at the Sándor Petőfi Cultural Center, taking advantage of the tender opportunities.
I wish that there would be a full house many times and that the great hall would always be filled with joy and merriment!

Alsópáhok: the village hall was renewed
Jenő Manninger wrote: New deliveries in Alsópáhok!
Alsópáhok is constantly evolving, and today, due to the epidemic situation, official deliveries were held in the spring. The mayor's office was renovated and the doctor's office became very nice. A special acknowledgment belongs to the local government that they were able to provide funds for state subsidies from their own budget, so the new buildings were completed.

The new market in Bicske was handed over
The new producer market in Bicske was completed for 700 million forints
In the immediate vicinity of the manufactured goods market, next to the multi-storey and family houses, the new producer market was built almost in their embrace, which was taken over by sellers and buyers on the usual Friday.
Easily accessible from anywhere, by car and on foot, just a stone’s throw from the bus stops, a spacious market with shops and outlets was built, with car parks, service units, washbasins - combining 21st century demands with old customer traditions. Mayor István Bálint and Deputy Mayor Ákos Csörgöl also visited the market, which was populated from eight in the morning, which everyone was already waiting for, but still had to be “discovered” by customers.


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Reminder for the finals of the Gyurcsány show!

According to Márki-Zay, it would be worth knocking down health care and education for a change of government as well!

Reminder for the finals of the Gyurcsány show!

Video: Mark-Zay's plan
What happened not long after in a hospital?
And what happened when they saw that Orban could not be forced to his knees?
And what does his support Karácsony say?
Karácsony would abolish Fidesz, along with its voters.
Do you understand? I would "eliminate" you. Do they want to kill us? What are they up to?

Péter Márki-Zay is not a right-wing politician, he is a Trojan tree horse reserved in case he fails Karácsony. Mark-Zay always voices that he has 7 children, as if that mattered in terms of who could be a good prime minister and who couldn’t. Mark-Zay confessed to beating his children! This man is made for the left to come to power by overthrowing health care.

STOP RING! Stop all your puppets!
👉Add on!

There is no limit to cheekiness!
Some “doctors” did not have a monthly salary of 2.7 million forints, they started blackmailing the hospital!

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Today is World Poverty Day!

Eurostat: The proportion of people living in poverty has fallen by a third in Hungary in the last 8 years!

Today is World Poverty Day!

The number of poor people in Hungary has decreased by more than one million according to the EU measurement, their proportion is lower than the EU average, our improvement is one of the largest among the member states!

THIS IS FIDESZ! How? We will show you!

1,000,000 new jobs have been created! Together with family members, up to 3,000,000 people could be affected by this result! So many people live off pay instead of benefits! So many more people tax!
How did you achieve this? With tax cuts, overhead cuts, support for job-creating investments, vocational training
How to reduce taxes? With a flat tax, whitening the economy, increasing the number of taxpayers. The more people tax, the less tax we have to pay!

Everything is connected to everything! Come on Fidesz!

Meanwhile, the MSZP Ujhelyi, who sat in the Parliament before 2010 and directly contributed to putting poverty on the path from 2006, also massacred one on World Poverty Day! Tell those who haven't been banned by that livelihood politician here:

(István Ujhelyi - from 2002 to 2010 he was a Member of Parliament for the 1st constituency. From October 2002 he was Chief Adviser to the Prime Minister, then from 2004 to 2006 From 2 January 2009, at the request of the Prime Minister, he was responsible for the development of the National Tourism Committee until the end of the 2010 elections.

And really...

Give it on! We can only spread reality together! No one supports us with millions, we can’t advertise, we can only count on our readers! Thank You!
👉Another peak in employment, a decade of promise has come true
👉Union recognition to the government!
Lie to the 4 million starving! (more links at the end of the article!)
👉 Income taxes have been reduced by 50 percentage points since 2010!
Now you can Orbán, Massacre and dictatorship!
👉List of what many expected! We have something to be proud of!
We have compiled perhaps the biggest, most effective and spectacular measures of the Government of Hungary so far!
👉Payment of bills does not "hurt" an average Hungarian family today, while in 2010 it hurt!
These are the facts, comrades!
👉The decrease in the proportion of low earners was the second largest in Hungary between 2010 and 2018!
👉The Orbán government has significantly reduced the gap between the poorest and the richest!

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"Regime, dictatorship"

Meanwhile, the number of cars in circulation in Hungary has increased by almost 1 million since 2010!

"Regime, dictatorship"

Poverty is so great, everything is so bad that since 2010 the number of cars in circulation in Hungary has increased by almost 1 million. And if we look at all the vehicles, that number is even higher!

👉Passenger car
2010: 2 984 063
2020: 3,920,799
2010: 419 031
2020: 542 848
2010: 142 251
2020: 194,594

All this means that we are certainly living better than we have been 11 years ago, because if there is money for a car, then there is everything else!

And then let's look at the price of fuel, which is really expensive now, but not only in Hungary, but in the WHOLE WORLD! Here, too, the figures show that we can buy more fuel from our wages than we did 11 years ago. This was based on the minimum wage and the average wage, but everyone can also calculate with their own wage. So DO NOT WRITE NO ONE that his salary is not that much. We don’t know who has what salary and doesn’t even care what we divide the calculation method and the average.

