Value creation at the highest level!

Mathias Corvinus Collegium - MCC is doing a huge job!

Value creation at the highest level!

In addition to the launch of the largest talent management training program in the Carpathian Basin, a number of listed buildings are being renovated! After the developments in Pécs, Debrecen and Miskolc, the development of the previous building of the Béla Bartók Cultural House in Szeged was also announced! Here are the details:

The officer's casino in Pécs will be renewed!
The Avas Hotel in Miskolc is being renewed!
The Golden Bull Hotel in Debrecen is renewed!
The former building of the Béla Bartók Cultural House in Szeged is being renovated!
And such will be the new headquarters of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium

🤍The training program has been reported before, the article can be read here:
The largest training program in the Carpathian Basin is launched
A huge opportunity for young people!

Thank You,Balázs Orbán!

️This power-hungry left-liberal parties say they are "Fidesz private foundations" .... No comment! Momentum is already "reclaiming" the officer's casino in Pécs. While the Government of Hungary and the Mathias Corvinus Collegium - MCC are working to renovate dilapidated, unused, dilapidated buildings, organize education and really deal with young people's learning and future, building a talent care institution, Momentum, which positions itself as a youth and youth party to prevent this work and demands that the Pécs Monument Officer Casino remain as it is - ruined, unused, decaying, young people in Pécs and the surrounding area should NOT be given the opportunity to learn.

Source:Balázs Orbán

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The last nail into the coffin of the fake news manufacturers - The facade of the Kútvölgyi Hospital will also be renewed!

Now how will Hungarian health care be depicted? Pictures of Romanian barracks and Ukrainian hospitals remain!

The last nail into the coffin of the fake news manufacturers - The facade of the Kútvölgyi Hospital will also be renewed!

We have been waiting for this moment for a long time, because despite the fact that Fidesz has already renovated more than 100 hospitals and nearly 100 clinics (and of course thousands of doctor's surgeries), the left-wing waste media has always taken the image of this building when it comes to healthcare. Inside, the hospital is fine, but of course they forgot to write about it, they always gave the image of the façade the false appearance, as if it were common in Hungary.

The creators of Numbers therefore made a video showing pictures of the renovation and condition of the other hospitals, the first 6 minutes are all about health improvements:
In fact! Even since the outbreak and the outbreak of the crisis, several hospitals have been renovated, and these are presented in the new video:

About Kútvölgyi: During the project, nearly 11,000 square meters of facade will be renovated. The Kútvölgy block is completely renewed!
The value of the investment is HUF 11 billion

The complete modernization of the facade of the tower building of the Kútvölgyi Hospital in Budapest has started. During the investment, 11 thousand square meters of facades can be renewed from HUF 11 billion. It is planned to complete the first phase in the first half of 2022. The façade cladding at the facility was started years ago and partially removed, which is now being carried out by the contractors. In parallel, the interior will be renovated in a separate project.
When the remaining demolition work is completed, the specialists will strengthen the wall structure, then create a new thermal insulation, replace the facade doors and windows, and finally build the new assembled facade. The general contractor of the project is B N Referencia Zrt., And the scaffolding with Layher products is performed by Stabil Építő Kft.
Modern design technology gives you an accurate and precise view of the building.

More details and steps:

Similar developments:
👉Previous articles in the series:
👉In our country building video, the first 6 minutes are about health improvements
👉Video: the country has developed despite the crisis!
👉The new building of the Clinic of Oncoradiology of the University of Debrecen was handed over
👉Semmelweis Clinic of Internal Medicine and Hematology has been renewed
The Ferenc Jahn South-Pest Hospital was renovated from HUF 5,5 million million, with a total of 44 beds and 22 doctors.
👉New, state-of-the-art thoracic surgery operating block at the National Institute of Oncology!
👉The Kútvölgy block is completely renewed!
👉We clean up the ruins left behind by the left for 11 years!
👉The obstetrics of St. Margaret's Hospital has been renewed!
👉Development of the ambulance service
👉The new ward of the St. Francis Hospital in Budapest has been handed over!
👉The left has been lying for 10 years that “health in ruins”
In the meantime, the renewed healthcare institutions will be handed over every month! The maternity building of the Kaposvár hospital has now been renovated!
👉Sale news: there is no doctor and the hospitals are in ruins
Reality: There has been a significant increase in the number of doctors working and hospitals are fine
👉The South Buda Central Hospital will cost as much as all the stadiums together!
Stadium phobics, attention! But this is bleeding, right! :)
👉New health center in Szombathely
👉The 100th lung transplant was successfully performed in Hungary
HUF 700 billion for the health developments of the capital and Pest county
So far, improvements worth HUF 245 billion have been implemented.
👉When they can no longer get involved
At 444, the medicine is completely rolled out!
👉Hospice construction now and hospital closure in the time of the left
👉The St. Barbara's Hospital in Tatabánya will be expanded with a new building
We choose in 222022!
Don't be your own enemy! If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself. Many will be able to pay the overhead, the loan, the rest of the cost, but you’re not sure!
👉 “Health in ruins” - FAKE NEWS!
Reality: The Cardiology Clinic of the University of Pécs has been renewed (in the "bled" Pécs)
👉World-class health development in Józsefváros!
👉Another 20 ambulances were on duty
And since 2010, more than 1,000!


