Hungary has the fewest robberies in the EU!

Did you know?

Hungary has the fewest robberies in the EU!

You Did not Know? This is understandable, as left-liberal false news propaganda (444, index, Telex, HVG, atv, 168h, transparent, instant, RTL, etc.) will never describe or cast this!

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Real improvements instead of fake news! James will not report on these!

Let's share the reality with as many people as possible! ( videos)

Real improvements instead of fake news!  James will not report on these!

In this article: we report on highway, fire department, public maintenance machines, automated farm, school and a kindergarten!
There are an additional 1,500 improvements in this video
And in this video, only healthcare (since this is the erogenous zone of left-liberals)

1. With spectacular video: This is how the M76 road continues to build!
László Vighwrote: The 3-kilometer section between Balatonszentgyörgy and Fenékpuszta is underway and is expected to be completed by 2022, in connection with which the new intersection of the main roads 71 ​​and 76 has already been put on the market. The approximately 33-kilometer route, which is still missing, will be built in two stages, but in one phase, and preparations are currently underway.
The M76 motorway connecting Balatonszentgyörgy, Zalaegerszeg and Körmend will also be part of the future M9 expressway.
The M76 contributes to the even better utilization of the Zalaegerszeg automotive test track, one of the most significant investments in research and development and innovation in Hungary. In addition to the 45 billion ZalaZONE, the future motorway will provide a test environment in road transport, partly as a “smart road”.
Source, video:

2. With this comprehensive investment, the speed of firefighters in Pécs will increase
Two multifunctional buildings will be created and one will be renovated in the county-level development.
The Baranya County Disaster Management Directorate is implementing a significant development in Pécs - it turned out from the public procurement data available at TED. According to its contract value, the Pécs Disaster Management Office and the Professional Fire Brigade will win a new building in two locations in a net HUF 4.2 billion project: Falcon Global will partially demolish and transform the existing building in Engel János Street, and a new barracks building Zrt., Professional Marketing Manager Kft. And Octopus Invest Szolgáltató Kft.
A new building will be created in Tüzér Street in a greenfield investment, the contractor of which is Merkbau Zrt.
The buildings ensure the operation of several organizations at the same time
The entire investment will be implemented within the framework of the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Operational Program (KEHOP).
The aim of the development is to create two buildings that will enable the simultaneous operation of the county disaster management directorate, the disaster management office in Pécs and a professional fire brigade.
A further goal of the investment is to enable the fire brigades of the disaster management to respond to the damage event faster than before, which will help increase the efficiency of the disaster management institutional system, thus reducing the amount of damage and increasing the safety of the population.
A district heating plant will also be built to heat the buildings
In the first phase of the Engel János Street project, a three-storey new barracks building will be erected. It will house ten new outlets, the offices of the Pécs Branch Office, the Baranya County Disaster Management Directorate and the premises of the Pécs Professional Fire Brigade.
In the second phase of the old building to be remodeled, among other things
nine mounts,
storage rooms,
two workshops,
and a district heating center providing heating and domestic hot water energy for both wings of the building.
The other new building will have to accommodate nearly a hundred workers
In the other project of the investment, a completely new building will be built in Tüzér Street, constructed by Merkbau Zrt. The planned reinforced concrete structure building will be three-story and will be able to accommodate 86 workers.
In addition, four cars, four vehicle syringes (the most commonly used group of fire trucks - ed.), A technical ambulance and a high-altitude ambulance should be accommodated in this center. The total of 1,600 square meters of the building will be approached by an access ramp sloping from the street.

3. Public maintenance machines arrived in Sóly. (with video)
Péter OvádiSóly successfully applied for the procurement of public space equipment within the framework of the Hungarian Village Program. Newly purchased machines are a huge help in maintaining public spaces.
This year, the government will spend HUF 250 billion on the Hungarian Village Program. Come on Villages!

