The big lie! You can feel the election approaching

The "Smell of the People" is once again housing the bleeding of local governments, here is the refutation

The big lie!  You can feel the election approaching

In the picture, we tried to simplify things to the level of the average People’s Word readers. We have outlined two examples.
2010: I'll give you 1000 forints, but it costs 400 forints to run the schools, and that's your job!
Now: I'll give you 800 forints and take over the operation of the schools.

I give less money: YES
Do you have more money? YES!

It is very pathetic that this body considers itself an independent press. This is not journalism, this is disinformation!

THEMinistry of Financewritten by:
️ Caution, sham!
In his article today, Népszava once again claims untruth, this time with a misleading article about the financing of local governments. Many of the slips in the article are itemized by Péter Benai, Secretary of State for Public Finance, below:

1️⃣ The journalist falsely sees the disadvantages suffered by the municipalities as the fact that in 2012-2013 the government "took away the health and education institutions" from the municipalities. The reality, on the other hand, is that the government has also taken over the funding of these institutions, thus reducing the burden on local governments. The journalist omitted from the article for some reason that in the same period the government also took over the debts of the local governments under the left-wing governments, a total of HUF 1,369 billion.

2️⃣ The halving of the business tax also arises in the article, which, according to the statement, endangers the performance of the tasks of the settlements. In contrast, the reality is that halving the business tax accounts for about 1% of local government budgets, while providing huge help to the smallest businesses. Settlements with less than 25,000 inhabitants and settlements with a more unfavorable economic situation above this population were compensated 100% by the government, out of a total of more than HUF 71 billion. Not to mention that from 2010 to 2020, local government business tax revenues have increased by 80%. This means an increase of 10% year-on-year and an increase of one hundred billion in nominal terms: from HUF 443.1 billion in 2010 to HUF 788.3 billion in 2019.

3️⃣ The article does not mention that the government is running the Modern Cities Program and the Hungarian Village Program specifically to support municipal investments. Together with other EU programs, their total value is close to HUF 400 billion. Municipal budget subsidies are also growing significantly every year: in 2021, for example, municipalities received 23% more money than in 2020.

4️⃣ The article also falsely states that local governments are spending less money today than in 2010. “Apples to pears” tries to compare the 2010 funding and task system with the completely different 2022 system. The truth is that local governments can manage significantly more resources this year than in 2010: In addition to the targeted subsidies mentioned in point 3 alone, local governments received HUF 578.2 billion in state resources in 2010, and 908.9 billion in 2021. billion forints.

5️⃣ Examining the local government data at the end of September 2021, it can also be stated that the debt stock of local governments also decreased significantly: from HUF 220.3 billion at the end of 2019 to HUF 195.8 billion. At the same time, we know from the settlements' own reports that the cash balance of local governments at the end of September 2021 was massively surplus; the usable cash stock of local governments increased by tens of billions of forints even compared to 2019, reaching HUF 1,100 billion!

👉 Thus, it can be seen that despite the distortions published in Népszava, the local government system is in a stable, constantly strengthening financial and economic situation. Misleading, unprofessional writings like this are just a means of creating mood.


Orbán gives and does not lose!
Instead of lying left-liberal propaganda, here is the reality
1800 billion forints!
"Orbans", attention! Settlements can apply for so many development resources! So it is not stolen by anyone, but the municipalities win it through tenders and develop from it

Liar article on the dirt sheet (only for the nervous!)
More "municipal" articles

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It is not "Zorban" but the greed of global multinationals that is behind inflation!

Why has inflation risen to a multi-year high almost everywhere in developed countries?

It is not "Zorban" but the greed of global multinationals that is behind inflation!

In short, largely because the global giants, which are holding their entire sectors under their control, have begun to realize extra profits unprecedented under the guise of the crisis through significant price increases.

This phenomenon has recently been pointed out by several renowned economists such as former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert B. Reich, a researcher at Delft University of Technology Servaas Storm, or Matt Stoller, an American antitrust economist. Stoller estimates that 60 percent of higher U.S. inflation is due to rising corporate extra profits and can only be explained by 40 percent of generous government spending. The analyzes of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank are in line with this, which show that 80% of the higher domestic inflation is due to international factors and only 20% to domestic developments.