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We present real performance every day!

What the fake media is keeping quiet about. Follow our site too!

We present real performance every day!

Here are the other 8 developments! And in our country-building video, another 2,000!
Video: the country has developed despite the crisis!
Previous articles in the series:

Now let's see today's dose of "bleeding."

A parking house is being built in Békéscsaba
World premiere of shutter technology on the construction in Békéscsaba
In the construction of the new parking garage of the county seat, MEVA's new wall formwork will be used to create high-quality exposed concrete surfaces.
In addition to the construction of the new hall, the investment, which began in January this year, will rebuild the obsolete pavilion line and create a covered, open, multi-storey car park.
Construction began on the 2,400-square-foot, 292-space parking garage. The parking garage, which consists of a ground floor and a first floor, also houses 6 chargers for electric cars.
Regarding the significance of the investment, Péter Szarvas, Mayor of Békéscsaba, said that an important element of the market reconstruction was the construction of a parking garage in the immediate vicinity of the hall: increased vehicle traffic and parking needs should be expected on Wednesday to Saturday.
The facility will provide more comfortable parking for sellers and buyers entering the market.
Following the completion of the parking garage, the pavilion line and the covered, open fairgrounds will be built.

Makovecz Church is being built in Rákoskert
The foundation stone of the Rákoskerti Ascension Church was laid in 2009, and last June the inauguration ceremony of the church institution, based on the last building plan of Imre Makovecz, was held. The works have now entered the final phase, so this time a site visit took place.

A new doctor's office was built in Lyukóvölgy
Out of more than 90 million forints, a 153-square-meter, ground-floor, barrier-free building was completed behind the Community House, which housed an adult and pediatrician's office, as well as a nurse's consultation in a separate part of the building.
It was a request from residents and doctors to provide patient care in a modern building that meets the needs of the age. In the area behind the Community House, a ruined, accident-prone wooden outbuilding used to stand unused. After demolition, the 153-square-foot building was built on this area, which will provide space for an adult and pediatrician’s office and a separate part of the building for midwifery counseling. The dual-function part of the building has a separate entrance with a windbreak. The two surgeries are connected by a rest area for workers and an associated water block.
As part of the Széchenyi 2020 investment, the exterior facade and floor of the building were insulated, and modern doors and windows were installed to reduce operating costs. The practice will be heated by an air-to-water heat pump system with underfloor heating. Barrier-free parking, disabled washrooms and non-slip pavements await the disabled. The building can be reached on foot or by car from Lyukóvölgyi út.

The Forest House Ecotourism Visitor Center has been handed over
The Eotő Háza ecotourism visitor center in the Sopron Park Forest was built for about half a billion forints, which provides nature conservation, health protection, recreation and knowledge acquisition opportunities for visitors, said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy at the handover ceremony on Muck Hill on Friday.
István Nagy emphasized that Tanulmányi Erdőgazdaság (TAEG) Zrt., In cooperation with the Hungarian Hiking Association and the Hungarian Tourism Agency, has established a visitor center that also contributes to the quality development of sustainable tourism.