4. An automated farm was established in Hajdúdorog.
Mayor Zoltán Horváth wrote: The production of vegetables in foil tents is starting
Today, together with Mr. István Tiba and my fellow Members, we viewed the new investment in our agricultural program. Within the framework of the project implemented with the support of the Ministry of the Interior, we established a 1000 square meter film tent system. Thanks to the unparalleled, modern technological solutions - automatic ventilation system, wind speed meter, hot air heating, shading - we have raised our vegetable production to a high level. This will significantly reduce the use of chemicals, resulting in healthier goods produced here. Our workers also started planting (lettuce, radishes, onions, early potatoes) so that we could serve the residents' needs for primary goods as soon as possible.

5. The energy modernization of the Ferenc Móra Primary School in Kecskemét has been completed
The energy modernization of the Ferenc Móra Primary School of the Széchenyivárosi Arany János Primary School in Kecskemét has been completed within the framework of the Széchenyi 2020 program. During the investment, the subsequent insulation of the facade and flat roof of the institution, the replacement of the doors and windows, the modernization of the lighting of the kitchen and the heating system were completed, which was also expanded with a solar system. The project received a non-refundable European Union grant in the amount of HUF 291,109,400.

6. The expansion and complete renovation of the Cserfa Kuckó Kindergarten in Ecser has been completed.
The Municipality of Pest County Ecser received a non-refundable grant of HUF 148,116,532, of which the Cserfa Kuckó Kindergarten in Grassalkovich Square was expanded and developed.
As part of the development, a new group room was built in addition to the existing two group rooms, which will allow an additional 20 children to be admitted to the kindergarten in addition to the previous capacity. In addition to the new group room, a gym with a sports ceremony has been set up, so that in the future children will be able to play sports under the right conditions. Due to its central location and size, the implemented gym can accommodate social events in addition to sports. The building has also been supplemented with state-of-the-art heating kitchens, new water blocks and changing rooms. The new, barrier-free entrance to the building is located in the middle of the main façade.
On the ground floor, all community functions are accessible for both children and their parents. In addition to the above, the building was given a uniform roof structure, and a sidewalk was built around the new building and repairs were also made around the existing part of the building. New, standard toys have been installed in the yard, taking into account the age characteristics of the children.
As a result of the modern design and expansion, children can go to kindergarten in better conditions, the procedure due to lack of space is reduced to other settlements, and the employees of the kindergarten institution can perform their tasks in better conditions.


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Of course, all this is done because of "democracy", "freedom of expression", "respect for diversity of opinion".

Restrict access to our site on Facebook!

👉Only 1 percent of our more than 60,000 members are shown our Facebook feeds.
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Hundreds of village buses handed over by the Hungarian Village Program take the elderly to the vaccination points!

The government stepped in time again

Hundreds of village buses handed over by the Hungarian Village Program take the elderly to the vaccination points!

A concrete example: Mátraballa!
They received the village bus 2 weeks ago, and now this bus transports the elderly to the vaccination point in Parádfüdrő.

👉Village bus applications.
In 2019, there were 278 successful applications
In 2020, an additional 200 buses were procured
The handovers will continue this year.

👉The Hungarian Village Program is implemented 100% from domestic sources! The Hungarian Village Program is a real success story! In a single year, the population of 900 villages, previously declining, increased!
2019: HUF 150 billion subsidy
2020: HUF 250 billion subsidy
2021: HUF 250 billion subsidy

Village buses help the smallest settlements and those living on homesteads. They are a huge help to people who in many cases do not have their own car and could not or would have difficulty accessing more distant locations.

The Government set the goal of increasing the population-retaining and population-increasing power of small settlements and keeping young people in place. One of the cornerstones of achieving these goals is the development of public services and the reduction of inequalities. Supporting the purchase of village buses and farm buses will help to reduce the disadvantages of small rural settlements, improve the quality of life and access to public services, and connect young people to the countryside. The aim of the tender is to support the purchase of high-quality, lower-emission and fuel-consuming vehicles enabling the provision of a village caretaker and / or farm caretaker service or undertaking to launch a new service.