So the point is, no matter how much your salary is now, you can buy more of it from "expensive" fuel than in 2010, from your salary at the time.

Driving has always been an expensive thing, but what the state has an impact on has not, or only very little, changed in fees. The price of the registration certificate, the pedigree 11 years ago was the same as today. The cost of rewriting (the fee) is still exactly the same as it was 11 years ago. This also applies to the performance tax, its rate has not increased in the last 11 years! If you pay more, it’s because you have a newer and stronger car than you used to have. The tolls changed only in an inflation-oriented way, a weekly sticker was HUF 2,750 11 years ago, and today it is HUF 3,640. This toll increased because the operation of the motorways costs more due to the increasing wages and raw materials.

Orbán, on the other hand, sets the price of fuel, cars and service costs, this is regulated by the market. However, the rate of excise duty on fuel prices has also not changed in 11 years.
👉2010: 120 HUF / liter
👉Now: 120 HUF / liter

PS: Net wages were deliberately based on childless net. The net is now higher for families raising children, as there is now a family tax credit, which was not the case in 2010. (Or only for large families, about a tenth of the current tax credit)

Road vehicle fleet
Average wages in 2010
Average salary now
Minimum wage
Wage calculator 2010
Wage calculator 2021
Fuel prices now
Fuel prices in 2010

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Unexpected recognition

Telex, which operates from foreign money, admits with some "propaganda" that our site is successful "without millions"! Thank You!

Unexpected recognition

We’ve written before about what we think of when such Telexes “propagandize” a civilian side you haven’t seen before, you can read here:

Now, however, let’s ignore this, a paid and well-organized political witch kitchen like Telex, it’s really recognition. They listen to us, they count on us, they know and understand that we represent reality against the false news they spread. The unforgivable reality!

The numbers aren’t Telex’s strength, and while we haven’t really talked about it so far, they can write their weekly rankings pretty much in the face, with 65,000 interactions written for us this week, which is actually almost 130,000 (if only emoticons, shares and we look at the comments), and with this result we would be in third place, provided the results of the other pages were not falsified.
This is not what we say, but the statistics of our Facebook page, here it is:
Link: data/photos/p.422964469180692/422964469180692

In summary, Telex's ranking is not worth a wooden stick, we find the "propaganda" ridiculous, and thank you for the recognition :) With 0 HUF revenue and 0 HUF expenditure, the Numbers perform well, and this can already be seen on the other side. According to them, it is good what we are doing and we need to continue on that path.

Telex would do better to separate paid and civil, self-serving pages in the rankings, it would be fairer. If we had a tenth as much money to advertise as others in this field, we would always be in the first place, but our goal is not to win Telex rankings, but to win the election!

And by saying that no one is funding the site, we can also say that we are truly independent, we don’t owe anyone, no one can place “orders,” we don’t have to ask permission, we don’t depend on anyone, and that’s where the slowly 2-year-old numbers are authentic. community! If we criticize - even against Fidesz - then we can safely do it, we have done it several times already, because we are just a community of sober-minded people, what we do, we do it for our country, for our family. will we send a slice of cake?More successful fake news production! By the way: is there any money left over from the Zdeněk Bakala? Did you fulfill the order? You know, whoever pays the musician orders the song!

Ranking based on Telex's current article and fake numbers:

Previous articles about the fake news factory called Telex:
👉0 forint. Telex is in trouble! They can't find a catch on us :)
"Regime! Dictatorship!" or worry a little about press freedom :)
👉The numbers also refute this deaf duma!
👉We break up like groundwater!
Telex constantly monitors our site, they recognize our work from week to week (in their own way)! We reach 2 million people a month!
👉The splendor, tendency of the Telex orchard and its tragic hesitation

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Now you can shout "family allowance"

The Numbers show that Orbán is a much better leader than any left-wing puppet who would take the subsidies again!

Now you can shout "family allowance"

Don’t be fooled by Mark-Zay’s pseudo-right-wing duma - he wouldn’t have a majority in Parliament, so he wouldn’t be able, if he wanted to, to keep the current family support system. And the DK and the other parties have announced that they will decide who is "rich" and who is not, and then they will "differentiate". And we already know what that means in practice: it is lost from everyone, and whoever asks for it, with the 1000 documents, go in line and stand for support, say every six months. They would humiliate the few and take everything away from the majority.

NOT to the left (and fake right)
YES to Fidesz-KDNP!

The facts are stubborn things!
Proponents of the left don’t even like it, and we all the more so!
If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself! Calculate on your own example!
If the left comes to power, the tax credit will be abolished, part of the money thus "stolen" will be increased by the family allowance due to the individual, and the greater part will be distributed to their friends.
We help HVG because they seem to be in trouble with the numbers
Hergel, misinformation based on assumptions, all with unknown intent. Yes, no. With known intent
Thus, the government “does not help”
The good is easy to get used to, for many it is natural, and they feel that they would receive the same benefits under the leadership of a left-wing government, but they are wrong!

This will never be described by the left!
We’ve done it, and with sharing, reality can reach hundreds of thousands of people!

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