New buses in West Nógrád
Mihály Ballawrote: “West Nógrád is part of another development important for public transport, courtesy of the Government of Hungary and Volánbusz. It is a great pleasure for all of us, as public transport between our villages and towns will take place with the most modern buses.
Students and commuters will be able to travel in 21st century conditions with 8 Credo Econell 12 buses, both accessible and air-conditioned.
Thus, the residents of Balassagyarmat, Bér, Bercel, Rétság, Mohora, Szécsény, Romhány, Nógrádkövesd, Galgaguta, Ipolyvece and Herencsény can get to their workplaces and schools in the safest way.
Thanks to everyone who did so that our area was able to participate in another development

62 new ambulances were on the market
Twenty new ambulances arrived at the National Ambulance Service (OMSZ) on Tuesday, with an additional 42 vehicles being received in days, reducing the average age of ambulances to 4.8 years.
Miklós Kásler, the Minister of Human Resources, stated at Tuesday's handover in Budapest: the ambulance fleet has been renewed, the government has replaced practically a thousand vehicles since 2010. Ambulances were also equipped with modern equipment.
The government doubled its support for the OMSZ compared to 2010; In 2010, there were 223 rescue stations in the country, of which more than 100 were refurbished and upgraded by the government, handing over another 30 new rescue stations, and 12 rescue points were established, he said.
Miklós Kásler greeted all OMSZ employees for their extremely conscientious, self-sacrificing work.

Green Bus Program: 11 successful applications
Dávid Vitézywrote: The decision was made: through 11 successful tenders, a total of HUF 18.37 billion will be awarded to electric buses and self-propelled trolleybuses in the Green Bus Program!
As a member of the Project Committee of the Green Bus Program, we worked for a year with colleagues from the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Secretary of State Attila Steiner, to announce and evaluate the tender for the procurement of electric buses and the related charging infrastructure. It is a great pleasure that the decision was made this week, so as a result of the tenders 123 new electric buses can arrive in Budapest and the agglomeration, Eger, Győr, Szeged (electric bus and in addition to the above total number 4 self-propelled trolleybuses), Székesfehérvár, Szolnok, Zalaegerszeg, Miskolc, Pécs and Veszprém. Thus, in addition to the Volánbusz, the winners also include municipal service providers.

A Student and Library Center is being built in Budapest
Ádám Barbélywrote: Another success in Zugló: László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology, Ferenc Dietz, Chancellor and Roland Juhász, State Secretary of the Prime Minister's Office, before the foundation ceremony of the new Central Library and Student Center of the Budapest University of Economics
More about the development:

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Once it has been canceled, a second time it will be done

If the left comes to power, the family tax credit will BE ABOLISHED and the tax will be increased! Calculate how much this will mean to you!

Once it has been canceled, a second time it will be done

In the time of left-wing governments, the employer paid more and the employee took home less. The numbers speak for themselves! We are now refuting several false news and mantras that have been circulating for a decade now with a single article. Left-liberal false news propaganda will not like this very much, but the point for us is that with concrete examples, numbers, data, images and authentic citations we refute what no one has ever refuted before, the lies have been allowed to spread. Let's cut into it!

Fake news:
"Orban doesn't help the childless"
"Orban does not help employers"
"Orbán extends half of our salary"
"Everything is expensive"
"Orban only helps his oligarchs"
"Orbán only spends on stadiums, not on wages, hospitals"
The reality:
Let’s line up these statements, we’ll link additional full articles to each statement, and we’ll even support with a video why we support the current direction and knowing their plans, why we don’t support the left. No one should doubt that if they come to power, EVERYONE will pay again:

1. "Orban does not help the childless" - LIE!
As you can see in the statement below, the net pay of childless people has also increased, not by much! From the same wage (we calculated an average wage of HUF 400,000, but everyone can recalculate it with their own wage) In Orbán's tax system, the employee takes home HUF 52,500 more than in Gyurcsány's tax system, so the net wage increased by 24.6% even in the case of children. The numbers can be checked by anyone:
Payroll Calculator 2021:
Payroll Calculator 2008:
In addition, the cost of overheads has been reduced for the childless, they also use the results of the developments (details in point 6), they can also enjoy free education, developing health care, free public administration, and above all they can benefit from starting a family. from the elements of our family support system, accessing a 60 million house at half price, or a 30 million property almost completely free of charge. 850,000 new jobs have been created, so unemployment is no problem for the childless and they too can experience improved public security.