👉The number of successful applications exceeded 10,000! We can't list everything, but we present some of the developments implemented by the Hungarian Village Program in our video, approx. From 26 minutes
👉So much can be applied for now, and whoever applies, wants to develop the settlement entrusted to him, wins! Of course, those who post are not for the purpose of developing the city entrusted to them, but for harassment, for senseless warfare, and for the people of that settlement to drink the juice of it.
Medical equipment
Development of medical offices
Municipally owned road, bridge construction / renovation
Material support for municipal sidewalk construction / renovation
Community space development / transformation and employment (church)
Community space development / transformation and employment (municipality)
Procurement of equipment for the maintenance of public space
Development of a kindergarten playground and a public playground
Procurement of farm and village guard buses
Supporting civil society activities and conditions under the Rural Civil Fund
Renovation of village houses
Renovation of a kindergarten building
Kindergarten sports hall, gym development
Renovation and design of a service apartment
Infrastructural development of church community-owned cemeteries
Purchase of abandoned properties for public use
Construction of a municipal cycle path
Cemetery infrastructure development
Construction site design, public works
School gym, gym development
Renovation of a school building
Medical service apartment
Renovation of a school building
Construction site design, public works

👉Our previous article about village buses:
👉Our previous article about the Hungarian Village Program

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Hundreds of millions go to buddies and "trainings" for unknown purposes

Hundreds of millions go to buddies and "trainings" for unknown purposes

Maybe they will train street fighters for the 22nd election? What kind of "team builders" can we talk about here, while the population is being bribed, local discounts are being abolished, fees are being raised, the city is being neglected?

They all, of course, make one-person decisions, abusing the epidemic situation and the special legal order. For the Gyurcsány parties, the epidemic situation is not a task, but an opportunity!

"Budapest for everyone" - did you take it? Budapest belongs to friends, Cypriot companies, former partner Kata Tüttő, consultants, cadres receiving 7 million prizes, Czeglédy, overpriced contracts, posters, insect hotels, gender ideology, Brussels offices and NGOs!

The left mayor of Budavár is spending more than 100 million forints on team building training

While left-wing settlements have money for luxury spending, ordinary people only get the restrictions. After many years in Dunaújváros, elderly people in need will not receive a one-time benefit this year. In Ózd, the police and civilians did badly, while in Pécs the mood within the left still does not subside around the appointment of Attila Péterffy's planned third deputy mayor. On the one hand, the left-wing district leaders of Budapest are spending money on urising, and on the other hand, they are also tightening.

There are almost no left-wing settlements in Hungary where the mayors would not deal with the situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic with dismissals or restrictions. In most places, however, party soldiers loyal to the city leadership can stay in place while taking millions in salaries.

In Dunaújváros, it was decided this week that at this year's Pentecost, elderly people in need will not receive a one-time cash benefit. In addition, more and more news is coming about the actions of the left-wing leadership. The former mayor of the city, Gábor Cserna, wrote on his community page that he had learned that there were redundancies at DVG Zrt., And they say that there will be more.
I know there is something wrong with running sports associations and the staff at the Tourinform office are also worried about their jobs. Workers who are afraid of their jobs have also approached the mayor’s office.

Mayor Dávid Janiczak of Ozdon, taking advantage of the extraordinary legal order, adopted the 2021 budget in one person. This includes several austerity measures:

-significantly reduced support for local NGOs and sports organizations;
-the support of local church communities falls short of the past;
-the support of HUF 1-1 million provided to the police and the local civil guard will be discontinued.

The austerity spiral, of course, did not escape the left-wing district I of the capital either. Márta V. Naszályi wants to create the 2021 budget under the mayor's authority, taking advantage of the emergency situation.

The draft revealed that instead of responsible management, the left is pointing at the government while recovering the HUF 10 billion fortune left by the previous city administration. During an epidemic, however, the left-wing leadership spends the money of district residents on luxury spending:

-team building trainings - HUF 109 million
-representation expenses - HUF 200 million
-home purchase - HUF 100 million
housing renovation - HUF 500 million
-city bus parking - 44.5 million HUF
Establishment of a housing agency - HUF 20 million
pseudo-consultation on participatory democracy - HUF 31.4 million

The Gyurcsány-party László Imre, the XI. the mayor of the district halved the cafeteria of kindergarten and crèche workers. The cafeteria for municipal employees was abolished and the amount of the contract of the school principals (concluded separately with the municipality) was halved.