How can global giants raise prices artificially, in a way that is difficult to justify economically? Matt Stoller just mentioned identified 5 channels:
1️⃣ Monopolies have the ability to set prices and reduce supply, as there is no one in the market other than them.
2️⃣ Through artificial bottlenecks deliberately produced to exploit their market power. This means that companies deliberately design their products so that they are not as substitutable as possible, so that the entire value chain is dependent on their product and the supply they can influence.
3️⃣ Through the right to repair: in this case, large companies prevent companies and users from repairing the purchased product themselves.
4️⃣ Through their dominance: the producers of raw material monopolies (such as companies traditionally with energy resources (oil, gas), but in the age of Industry 4.0 can also include semiconductor manufacturing) have become dominant in the world.
5️⃣ Through economic discrimination, which allows giants to drive smaller players out of the market by selling essential products to their competitors at a higher price.

What did these processes lead to?

Globally, the profits of U.S. companies have risen to unprecedented levels since the COVID crisis, rising 70% (!) In a few months. As a result, however, inflation in families and businesses in all countries of the developed world has risen to a multi-year high.

There are several unique examples to support this:
👉 Procter & Gamble justified its price increase in April with rising commodity prices and shipping costs, but then, interestingly, reported a profit of 24.7 percent by the end of the third quarter. He also had $ 3 billion left to buy back his own shares.
👉 Coca-Cola and PepsiCo also raised prices citing rising costs, and in the end the increase went so well that PepsiCo also managed an operating profit of $ 3 billion. Coca-Cola raised its price similarly and over time, resulting in a profit margin of 28.9 percent.
Közep In the midst of the energy crisis, twenty-four leading U.S. oil and gas companies made $ 174 billion in profits, with Exxon making unprecedented profits in the third quarter last year. It is also due to this that energy prices have risen dramatically in recent months, which is playing a key role in raising inflation.

But what can the government of a small, open economy do in this situation like# Hungaryto protect its residents from inflation caused by global giants?

There are basically three things:
It is necessary to raise wages as much as possible in excess of inflation. Therefore, in this situation, the increase of the minimum wage to HUF 200 thousand and the guaranteed minimum wage to HUF 260 thousand, the wage increases affecting many sectors, as well as the increase of the pension and the 13-month pension are of paramount importance.
We maintain the overhead reduction introduced in 2013! While in other countries the overhead of families and small businesses has doubled in the past year and a half, in Hungary only energy providers can bill at a pre-crisis fixed price! This makes Hungary one of the lowest household overheads in the European Union.
It is necessary to limit the price increase of critical products discretionarily: that's why we introduced an official price of 480 forints for fuels, why we restricted the export of building materials, why we introduced an interest rate stop, and therefore introduced a food price stop for 6 basic foods from February 1.

We cannot completely stop the global processes - and thus the inflation from abroad - but we are working to make the effects of Hungarian families and businesses as little as possible.

Because Hungary has to go forward and not backwards!


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Consider who you are voting for

Márki-Zay: "Yes, it must be accepted that there is no emergency or maternity care near those living in rural towns or even villages."

Consider who you are voting for

The topic is explained in more detail here:

Watch this video - the left would CLOSE it all, I would KILL the doctors, the nurses and the other workers! Healthcare workers would not not only have high but not even low wages! They would have no pay, the left would send us to death!

One more video: Statements that the left now denies. Look, pass it on! data/videos/976130949992185

Do the same so that the past does not return!
The share button is a great weapon against them!

Márki-Zay epidemic, amid economic difficulties CLAIM MONEY FROM THE HOSPITAL! Is it lower than that?

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Domestic bus production - not a dream!

500 new long-distance buses will be operational by mid-2022!

Domestic bus production - not a dream!

The buses are manufactured in Győr and Debrecen!