2. "Orbán does not help employers" - LIE!
Orbán has been helping employers for 10 years, and now, due to the crisis, he is supporting them with additional benefits (eg halving the business tax, job-creating wage subsidies, job-protection wage subsidies, tax breaks, credit moratorium, etc.) But let's look at regular spending, wage payments! how much did it cost to pay the 400 thousand forint salary in Gyurcsány's tax system, and how much does it cost now? We know that the one who is looking for 400 thousand today earned half in Gyurcsány's time, but we used the same amount to sense the measure.
Well, the reality is that the salary of HUF 400,000 cost the employer HUF 535,950 in Gyurcsány's time, and today they have to spend HUF 468,000 for this purpose. This saves employers HUF 67,950 per month per employee. This represents a 14.5 percent reduction in wage expenditures. More articles:

3. "Orbán takes down half of our salary" - LIE!
In Gyurcsány's tax system, net wages were much lower, the childless took home 53.7 percent of their gross, and today 66.5 percent, it follows that Orbán deducts much less tax than Gyurcsány, more remains in the pockets of the childless. and the net salary of employees raising children increased significantly due to the previously non-existent tax tax (or only HUF 10,000 for large families)!
Anyone with any pay can see the extent of the "downgrade" now and in 2008. if you do not like the 400 thousand salary, you can count on anything.
Payroll Calculator 2021:
Payroll Calculator 2008:

4. "Everything is expensive" - ​​LIE!
Although we do not dispute that the price of certain products has increased due to inflation, at the same time we note that the Gyurcsánys' inflation was 42.2 percent in 8 years, while Orbán's was 10 percent in 10 years. As the average wage has increased from HUF 202,525 to HUF 435,000 since 2010 and the minimum wage has increased from HUF 73,500 to HUF 167,400, it can be seen that real wages have also increased. In net terms, the childless minimum wage changed from HUF 56,190 to HUF 111,321 compared to 2008, and the net average wage increased from HUF 121,821 to HUF 289,000. Today, we can take a lot more from our wages, and we will show this with concrete examples
Prices: (the article below the link contains articles about other products!)
The textbook is free:
Reduced overhead price:
Free public administration:
Family support - full list:

5. "Orban only helps his oligarchs" - LIE!
On the one hand, Mészáros won only 6.8 percent of public procurement, and on the other hand, this constant side-talk is also about the left wanting to steer public discourse in the wrong direction when it comes to living better.
It is not true that Orbán does not help, because everyone has increased their wages, pensions, esteem, everyone enjoys new doctor's offices, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, roads, parks, renewable public transport, improved public safety, all the benefits of a developing country!

6. "Orbán only spends on stadiums, not on wages, hospitals" - LIE!
The part of the thing about wages has been explained above, let the stadiums come. We refute this with noble simplicity with a video showing the development of hospitals, educational institutions, settlement development, public transport, the military, green spaces, the energy industry, flood protection, public buildings and historic buildings!
Video: Latest developments since 2010
Video: the country is developing despite the crisis

More articles:
We will elect in 2022. Part 1
We will elect in 2022. Part 2
We have something to be proud of! The biggest results of Fidesz since 2010!
Thus, the government “does not help” retirees
Thus, the government “does not help” Hungarian families!
Thus, the government “does not improve” health care!

Acknowledgments from abroad
Rétvári: we have saved more than a million families from losing their homes!
Median wage then and nowépelmebe
10 YEARS OF CIVIL GOVERNANCE: 28 topics in one
Crisis management then and now:
We have created the largest home-building and family support system of all time:
Unemployment: well below the EU average:
Additional economic protection measures:
Since 2010, the government has saved the homes of one million families:
Due to the left, the government is forced to introduce a tax increase stop:
Change of attitude:

If there is work, everything is:

At the European level, housing costs are low in Hungary
Repurchase of energy sector:
The price of electricity and gas

This is how the left ruined and indebted Hungary.
The left would distribute free money to those who avoid work:
Taxes are being raised locally by the left, so government intervention was needed.
The more people who work, the less crime there is and the more capacity they have to detect a particular crime, which has also improved the rate of detection.
The state does not tame family wealth
Our gold reserves at a record level!
Hungary's gold reserves increased thirty-fold to 94.5 tons from the 2010 level!
Credit moratorium and further crisis management facilitations now and austerity in the time of the left government:
Hungary is the second largest tax cutter:
Balance at the beginning of the school year:

The tax burden on Hungarian workers is the fourth lowest in all of Europe:
Tax cuts instead of restrictions:

PIT rate:
The price of gas is 28, the price of electricity for 12 months in Hungary is the cheapest in the EU.épelmebe_tenyek_kovetkeznek
Saving an average family of nearly 600,000 forints by reducing overheads. (And we don't even think about how much more we would have paid if libs had steered in the last 10 years ...)
The traitorous DK demands an increase in overhead prices in Brussels!
More children are born:
The number of marriages is increasing, the number of divorces and abortions is decreasing.
Economic bleaching:
Poverty has fallen by a third!