In Szombathely, Mayor András Nemény wrote a letter to local businesses to pay the business tax, despite the fact that the government released half of it. In addition, the city does not currently have an approved budget.

Salary increase and leftist civil war in Pécs
Although Attila Péterffy, the left-wing mayor of Pécs, is constantly campaigning that the city does not have enough money,

In addition to the salary increase, of course, there will also be time for the left-wing civil war at the town hall. Péterffy postponed the vote on a possible third deputy mayor. He certainly would not have had the majority needed to support the decision.

But there is something else here!
They are concreting Mocsárosdűlő!
The property of the people of Budapest under the hammer!
In one year, Gergely Karácsony applauded almost a hundred billion
Gergely Karácsony's letter to entrepreneurs is not only cheeky, but even ILLEGAL!
Public procurement or "intervening"? Not all the same!
Today, Gergely Karácsony was refuted by both Orbans
Hey! Budapest left-liberal voter!
Did you take it to say that Budapest belongs to everyone? It really was in Stubble’s time, but not nowózo
We recommend to Gergely Karácsony:
Fewer consultants! More maintenance!
There is money. No sense!
While all community programs and events are banned, the Left-liberal Widow Coalition says more money should be spent on community programs and events
Money at the town hall, or "the dollar is ringing" to the buddies
But this is "bleeding!" Gyurcsány's lawyer became 90 million richer


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The country has been built for 10 years, and this is only not seen by the very blind Gyurcsányists!

These are also "stadiums", right?

The country has been built for 10 years, and this is only not seen by the very blind Gyurcsányists!

In this article: a fire department, a nursery, doctor's offices, a school kitchen and dining room, a school and a child welfare center were built or renovated!
There are an additional 1,500 improvements in this video
And in this video, only health (since this is the erogenous zone of libsik)

Let's look at the details.

1. The Sopronkövesd Disaster Management Guard will start operating in March
Attila Barczawrote: The Sopronkövesd Disaster Guard will start operating in March, performing fire protection tasks in 20 settlements of the Sopron district, which will affect 16,000 people. By providing significant personal and material conditions, the security of the population will be further strengthened and the migration time will be shortened.
The nationwide patrol program was launched in 2012, in Sopronkövesd in our fourth county. Thanks to the Hungarian government for the further strengthening of the safety of the locals in our region!

2. The mini nursery was completed in Peresteg
An eight-bed mini-nursery was built in Pereszteg. From September, the operation of the energy-efficient building can start as a new institution combined with a kindergarten on the same plot.
The new mini crèche of Pereszteg was completed in a few days. The building is located on a common plot with the local government and kindergarten. The construction work has been completely completed and the acquisition of equipment and the paving stone and playground leading to the building are already underway. Mayor Tamás Sellei said that the settlement won a government grant of HUF 65 million for the investment within the framework of a regional operational program.
Clerk Kornél Csigó added that the existing kindergarten and the new nursery can continue to operate as one from September, they will become a multi-purpose, unified institution. The one-hundred-square-foot, eight-bed mini-crèche will be staffed by two educators, a nurse and a parent. In addition to creating two jobs in the crèche, each place is also a mom who can return to the job market, the mayor said.

3. It is also developing in Felsőszentiván!
Róbert Zsigówrote: Today I coordinated the plans of Felsőszentiván with Mayor Szilárd Vörös. Many investments have been completed and are taking place in the village, the aim of which is to enable people living in rural settlements to use the services provided by the municipality and the state at an appropriate level.
By working together in the future, we will continue to ensure that the developments continue and that the plans of the settlement are realized!

4. A new dining room and kitchen were handed over at the Salesian High School in Nyergesújfalu
At the Károly Zafféry Szalézi Secondary School in Nyergesújfalu, the renovated dining room, kitchen and new classrooms were inaugurated and blessed on 19 February.
In addition to Father János Andrásfalvy, former provincial governor Béla Ábrahám, parliamentary secretary of state and deputy minister, local parish priest, mayor, order, school and city management, as well as designers and builders were present at the ceremony.
In his speech, Paul Völner wished the local teachers to fill the renewed venue with the loving atmosphere that is perhaps most important in education, and that those who would dine here would always find the flavors, the friends, and the experiences that they accompany them throughout their lives.

