️Weber: the gas coming into the Union must be distributed

Winter is approaching, the Russophobic, Hungarian-hating politicians in the West feel that there will be trouble! The new Germans and the new French do not like the cold!

️Weber: the gas coming into the Union must be distributed

We used to say to this, "Shouldn't I f...om?" :) Sorry, but we have nothing more to say about that. The puppets of the United States first introduced a million sanctions, and now they can't even get out of this situation without losing face, but they need the gas anyway. Now they are planning to take it away from others. After all, there is nothing new here, the colonists, the descendants of the Nazis, have always been at the forefront of plundering other peoples.

It's a shame what the EU leaders are doing! And today it's boring to be an EU member, we'd rather be independent. This pathetic club will soon fall to pieces anyway, because different peoples have never known and cannot live together now.

Hungary does not have its own natural gas, WE BUY ON THE BASIS OF CONTRACT, anyone can do this. Good luck for that! It is true that a wire is also needed, and it is, North Current II. its name, you just have to enable it. (Of course, we know, your overseas owner won't allow it. But that's your problem)

PS: We still haven't received the funds due to us, meanwhile the huge Ukrainians, who are not even members of the EU, push the billions for war. That's where we're going to start, buddy!


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He does not like! Oh, what will happen to us now! :)

The guy is not listening, Orbán said: there will be no tax increase, and we will not discuss further sanctions affecting the energy sector either

He does not like!  Oh, what will happen to us now!  :)

What can't be understood by this? We don't like the migrant policy of Paris! Anyway, Macron can safely raise French taxes without Orbán. In Hungary, however, there will be a tax that is supported by the Hungarian people and the Hungarian government, and not one that was invented in the White House!

The mentality of the colonizers has not changed, they still believe that they are the masters of the world, there are selected peoples and there are second-rate peoples who can be freely plundered. Since Orbán became the prime minister, Hungary has resisted this madness and put the national interest before everything else.


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Abysmal poverty!

The traffic of the shops is increasing as if there is no tomorrow

Abysmal poverty!

Retail sales data for the first four months of 2022 are available. This shows that in the January-April period, the volume of retail trade was 11.8% higher than in the same period of the previous year.

It is important that we look at a volume index that filters out price changes, i.e. we indicate to our libs readers that inflation in this case also covers the same unprofessionalism as at any other time.
Obviously, the beginning of 2021 was a bit weak, because the restrictive measures due to COVID at the time slightly reduced the retail turnover, so the minimal decline from a year ago distorts the numbers a bit. Even taking this into account, it is mind-boggling that the Libs continue to lie about deep poverty and open scissors.

Part of the 16.7% increase in March and the 15.8% increase in April is probably also due to the February tax refund for those raising children.
The turnover of food also increased minimally, but the consumption of non-food and fuel increased only significantly.

So despite inflation, people have so much money and wages are rising to the extent that we buy more. In other words, "snakes snake", just not where Feri thinks, but in shops.


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It's sad, but it is

Orban, on the other hand, can't do anything about the more expensive food, he can only help somewhat

It's sad, but it is

Fuel price stop, overhead reduction, family tax credit, youth tax exemption, pension increases, premium, 13th month pension, family tax refund, food price stop (6 products), increase in minimum wage, extension of NICE card, etc. - just some of the government's measures to help people to go through this period, for which we thank you again!

And those who are dissatisfied should understand that the government does not have its own money - they have their common money, so whoever wants more support will also describe where and to whom they would raise taxes, because if spending increases, revenue must also increase. .

For our part, we supplement the positive impact of the listed measures, which partly affect us, with the vegetables and fruits produced in our garden. There is a lot of work to be done with it, but it is worth it. We will make a mosaic of this year's fruits in the autumn🫐🧅🧄

We wish everyone endurance, a lot of strength and health! We can only overcome difficulties together!

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We have had enough of the anti-carism of the left and Brussels!

️They say the car is just an elite privilege, you who work, pay taxes, raise a child, are retired or sick, walk. In heat, cold, rain, wind - always

We have had enough of the anti-carism of the left and Brussels!

Karácsony has just raised the parking fees and has also set a maximum of 3 hours for parking in most of Budapest. Meanwhile, after taking the bike press photos, he gets into his driver’s car nicely and drives comfortably, using the empty bus lanes, irregularly. The car was made impossible by painting unnecessary and accident-prone bicycle lanes, closing the quay and other restrictive measures, so that one would rather avoid Budapest, no one would like to go there, because the city was practically paralyzed.