The number of passenger cars in circulation in Hungary has increased by 936,736 since 2010 and by 108,786 in the last year!
We are past a decade of demographic change!

Gyes, gyed, gyet - Expiring permissions are being extended!
The warmth of home: we were army drivers, we are performing much better than the EU average now! present
This is how the purchase value of wages has changed over the last 30 years!

The Hungarian population set aside billions in 2020!

Overhead reduction - here are the real numbers

Facts: We are twice as rich as in Gyurcsány's time
Hungarian workers pay the fourth lowest tax in the European Union
Significantly more money remains in people's pockets due to overhead cuts, tax cuts and steadily rising wages since 2010{_maradt_a_rezsi_kifizetese_utan_most_es_2010
In the great dictatorship, the number of people living in overcrowded housing fell from 47 percent to 20 percent
Fees for public services and administration have decreased significantly
Wages, net, gross, labor costs.

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“Assembly plant,” right?

Hold on, fake news producers! Reality is coming!

“Assembly plant,” right?

We have discussed on several occasions, in several articles, that the Hungarian economy is indeed diverse and has several legs. These articles are linked at the end of the description. Now let's look at the latest news:

Companies receive 137 billion for research and development
The government is announcing an EINO tender with an exceptionally high budget in order to maintain and strengthen competitiveness.

"An important goal is for Hungarian companies to move forward in the field of research and development and innovation as well," Mihály Varga stated in his Facebook video on Friday.

According to the Minister of Finance, this is the key to ensuring that domestic companies are competitive even in the reorganizing world economic situation.

To this end, the Hungarian government is announcing an exceptionally high GINOP tender with a budget of HUF 137 billion to strengthen research, development and innovation in enterprises.

According to our calculations, the number of companies that can receive support from this source can reach three hundred, Mihály Varga added.

Related articles:
👉Hungary's economy is diverse and unique
For the attention of “assembly operators” - Part 1
👉Weight of economic sectors: tick
For the attention of “assembly operators” - Part 2
👉The left supported the assembly plants
👉In our country, the unemployed have become the largest employed!
Huge success and recognition! detailed figure in a comment!)
👉 "Assembly plant" - this is what the Hungarian pseudo-news producers belong to the Hungarian economy
Let's see what reality is
👉120 new engineer jobs!
You can shout out loud to "assembly plant"!
👉ITM: more people are working in Hungary than ever before!
We support Fidesz because what they say and what they do is in line


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With today's real estate prices, your pants would go to the inheritance tax too!

Fidesz has abolished the "death tax"! If you inherit, it’s yours and the state won’t get your hands on some of the family property!

With today's real estate prices, your pants would go to the inheritance tax too!

The legacy of inheritance and gifts - abolished by Fidesz
In 10 years, it left more than 400 billion forints in the pockets of families

👉Furthermore, since 8 July 2020, inheritances and gifts between siblings, regardless of value, have been duty-free. Previously, only the inheritances and gifts of direct relatives, i.e. parents and children, as well as widows and spouses, were exempt from the tax.

It is always a great tragedy to lose one of our close relatives, but there is a political side in Hungary, namely the left, who, when they ruled, only exacerbated this tragedy.

Before 2010, during the rule of Gyurcsány, inheritance and gifts were also taxable. Translating the example into an ordinary example: one member of the elderly couple died, the widowed party had to pay tax on the common property. Assuming that their common house worth HUF 30 million was owned in a 1 / 2-1 / 2 proportion, it was obliged to pay a 9% tax to the tax authority after HUF 15 million, ie the Gyurcsánys had improved the tragedy, the funeral expenses and the lost pension. With a check of HUF 1,350,000. That was the death tax.