5. The re-enchanted primary school in Mezőkövesd has been completed
Among other things, the primary school in Mezőkövesd is waiting for its students with new windows, an expanded gym and a completely renovated facade.
The renovation of the educational institution was started by Jánosik és Társai Kft. Last spring. For almost a year, half a hundred people worked on the renovation of the building. The work has recently been completed, leaving only the usual technical handover at this time.
In total, the building of the primary school in Mezőkövesd was renovated for about HUF 300 million. The educational institution has undergone a complete renovation. They replaced the doors and windows, the mechanical and electrical systems of the building, and installed solar panels. The gym building was expanded and renovated, more than 3,000 square meters were thermally insulated, an elevator was installed, and the facade was also completely reconstructed, said Lajos Jánosik, the company owner of Jánosik és Társai Kft. - For our part, the work has been completed, all that is left is the technical handover. Overall, a building has been created that meets the expectations of the age. It makes the daily lives of students and teachers more convenient, and the institution can be operated at a lower overhead cost. Soon, students who have moved out temporarily will also be able to move back. I am sure they will find joy in the renewed school.

6. A child welfare center will be built in Kecskemét, a monument will be given a new function
A social institution will be established near the downtown of the county seat with reconstruction and a new part of the building in line with the previous architectural concept, and the investment is progressing according to schedule.
The modern child and family protection center, which will be built in the building complex of the Rudolf barracks in Kecskemét, will be housed in a listed building that has been empty for about 30 years.
They work in a facility that represents centuries of value
The Rudolf Barracks, originally built in 1887, is located near the Széktó Stadium, near the center of Kecskemét. The facility was built according to the plans of Gyula Pártos and Ödön Lechner, the now renewable part of the complex was last used in the ’90s - as a warehouse.
The construction will take place in the north-western part of the former barracks formation area. The building of the former non-commissioned training and the shower and laundry room will be completely renovated taking into account the conservation aspects. The site between the two buildings, which has been in a dilapidated condition and was previously used as a small rifle shooting range, will be rebuilt or expanded - heritage protection will also be considered a priority.
Thus, the new family helper will consist of three buildings with a total area of ​​about 1,300 square meters on an area of ​​5,245 square meters: the three buildings will be renovated and connected, taking into account the monumental aspects. They preserve the historic style while giving the buildings a new function.
Source, more pictures, details:


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Contrary to false news, the Opel factory in Szentgotthárd will not close, but will continue to develop!

Contrary to false news, the Opel factory in Szentgotthárd will not close, but will continue to develop!

The automotive giant is making a significant investment in the Opel plant in Szentgotthárd! Instead of the previous 390 thousand engines per year, the plant will produce 590 thousand! The current number of 800 people will increase significantly. The motors are installed in hybrid systems, so this development guarantees the safety of the workplace for at least 10 years!

Stellantis has decided on the future of the Szentgotthárd plant - Production of new engines can start

According to the decision of the management of Stellantis, the production of new 1.6-liter petrol engines may start in Szentgotthárd in the first half of 2023 - Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó announced on Facebook. The investment will amount to tens of millions of euros as promised and will increase the production capacity of the domestic operation by about 50 percent.
Péter Szijjártó said that as a result of the negotiations with Stellantis, the management of the newly formed group of companies decided to

This also means that the Hungarian operation will play an important role in the company's hybrid strategy, as this resource will be installed in the company's hybrid vehicles.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade also said that 200,000 units of these 1.6-liter engines will be produced annually thanks to the group’s ability to meet the increased demand for hybrid cars.


Péter Szijjártó also talked about the fact that the series production of the new engines will start in the first half of 2023 as planned. The 50% capacity expansion will also mean a significant increase in headcount, according to the Minister, ie

The main components of this 1.6-liter engine will be manufactured here in Szentgotthárd, where the engines will be tested and assembled.
- emphasized Péter Szijjártó.

He also drew attention to the fact that the current investment goes beyond itself, ie it will also provide an opportunity for Hungarian suppliers. He pointed out that this investment is also about the future, as it ensures the future of the Hungarian plant in the production network of Stellantis for a decade


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Using the example of Újpest, we show how vile the left lies!