The vehicles are developed by 150 engineers and manufactured by more than 700 workers, and the manufacturing process employs a total of six thousand people. The first six buses were handed over in Székesfehérvár today.
For us, Hungary is the first

And that's not all! Fidesz does not speak, but acts!
Here is the list of numbers:
"Everything is bad," the power-hungry left shouts
Meanwhile, one of the largest bus factories in the Central and Eastern European region will be handed over this year in Mosonmagyaróvár!
Roller Bus launches 3,200 new buses by the end of the year! Most of them are already on the market, in 2021 850 new vehicles entered service nationwide! We are moving forward in 2022 as well!
Development will remain with us as long as Fidesz leads the country.
In this article, we have linked additional articles related to buses and public transportation.
2021 was a record year in domestic bus procurement!
850 new buses have entered service nationwide!
The year 2022 will start with new bus purchases at Volánbus: the transport company has announced tenders for the purchase of a total of 543 buses, in the framework of which the company has 114 low-floor suburban articulated, 10 low-floor urban articulated, 360 low-entry, two-axle suburban and 59 standard buys a floor-height, two-axle intercity bus
HUF 1,500 billion for railway development! *
* If Fidesz wins! If the left wins, that money will also be scattered by sharks swimming in the swamp of the left!
1850 km of cycle paths have been built since 2010!
Those who have not built a single meter under their government are accused of anti-cycling by Fidesz. They also accuse Fidesz of not doing enough to protect the environment
Development of public transport
Instead of talking, there are facts
1100 new electric buses on sale by 2025!
The "NER" has fallen - the money is NOT STOLEN against the left, but is invested in the future!
3000 billion for road development
123 electric buses arrive
164 CNG-powered vehicles also arrive
6 new articulated buses were handed over in Zalaegerszeg
Buses installed in Debrecen were handed over in Győr!
A total of 39 new Mercedes-Benz Conecto buses will be used to develop public transport in Győr
23 new Mercedes-Benz Conecto G articulated buses to Székesfehérvár. (with video)
New buses are constantly arriving in Budapest
42 new buses arrive in Veszprém
Transformed Kaposvár: the first new intermodal hub in the country is handed over
The new bus station in Komló was handed over, new buses were put on the market, the value of the development was HUF 1 billion. We link to Dr. Péter Hoppál's information video. Thank you, Mr. 🇭
The KISS double-decker motor train has also started on the Győr and Nyíregyháza lines! Of the 40 new trains, 22 are already on the market, a development of HUF 200 billion.
48 new trolleybuses arrive in Budapest with government support
Can be “Orbaned” and “Butchered”
The infrastructural developments of the Lake Balaton region in a spectacular video!
24 new buses arrived in Somogy!
Fidesz is not talking about public transport, it is developing it!
It was all built in 2021! There's 886 billion here, libsik!
According to the left, Fidesz is stealing everything ... Let's ask them, "What's wrong then?"

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It was built in 20121

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👉Modern Cities Program Results data/videos/456499855852256

👉This is what Orbán did with our public education institutions! data/videos/1215108605666438
OrThis Orbán did with Hungarian health care!
👉This is what Orbán did with our listed buildings! data/videos/577667423675955
👉This Orbán did by public transport data/videos/1219882711827007

👉Further developments:


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Viktor Orbán on Kossuth Radio

"We want to leave our country not to strangers, but to our own children, and we won't expand it!"

Viktor Orbán on Kossuth Radio

“We’ll all end our lives sooner or later and we want to know who we’re leaving all we’ve worked for, who’s going to live in this country, and why we’ve worked after all. We want, as it has always been in Hungary for 36 generations, the next generation of Hungarians to take over what previous generations have worked for, and we do not want to change that! ”

We support you, Prime Minister. We have not been working for 1000 years for others to take away what our children and then our grandchildren deserve. We will vote for the national government in April!

That was said at the end of this morning's interview.

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The country has been building for 12 years! Let it stay this way!

Viktor Orbán and his government are not talking, they are acting!

The country has been building for 12 years!  Let it stay this way!

What are they doing for people? Here are some steps!
Now let's look at today's dose development!

Dunavarsány: a new nursery is being built
Zoltán Bónawrote: In the spring, the crèche of the Dunavarsány Fairy Land will be completed. And from September, 48 young children can take possession and start their daily lives here.
We can also help parents with small children in the Danube region to find a balance between work and family, while their children develop in safety, in the hands of understanding, in the community.
Come on, Dunavarsány!