Inheritance and gift between parent-child, grandparent-grandson, and sibling were also taxable. The Gyurcsánys rummaged in the pockets of their families and, for the second time, taxed homes purchased with bitter work from taxed income, forcing many people to borrow or sell real estate.

Think about how much harder our lives would be if the left who were now campaigning for death were to govern today. There would be no family support, no home creation allowance, the overhead price in Hungary would be the highest in the whole union, significantly more taxes would be deducted from our salary, and maybe we would lose one of our family members due to a virus or something else. You can read more about the inheritance tribute in the articles marked at the source.

👉Other winds will blow after 2010!
In a few months, the latest tax rule, which has been in place since July, could leave hundreds of millions of forints in families, the Deputy Minister of Finance told our newspaper. András Tállai reminded him that since the summer, no gift or inheritance tax has to be paid on property movements between brothers.

- There are important, special cases in life in which the state should not intervene when there is no place to impose a tax or duty obligation. The division of family wealth is typically like this, the deputy finance minister told our paper when asked about the impact of the new tax rule, which came into force in the summer. Since July, the state has been charging neither inheritance nor gift tax on property movements between siblings.
In addition, the gifted brother does not have to report the gift to the tax authorities.

Secretary of State András Tállai indicated that according to the calculations of the Ministry, the new passage could leave four billion forints a year for families, so this year even hundreds of millions of items could remain with the brothers who arranged the fate of their property. "The change in the rules in July could mean tens of thousands of families a year," the deputy minister said. He added that the most important detail is that for the purposes of the tax passport, siblings are those who have at least one common parent or adoptive parent.

The Secretary of State recalled that this was not the first amendment to the tax rules to facilitate the free transfer of family property.

Since an amendment in 2010, property has been able to move freely, free of charge, between relatives in the ascending line, meaning that family values ​​can pass from parent to child and from grandparent to grandchild without obligation to pay. Two years later, the legislature decided to extend the exemption to the affairs of spouses. The tax has since not been considered for gifts, inheritances or remunerated transfers. - The current preferential rules leave about forty billion forints a year for families, which is supplemented by the new provision, which can mean a total of four billion forints for families.

The Secretary of State detailed. He believed that in addition to the tax rules, several elements of the tax system protect the financial situation of families and protect the security of their property. According to the Deputy Minister, this includes one of the lowest personal income taxes in Europe, a tax and contribution rebate for families and a sixty thousand forint tax rebate for those entering into their first marriage. - Mention should also be made of the rule guaranteeing lifelong PIT exemption for mothers with four or more children, - said András Tállai, then summed up: the tax system established since 2010 seeks to help strengthen society financially.

"The government creates concessions even in times of crisis, and always says no to population restrictions," the secretary of state said.


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What happens to universities?

The left is lying that Orbán stole the universities. The reality, on the other hand, is that Orbán has doubled state support for higher education!

What happens to universities?

Pass it on to Telex and its 444 readers!

State support for higher education is doubling
State support for higher education will increase from HUF 210 billion this year to more than HUF 400 billion next year.

State support for higher education will increase from HUF 210 billion this year to more than HUF 400 billion next year, said Minister of Innovation and Technology László Palkovics when he laid the cornerstone of the new central library and student center of the Budapest University of Economics on Thursday in the capital.

In the next period, Hungarian higher education will have HUF 2,700 billion in development money available on the basis of a never-before-seen program compiled by universities, the minister said. Of this, about 2,100 billion forints already have the funds, and the government is working to raise the remaining amount, he added.

László Palkovics believed that the government's strategy for changing degrees in higher education, formulated in 2014, had proved successful, as a result of which a maintenance structure independent of the state had been established. This is evidenced by that

this year, 11 percent more people applied to higher education institutions than last year.
Of the 102,000 applicants, 67,000 were admitted, 81 percent of them for state-funded training, he said.

He added that 65 per cent of the applicants had applied to a model-changing university, and out of 280,000, 180,000 students are already studying at a university that is not maintained by the state. László Palkovics emphasized that BGE, which teaches 17,200 students, has become the third highest-educated institution in the country after Eötvös Loránd University and the University of Debrecen.