They disregard people, they think they can hide the reality, they think everyone is silly and easily fooled! That's what voters look at

Using the example of Újpest, we show how vile the left lies!

The videos refuted the lies of Déri and his robber gang!
Tibor Déri and László Varjú once again lied to the people of Újpest

Újpest Fidelitashis video, in an understandable, clear way for everyone, presented reality with numbers, facts!

The Gyurcsány coalition also started a financial war against the people in Újpest, because while they are crying that the left-wing local governments do not have enough money, the local propaganda press and the lying billboards still get money.

In 2019, the city was taken over with a HUF 10 billion plus, this money we do not know where it is now, as no major local investments have been made in a year and a half. The best way to show through the example of the Specialist Medical Clinic in Újpest that what is done on the billboards, that the Government gets less money for health care, for example, is a huge lie.
For the operation itself, the Government provided HUF 1.5 billion from the Health Fund in 2018, HUF 1.95 billion in 2019 and HUF 2 billion in 2020 to Újpest. Thus, the left-wing municipality received more operating support from the Government than the Fidesz municipality led by Zsolt Wintermantel. In addition to the increased annual operating support, the Government has provided more than HUF 900 million in development support to the left-wing local government of Újpest in the past one year.

And thisZsolt Wintermantelwrote: I ran Újpest for nine years, we prepared nine budgets. There has been a global economic crisis, there has been an operational transformation, a changing financing environment, many challenges. Has anyone heard us whine or whine even once? We did our job!

👉If anyone is interested in real numbers, here:
👉And you can read here:

More "Déri" ...
The mayor of Újpest Momentum took the housing allowance for the young couple
Fidelitas in action! The young people were outraged by Tibor Déri's anti-government propaganda and revealed the reality in Újpest!
The ice cream is back: The real face of “collaboration”
Private jet, beating, xenophobia, Russian relations
Abuse of extraordinary legal order in Újpest
They lie that there is no money, but you always get buddies, not a few! The buddy footage media gets hundreds of millions in Újpest, Déri and Dobrev seem to be in the highest rank
In the middle of the crisis, the Gyurcsánya took away the support due to pensioners in Újpest
The Újpest Municipality saves HUF 100 million on students

Source:Újpest Fidelitas(King of the video!)

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New investments in the health industry!

New investments in the health industry!

The epidemic has shown how fragile the globalized world is, how quickly borders close, how vulnerable countries that are unable to provide for themselves!

In the last 6 months, the government has helped 49 investments in the healthcare industry, as a result of which Hungarian companies supplying the healthcare industry have launched more than HUF 70 billion in development.

Last year, in the middle of the year, the Ministry of Finance was given the new task of strengthening domestic healthcare production, the importance of which increased during the epidemic. Based on the aggregated data, Mihály Varga said that starting the program was the right move.
The government supports the production of products that strengthen the country's self-sufficiency and also create opportunities for domestic producers to enter foreign markets, he said.
Thus, among other things, they increase the country's capacity in the production of rubber gloves, masks, medicines, disinfectants, ventilators, medical instruments, he said. These investments will protect jobs and help restart the economy, so the program will continue this year as described by Mihály Varga.

Mihály Varga announced new investments in the health industry.
Some new and previously announced improvements:
- The production of 10 million surgical gloves per month starts from domestic raw materials in Kiskunfélegyháza
- 1 million medical quality masks are made daily in Dunaföldvár
- Robotic operating instruments are manufactured in Budakeszi
And much more! a total of 49 similar developments are already underway, for which the government provides huge support, as the most important thing is the health of the Hungarian people!
- Production of the Hungarian-developed ventilator starts in Hungary
- One of MOL's plants switched to the production of disinfectants
- The National Vaccine Factory will be built in Debrecen

Thank You,Mihály Varga!

Source: (video)ógiai-maszkgyartasban-3563407/ák_Oltoanyaggyar_Debrecenben_epul_fel

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They are concreting Mocsárosdűlő!

The left is planning a giga construction in Mocsárosdűlő, office buildings can grow like mushrooms in the partially protected, wetland

They are concreting Mocsárosdűlő!