Székesfehérvár: new buses have arrived
Csaba Dömötörwrote: Campaign Log
MADE IN HUNGARY: more than 500 new long-distance buses will arrive in 2022. The vehicles in the picture were handed over in Székesfehérvár today, only 26 of them are in service in Fejér county until the middle of summer.
Mercedes buses are manufactured at home in Győr and Debrecen. 700 people are involved in production and 150 in engineering work. The developments, together with the suppliers, employ 6,000 Hungarians.
The new buses with 45 seats are also equipped with air conditioning, a camera, a passenger counter and an electronic passenger transport system.
Have a good trip with them!

Charter: a new social center was built
Sándor Fontwrote: Harta also goes forward, not backward!
Today's visit was a complete program, which is due to the fact that significant improvements have been made in educational institutions, social care, and the fire brigade.
Today, I was pleased to accept the invitation of Mayor László Dollenstein, Henrik Fröhlich, President of the German Nationality of Harta, and András Vejtei, Commander of the Harta Volunteer Fire Brigade Association.
Harta is in a special situation, the only one in the area of ​​my district where the kindergarten, mini-nursery, primary school and music school have been maintained by the German Nationality Council for 6 years now. As a good owner, they take care of all the institutions in the same way, and they have made very serious investments with significant government support (more than HUF 110 million), but both the local government and the national self-government have added to the developments.
The day care facility of the social institution was built on the site of an old, dilapidated demolished house, and an institutional maintenance accommodation was also set up. With a government subsidy of nearly 180 million forints and a self-sufficiency of 20 million forints, a complex of buildings serving the people of the XXI. meets all the expectations of the 21st century.
The fire brigade was able to procure a high-speed road vehicle with the necessary equipment, a vehicle for flood and inland water protection, and other professional equipment for the performance of its tasks, winning a total of HUF 25 million.
At the end of the morning, we commemorated those deported and displaced from their homes on the day of the deportation of the Germans in Hungary. We placed a wreath at the Harta monument in their honor.

Detk: A new sewage treatment plant has been built
Horváth Laciwrote: Modern technology, cleaner environment, higher quality of life!
The new wastewater treatment plant in Detk, Ludas and Nagyút, built from the tender source, is already operational. In connection with the investment handed over today, the development of a sewerage network protecting soil and aquifers has also been implemented.
We will continue to work with Mayor Tamás Stefanovszki to develop Detk!

Aldebrő: the new nursery is already under construction
Horváth Laciwrote: Great investment for the little ones!
Aldebrő will prosper with its nursery, where the local and the small villages of Lake Village will be able to grow. There is already a lot of interest in the new institution, it will be a great help for parents.
In the settlements of our region, nurseries are being built in a row, kindergartens and schools are being renewed! We continue to work for the development of our villages, for the families and for the children, as they are the key to Hungary's future!
Go Hungary! Come on, Aldebrő!

Free accommodation: a new nursery has been built
László Salaczwrote: A place where everything is for children!
The recently opened Free Gingerbread Nursery is already very much waiting for the children and their parents who come here.
All the necessary conditions were in place for the children to develop in the crèche and for their parents to be able to do their work in peace during this time.
I am glad that in partnership with the Government of Hungary we managed to provide the resources for the construction of the institution.
For us, family comes first!

Sátoraljaújhely: a new suspension bridge is being built.
Preparatory work has started in Sátoraljaújhely for the world record pedestrian bridge project. A 700-meter-long bridge connecting the Castle Hill and the Szárhegy at an altitude of 80 meters will be built in the small town of north-eastern Hungary. The planned budget of the project is HUF 4 billion, the expected handover in 2023.
Construction of the National Cohesion Bridge began with landscaping, and investors promise to take possession in 2023. The 700-meter-long building connects the two points of the city, the Castle Hill and the Szárhegy, at an altitude of 80 meters. The bridge with a glass floor in the middle part will be built from the HUF 4 billion within the framework of the Tokaj-Zemplén Development Program. The new footbridge will later be part of the Zemplén Adventure Park, a fully municipal project that the city has undertaken to maintain.