In order for an institution to be able to fulfill its role, continuous innovation is needed; this is also the purpose of the new central library and student center to be built on the university's Zugló campus, the minister explained. He believed that BGE could also become more and more attractive to foreign students if it became a regional knowledge center. The latter effort is in line with the government's intention to increase the number of foreign students. The success of the strategy is shown by the fact that the proportion of foreign students studying at domestic universities has increased from 8 percent in 2014 to 15 percent, he added.

László Palkovics also said that the financing agreements to be concluded with the model change institutions, including performance and quality requirements, will be finalized in a few days and can be signed next week. It was also stated that the new library and student center with a floor area of ​​1,750 square meters will be implemented from state resources with an investment of HUF 5.3 billion.


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DK: We will return the stolen property to the Hungarians

You can start!

DK: We will return the stolen property to the Hungarians

With the standard fork
By repaying the HUF 2853 BILLION (!) Damage caused by the PPP contracts
With the amount of IMF loan taken and repaid
With the repayment of HUF 167 billion stolen at metro line 4
By repurchasing privatized state-owned companies or repaying money
With the repayment of 1,300 billion withdrawn from local governments
By repaying the price of wasted gold reserves
By repaying the price of wasted public buildings
With a repayment of 600 billion abstracted from health care
In addition: By repaying the unauthorized subsidies of Momentum fraudsters

Criminal record of the left: The list is NOT complete!


The site that spreads DK's message, EzaLényeg, has already spent nearly 96 million forints on Facebook ads. It’s a question of who and what money you pay for this!

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Believe your eyes, not the fake news on the left!

Every settlement, every part of the city is developing! We present the reality with pictures and videos!

Believe your eyes, not the fake news on the left!

Here are the other 8 developments! And in our country-building video, another 2,000!
Video: the country has developed despite the crisis!
Previous articles in the series:

Let's look at today's "dose"

👉A new sports field was built in Nyírmihálydi
Member of Parliament Simon Miklóswrote: Value creation in Nyírség 176 .: A new multifunctional sports field was built in Nyírmihálydi.
Thanks to the MLSZ National Course Building Program, a new, multifunctional record sports field was built in Nyírmihálydi, which was built by dr. We visited it in the company of Mayor István Vincze.
Congratulations Nyírmihálydi!

👉The new community space of Zalakaros has been completed
The solemn opening of the Zalakaros Event and Visitor Center, the Karos Korzó, took place on Wednesday. We have already written about the fact that during the development in the spa town, a visitor center and a service building, as well as an event space and an arboretum on the outside were created under a separate contract.
A fountain, a paved promenade and a car park have been built in the event space, which can accommodate almost 3,000 people.
The complex was implemented by Szabadics Zrt. The company's civil engineering business was also involved in the outdoor work. Márk Fóras Lóránt, construction manager of the civil engineering business of Szabadics Zrt., Said at the event:
planting works,
construction of drinking water, rainwater, sewage and public lighting,
construction of a running track and an adult fitness park,
playground expansion,
The design of the Kneipp promenade,
construction of roads, sidewalks, car parks,
Construction of SUDs (desiccant system - Ed.), Also
fountain and its installation.

👉The Pécs market hall is ready for construction
3 billion investment in the "bled" Pécs, here are the pictures:

👉New bike path in Kelebia
Member of Parliament Gábor Bányaiwrote: Kelebia's inland bike path handed over on Saturday, 2623 meters long and 235 cm wide
The new investment is expected to significantly improve road safety and you can already hear that plans are being made to continue the cycle path.
Thanks to the resources of the Settlement Development Operational Program, the Hungarian Village Program and the government, the amount of resources in Kelebia already exceeds one billion forints, which has served the development of the settlement in the last few years.
We can all be proud of this and I will continue to work to keep the development of our region unbroken!
Thank you for the good wishes of the Kelebians!
Thank you for your words of appreciation and I wish you a healthy use of the new bike path!

👉Sarló Street in Székesfehérvár has been renewed
Dr. András Cser-Palkovicswrote: Before the final touches on the renovated Sarló Street!