Where are the "grove protectors" with dreadlocks? We don’t see them chaining themselves to the trees, no molino, no Facebook group, no petition, and so on. Such are these fake greens! Nature is only important in the campaign, after the victory come the “Nokia boxes”, the Cypriot companies, the buddies, the backlash.

Remember! Gergely Karácsony promised "heat-wood" in the campaign, and what became of it? Nothing!. There was a "we plant a tree after every child born in Budapest" promise, there was a "panel program" fake, there was a "ban on felling", there was a "concrete stop" and of course a meaningless "climate emergency", but these were just words, real deeds did not follow promises. Budapest has become a neglected, dirty city, the left-liberal leadership is now "living" from handing over projects launched by the previous leadership, cutting ribbons, but no new projects are launched, although there is money, only no expertise.
There will be a small "list" at the end of the article ...

While the left-wing leadership of the capital is announcing that Mocsárosdűlő would be protected as green space, according to their plans hidden from the public, they would erect thousands of flats and office space in the partially protected wetland. Balázs Bús, the former Fidesz mayor of Óbuda, ordered a ban on changes in the area, which is still valid today.

The capital, led by Gergely Karácsony, would create a concrete jungle in one of the last largely untouched green areas of Óbuda - and Budapest - which is also home to rare plant and animal species.

According to the study plan prepared for the construction of a significant part of the Mocsárosdűlő with the help of the urban planning department of the Mayor's Office, up to 2,600 flats can be built in the area, where a total of almost half a million square meters of floor space would be created. The plans Karácsony that are expected to provoke public outrage are so hidden that they are just voicing their intentions.

In his Facebook post yesterday, chief architect Sándor Bardóczi celebrated the left-wing city administration and the “climate emergency” they had previously declared by saying that 650,000 square meters of land in Mocsárosdűlő will be “not to be built in”. According to him, this is “an unprecedented paradigm shift that many may find it insane”. But while Bardóczi argued that the part in question could be built up until 1970, he forgot to mention that Balázs Bús, III. The former mayor of Fidesz, the district, ordered a ban on alterations in Mocsárosdűlő, which is still in force today, and prevented any plans for construction.

"However, this wonderful habitat may be damaged now, as it seems that the left-wing leadership of the capital and the district has decided to incorporate part of the green space after the ban on alterations has been lifted," Balázs Bús emphasized. Moreover, Karácsony his plans may be supported by the Aquincum-Swamp Association, which is becoming less and less a non-governmental organization, which has deleted comments from its Facebook page in which local residents have protested against the incorporations.

Meanwhile, the construction plans are literally hidden by the left, Bardóczi's entry contains only a blind map of Mocsárosdűlő, and one can only guess that some of the patches marked in blue, without explanation, indicate the area of ​​future installations.

As we wrote earlier, in the drawings published in an earlier issue of Anzix Óbuda - also without explanation - the signs F 4 and F 7 suggested that multi-storey office buildings and residential buildings would be erected, and the study plan in our possession confirmed this. It is noteworthy that the study also mentions that it is not possible to build an underground garage due to the inland water in the area, so parking a large number of cars with thousands of properties can increase congestion, not to mention the extra burden on local traffic. air pollution.

In the light of the above, Tímea Szabó's yesterday's Facebook post, in which she tried to give the impression that the government wants to incorporate Mocsárosdűlő, is quite regressive.

"We need green, we need calm, we need clean air!" My message to the government: do not try to do the trick again, their knives have twice broken into the resistance of the people of Óbuda! Just as we defended the Rome and the Shipyard, so will the Swamp! Wrote the co-chair of the Karácsony party.

As previously reported by Magyar Idők, Mocsárosdűlő has been tried to be saved by dedicated conservationists since the 1920s. It probably got its name from its soil, in the Middle Ages there was another lake here. One of the last, still close to nature habitats of Óbuda is in danger, despite the declaration of protection. The Foundation for the Healthy Adulthood of Our Children has been calling for the vineyard to be turned into a visitable, recreational area for a few years, and these plans were also supported by the previous Fidesz city administration.

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Balázs Bús
There is money - no expertise.

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