The Pauline Church in Pécs was renovated
The center of Pécs, the only Hungarian-founded order of monks, was renewed
As part of the Happy Özséb Program, buildings managed by Paulines across the country have been renovated.
Within the framework of the Happy Özséb Program, the Pálos Church and Monastery in Pécs was renovated in the amount of HUF 544 million. The Pauline order - the only Hungarian monastic order founded in Hungary and still operating today - commemorated the 750th anniversary of the death of the happy Özséb Esztergom, who organized the order in 2020 - was revealed in MTI's announcement on Saturday.
Within the framework of the Happy Özséb Program, which was developed for the anniversary and received state support, the buildings managed by the Paulines throughout the country, such as churches and monasteries, were renovated. In addition, a number of cultural program elements deepening the social embeddedness of the Pauline order took place.
Among the developments of the program in Pécs, the exterior and interior renovation of the Pauline Church and the monastery building took place, a new lecture hall, a sacrament of worship, a new children's playroom and a new community hall were established.

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👉This is what Orbán did with our public education institutions! data/videos/1215108605666438
OrThis Orbán did with Hungarian health care!
👉This is what Orbán did with our listed buildings! data/videos/577667423675955
👉This Orbán did by public transport data/videos/1219882711827007
👉Further developments:

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Let's prevent false news!

Let's talk ahead! Needless to say, “Orbán only meets Eastern dictators”

Let's prevent false news!

And it is also unnecessary to spread that “Orban is isolated” As we can see, this is not true. Only in the minds of left-liberals is there a constant compulsion to vote, normal politicians do business with everyone, build partnerships if our national interest demands it. Paks II and cheap gas are included here.

The point of our foreign policy is not to look for enemies, but for friends! Left-liberals have in their brains only the "or": west OR east, Fudan OR student city, tax relief OR family allowance, stadium OR hospital, "tests instead of officers."
Fidesz's policy is "AND" - there is political will, money and expertise for everything! What we can buy cheaply in the East, we buy in the East, what in the West, in the West, if Eastern companies come to us and create new jobs, we are happy to have Western companies, too!

Bomb announcement!
Orbán and Putin in Paks II, which increased the sovereignty of our country. project progress will be discussed soon!

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The lives of left-liberal propagandists are difficult

The FOS ("independent, objective" press) tries to explain why it is bad not to tax a young person

The lives of left-liberal propagandists are difficult


It's so "bad" for young people now.

The FOS doesn’t even know that no one is retiring with the salary they started their career with. Wages are rising, and by the time he turns 25, there is a good chance that his after-tax salary will be higher than it is now tax-free. If you start a family and have a child, your net will be even higher! Let's look at an example!

"Jakab Gipsz" graduated from vocational high school, and since we have a national government instead of a left-liberal one, he immediately went to work due to low unemployment and the continuous growth of industrial production (in the summer of 2021, at the age of 20, with a minimum wage of 2021 HUF ). As a graduate, her employer hired her at a lower salary than her experienced colleagues, with the proviso that her salary be reviewed within 1 year.
Despite the fact that "Jakab Gipsz" worked for the company for only half a year in January, the net salary increased from HUF 145,635 to HUF 211,900 due to the government's decision. (He received a tax exemption, and the minimum wage for skilled workers increased to HUF 260,000 gross)
The young man in the example is doing well in his workplace, as he understands that it is not Orbán who can do it primarily for his well-being, but himself. His employer saw the young man as "producing" more than some of his more experienced colleagues, so he agreed with him to raise his salary by 10 percent a year for the next 5 years. With this step, the employer is also doing well, as he can keep the skillful "James" in the long run, and the young man is also doing well, as he can know in advance that he will earn more than one and a half times his current salary within 5 years.
5 years have passed and Jakab is also 25 years old. The apocalyptic state that HVG envisions is coming - THE BAD IS BIG! Or not? Jakab's salary increased from HUF 260,000 gross in 2022 to HUF 418,732 in 5 years, which means HUF 278,457 net without children.