👉A new sewing shop was handed over to Tiszaroffon
At the handover ceremony, Victor Katalin Langerné, Undersecretary of State for Social Inclusion at the Ministry of the Interior (BM), stressed that the facility will not only provide a livelihood for those working there, but also a hope and opportunity by introducing a new approach to the settlement.
The Undersecretary of State said the development, supported by the government, would provide a secure livelihood for 16 people. For people who believed they had to do the same to have a real vision so they could move on, he added.
The government's social inclusion program is committed to changing the previous practice, adapting to market needs and opportunities, and trying to help locate and improve the quality of life of people living in disadvantaged settlements and areas, pointed out Victor Katalin Langerné. According to the Deputy Secretary of State, “this sewing point is a turning point, as their trust and co-operation are also essential in order to be able to operate and give a vision to the employees who have been living overnight so far”. He reminded that model development is the second stage in the creation of a new approach to government opportunities, as a few weeks ago a production plant for light-structured houses was started in Miskolc, and the line will soon continue with the handover of a vegetable processor in Sellye. Sándor F. Kovács, the Fidesz Member of Parliament of the region, spoke at the event that the real significance and value of development is given by the integration and catching up of disadvantaged settlements. He pointed out that the Tiszaroff event also proves that this process is going well and that the people who have now got a job opportunity supported by the Ministry of the Interior will be able to compete in the labor market on their own in a few years, bringing significant benefits to Hungarian society.
Mrs. Anikó Vankóné Jekli, the mayor of the small settlement of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county, underlined: the sewing house entrusted to the property management of the Directorate General for Social Opportunity provides an opportunity for Tiszaroff as a whole, increasing the attractiveness and population retention capacity of the village.

👉Nursery school, crèche opened in Arnót
Katalin Csöbörwrote: The Arno community has had its dream for decades come true! The new mini nursery of the settlement was handed over in December, and today we opened the kindergarten, which was renewed and expanded with a group room and a gym.

👉Renovated tourist house in the Gyepes Valley
We handed over the renovated Ivánka hotel. Built as a workers' hostel in the Gyepes Valley in 1965, the forest tourist house, which has been renovated inside and out thanks to the investment now carried out, fits perfectly into the series of developments designed to increase the tourist attractiveness of the area.
The Ó-Bükk Visitor Center will soon be completed in Borsodnádas, the Suvadás Park will be renewed in Arló, and a thematic promenade and tourist information center will be established at the entrance to the Gyepes Valley. The list of accommodation has been expanded with the renovated Ivánka hotel.
Thanks to the Ödön Téry National Tourist House Development Program, the management of Egererdő Zrt. Was able to renew the tourist house, the plans of which include the establishment of a forest cycle path network, which could make the individual attractions even more cooperative.
We live in beautiful countryside! Feel free to show it to our guests!
West Borsod, our home!

Pass on the reality!

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Nearly 1 million new jobs!

Bad news for growers: Even today “failed in the zorbán” :)

Nearly 1 million new jobs!

We support Fidesz because what they say and what they do is in line. ITM: more people are working in Hungary than ever before!

April 04, 2020
Viktor Orbán: we will create as many jobs as the coronavirus will destroy.
July 28, 2021
The number of employees rose to a record high, approaching 4.7 million

Thank you, Fidesz!

The number of employees rose to a record high, approaching 4.7 million, said Sándor Bodó. In a statement from the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) on Wednesday, the Secretary of State for Employment Policy said that even before the epidemic, in 2019, not as many people worked as in June this year.

So many people in Hungary have not worked since the change of regime

According to the Central Statistical Office (CSO), employment increased by 85,000 compared to the previous month and by 98,000 compared to the same period last year. Compared to the level a year earlier, in the second quarter of 2021 the number of employees in the domestic primary labor market increased by 76,000, rising to over 4,450,000. So many people in Hungary have not worked since the change of regime.

The Hungarian labor market has emerged stronger from the waves of the coronavirus epidemic.
The winners of significant cross-sectoral labor flows are infocommunications, academia, construction and the financial sector. The adverse effects of the epidemic have been effectively and well targeted by government measures, including wage subsidy and job creation programs, tax breaks or a credit moratorium.

Sándor Bodó explained: “true to our promise, we were not only able to replace the jobs lost in the viral crisis, but also to increase employment to a higher level than ever before. Together with the Hungarian people, we have achieved extraordinary results since 2010 in building a work-based society and economy. The jointly achieved successes proved to be sustainable even in the viral crisis, Hungary will produce outstanding employment data in 2021 compared to Europe. The epidemic situation did not cause a significant halt in the rise in wages, domestic real earnings have been growing for 100 months without interruption, ”the ITM statement quoted the Secretary of State as saying.


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