And Brussels is dictating to us what kind of car to use, as the downsizing so far is no longer enough for them. In the first round, people have been transferred from normal engines to three-cylinder, lawn-mowered, 1-liter cars, and it has now been announced that the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be PROHIBITED from 2035 onwards. Let there be no doubt that there will also be a scramble for existing petrol cars and then they will come up with some good little tax, or they will include the extra cost in the price of fuel by eliminating driving completely.

This whole electric car demagoguery is so pathetic! Everyone knows that these cars are much more damaging to the environment during their life cycle, producing electricity by burning coal, and making batteries is expensive and also polluting. These cowardly, corrupt politicians are not talking about cargo ships, private jets, polluting factories, coal burning, the environmentally harmful extraction of LNG.

Good! Stop chasing motorists! No one can guarantee you that you will complete your cycle, you can leave your position earlier! We know there are problems with the spine, but leave people alone!

Parking map:https://hvg.hu/itthon/20220624_budapesti_parkolasi_rendszer
Plans for 2035:https://makronom.mandiner.hu/cikk/20220629_autoipar_2035_karbonsemlegesseg_eu_europai_uinio_bmw_mercedes_volkswagen_kina_gazdasag_veszteseg_politika_elektromos_autozas

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38 thousand or 24 thousand? It does really matter!

️This is the second refueling during our holiday, so far the official price of fuel has meant 26 thousand forints for us.

38 thousand or 24 thousand?  It does really matter!

We thank Fidesz and Viktor Orbán personally for their help! If anyone knows the Prime Minister personally and they sometimes talk, give him or her thanks to the Founder of Numbers. And the libs who criticize the measure will certainly be in a very good financial position, if such amounts do not matter to them, it does matter to us.

Libsik! 8 full flames come out of the difference! (We measure it in flames, because that's what they're doing right now)


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Bans the import of Russian gold into Britain

We have already done an energy crisis, inflation, now we are pushing up the price of gold even more, bravo!

Bans the import of Russian gold into Britain

Several other members of the G7 are joining in the introduction of the sanction.

As a result of the sanction, the price of gold will continue to rise, and Russia, like oil and natural gas, will sell gold at a higher price to China, India, and other non-Russophobic countries. The West is practically financing the military operation in Ukraine, congratulations!

With such and similar decisions, it is clear how helpless Western corrupt leaders are against Russia. Would it not be easier to live in peace, not to provoke the Russians with further NATO enlargement to the east? The financing of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi regime must be stopped and there will be peace.


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Heat alarm, and solutions

Now remind everyone of the many brainstorming sessions that these unelected bureaucrats in Brussels have put together!

Heat alarm, and solutions

We were freshly bathed in clean clothes on the road, the climate in the car went and we realized that we were the enemies of Brussels. How dare we do that!

Brussels proposals:
Do not air
Don't take a bath
Don't wash
Let's walk

Orbán's solutions:
Cheap overhead
Gas station
Tax credit
Thick II.

Orbán will not dictate to you how to live! He will help you, but the decision is in your hands! If you don't want to drive, don't drive! If you do not want to air condition your home, do not air condition! You decide, and the government helps you. Brussels, on the other hand, is breaking its head on severe sanctions, treating motorists as enemies (although they themselves run poisonous, high-performance limousines), turning off the climate with you, and banning the gas needed for the climate, you're expected to wash, wash of course they secretly organize private parties on the beaches rented for this purpose, Timmermans has already figured out that the clothes don't need to be washed, ventilated enough ... )

Thanks to the Fidesz government for the cheap overhead, the petrol station, the tax credit and other measures that allow us to get through these hot days in an air-conditioned room (when we are not paddling in Lake Balaton, because we are on holidayhttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/5328/Nyaralni_mentunk)

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We went on vacation

but in the meantime we will not forget the much help that the average Hungarian family receives from the government, e.g. what

We went on vacation

The next week will be about rest instead of work, we will only post in very justified cases, and even then only in the evening or early in the morning. We wish everyone a pleasant stay like us. Those who work have perseverance until freedom!

And we thank the government for helping the everyday lives of ordinary workers. Although we sometimes make criticisms, there are things that cannot be ignored. The family support system is like that!

PS: Slippery! For four people, two rounds of full flames are already available with government support for the first refueling!

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