Is there any cause for concern for the young person in the example? We don't think so! You can start a family boldly, have a child with your future wife, the government will help you get a home, and give them a tax credit. James is a smart guy, and he doesn't choose a wife just because of his figure. James connected his life with a skillful, hard-working girl like him, who spent his life working like him and working at his workplace, so his salary also increased in 5 years.

Let’s look at how much they will NOT be paid between 2022-2027 if they both started with a guaranteed minimum wage and their wages increase by 10 percent a year.
2022 (Gross 260,000): HUF 39,000 / person / month = HUF 936,000
2023 (Gross 286,000): HUF 42,900 / person / month = HUF 1,029,600
2024 (Gross 314,600): HUF 47,190 / person / month = HUF 1,132,560
2025 (Gross 346,060): HUF 51,909 / person / month = HUF 1,245,816
2026 (Gross 380 666): HUF 57,100 / person / month = HUF 1,370,400
2027 (Gross 418,732): HUF 62,810 / person / month = HUF 1,507,440

Total: 7,221,816 HUF left in their pockets, they don't pay that much! If this money is not partyed but put away, they start a family, get married and have 3 children at the age of 25, the government will top up their savings with 10 million checks, 10 million baby waiting allowances, VAT exemptions and other benefits to buy their first home. This is just the money the government is giving! If they save in addition, they will further improve their situation. A rural family house can thus be purchased with a minimum loan, or with a minimum family allowance, even without a loan!

The government is not giving aid, it is providing jobs so that everyone has an OPPORTUNITY to prosper. For that, however, we must strive first and foremost!

Who did more for the young people?
Let's look at some examples! We are not expressing an opinion, we are talking about the specifics!
What else did Fidesz do? This is a collection of links! Look, don't rest!

In summary: It is worth working in Hungary, trying to start a family and supporting the national government, the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance!

Less HVG, more work and effort, and you will have it all!
PS: The young man mentioned in the example cannot be associated with the president of Jobbik. The qualities described above do NOT apply to the Jobbik President.

FOS lying article:
Payroll calculator:

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Annual inflation was 5.1%

This is also described in the left-liberal false news propaganda. But what do they NOT say?

Annual inflation was 5.1%

The FOS ("independent objective" press) is so objective and so independent that they only grab a single piece of data at a time and have been dealing with it for weeks. Now inflation was on the agenda, the December data was spread honestly, Viktor Orbán was blamed for everything, but when the annual data came out, they were somehow quieter, we don't understand why!

Well, annual inflation was 5.1%. A lot or a little - we will find out this when the EU comparison appears on the Eurostat website, now let's deal with the Hungarian reality a bit. What is NOT mentioned when it comes to inflation? What can offset inflation? How can a government help in such cases? What has Viktor Orbán and his government done to keep the already high inflation around the world from hurting us? Let's see! (And let's not just look!)

Law enforcement salaries increase by 10% (6-month gun money)
Wages at Volánbus and MÁV increased by 10%
Youth wages increase by 15% (tax exemption)
We pay the cheapest utility bills in Europe
Families get their tax back
Wages for nursery workers increased by 20%
Wages for cultural workers increased by 20%
Retirement income increased by 17.1%
Wages for social workers increased by 20%
The tax burden on wages decreased by 4%
Wages of public workers increased by 17.6%
Poverty has fallen by a third
Wages for postal workers increased by 9%
Teachers' salaries increased by 10%
Nurses' salaries increased by 21%
The minimum wage increased by 20%
The average wage increased by 6.3%

Inflation was there anyway before 2010, “not a little, a lot!” But instead of helping the left-liberal government, the situation worsened: taxes were raised, overheads became more expensive, 13th month pensions and 13th month wages were taken away, VAT was raised, institutions were closed and unemployment increased to 12%. To be clear, these people had NO income.

Viktor Orbán's government pounded tax cuts!
Not what we say: Eurostat says. Not "stealing", but HELPING YOU!
Attention! Facts follow!
That's why we support Fidesz!
Do you think there are Western European prices in Hungary?
There are few countries cheaper than us!
Let's see clearly in the case of VAT!
Where VAT is lower, PIT is higher!
Consumption increased above inflation in 2021. According to them, we have money! That's the point, the rest is just duma
The income of an average family now and in 2009
The numbers show that although life has become more expensive by about 50 percent compared to 2009, we are still living better now than under left-wing rule!
How much is the Euro? Many? Really?
In the great dictatorship, the Orbán regime, we are earning more even in the “expensive euro” than in the “democracy” of Gyurcsányi Szem-lő-hegy
"Everything is bad," shouts the power-hungry foreign-serving left!
The figures show that Hungary has been developing for 12 years and that prosperity is growing at the same time
More articles on living:

What else did Fidesz do? Look at this!
If there is work, everything is there! 1 million jobs, reduced poverty by a third!
Instead of left-wing election lies, here are some of Fidesz's achievements in reducing poverty
Hungary: 0%!
Inflation is everywhere now, but we are not threatened by an increase in overheads! (As long as Fidesz is in government)
Who did more for the young people?
Let's look at some examples! We are not expressing an opinion, we are talking about the specifics!



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Viktor Orbán's government pounded tax cuts!

Not what we say: Eurostat says. Not "stealing", but HELPING YOU!

Viktor Orbán's government pounded tax cuts!

As a result of the tax reduction, families can stay at least one hundred thousand forints a year. According to Eurostat statistics, the third largest tax deduction as a share of GDP decreased in Hungary between 2009 and 2020. While the state deducted 38.9 percent of GDP in 2009 in the form of taxes and contributions, in 2020 it was 36.4 percent. This value is significantly lower than the average of the EU member states (41.3 percent in 2020) - this was reported by László György, State Secretary of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology on his community page.

The secretary of state said the tax deduction as a proportion of GDP shows what proportion of economic performance remains with families and businesses. "The right-wing government believes in a policy of tax cuts: our goal is to keep what families and businesses produce with them," he said.

Expressed in numbers: if taxes had remained at the level experienced by the left-wing government after 2010, the state would have collected HUF 1,200 billion more in taxes from families and businesses in 2020. This means almost 300 thousand forints per household per year - emphasized László György.

The Secretary of State then listed what taxes the government has cut since 2010:

The highest rate of personal income tax fell from 36 percent to 15 percent.
Mothers with four children and young people under the age of 25 do not have to pay personal income tax.
The rate of the family tax credit increased from HUF 12 billion in 2009 to HUF 980 billion by 2022.
The public burden deducted from the wages of retired workers fell from 49.5 percent to 15 percent.
The corporate tax rate fell from 20 percent to 9 percent.
The employer tax (soco) fell from 33.5 percent to 13 percent and the vocational training contribution was abolished.
Instead of HUF 5 million, the subject is now exempt from VAT up to HUF 12 million.
The administration fee was reduced from HUF 2,200 to HUF 0.
The rate of inheritance and gift tax between direct relatives and spouses decreased from 15–21 percent to 0 percent.
In addition, a number of other measures and wage increases help Hungarian families:

László György reminded that between 2002 and 2010, the left constantly raised taxes, putting families and businesses in a difficult position. The right, on the other hand, has been cutting taxes consistently since 2010. This is the path we need to take in order to create an economic environment that is competitive for our businesses and high wages and rising living standards for our families.

Attention! Facts follow!
That's why we support Fidesz!
Retirees have been managing 17 percent more money than 1 year ago!
Do you think there are Western European prices in Hungary?
There are few countries cheaper than us!
Let's see clearly in the case of VAT!
Where VAT is lower, PIT is higher!
Consumption increased above inflation in 2021. According to them, we have money! That's the point, the rest is just duma
The income of an average family now and in 2009
The numbers show that although life has become more expensive by about 50 percent compared to 2009, we are still living better now than under left-wing rule!
How much is the Euro? Many? Really?
In the great dictatorship, the Orbán regime, we are earning more even in the “expensive euro” than in the “democracy” of Gyurcsányi Szem-lő-hegy
"Everything is bad," shouts the power-hungry foreign-serving left!
The figures show that Hungary has been developing for 12 years and that prosperity is growing at the same time
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