We show everyone “where is the cash”

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We show everyone “where is the cash”

No, these are not "snatched examples" either. What we are seeing is some elements of the system-level development of the country. We present another 2,000 developments in the video based on previous articles!

And now can come today's "dose"!

1. New vehicles for Disaster Management!
The truck fleet has been expanded with special trucks
Two new side-loading container vehicles and a smaller semi-trailer tractor will strengthen disaster relief rescue capabilities from mid-April. The three special Renault vehicles help the work of the rescue units by moving heavy equipment and performing other logistical tasks. The two three-axle, all-wheel-drive side-loading container carriers can be used to move more than ten tons of rescue equipment not only on the road, but also in medium and difficult terrain conditions.
More information about the vehicles can be found on our website: Source:https://www.facebook.com/bmokf.hivatalos/posts/3888211661232777

2. A new school is being built in Szigetszentmiklós!
Zoltán Bónawrote: The Government will start the construction of the new school on Temesvári Street in Szigetszentmiklós in May. Following the conclusion of the contract for its construction, construction of the school is expected to begin in the second half of May.
Hajrá, Szigetszentmiklós, hajrá, Pest county 8th constituency!

3. Construction of the new Ipoly Bridge has begun.
About thisBence Rétvárimade a video. Construction of the Ipoly Bridge has begun
We are building a bridge on the Ipoly, connecting what is separated by the river and the border. The original bridge between Ipolydamásd in Hungary and Helemba, which is also Hungarian, but belongs to Slovakia, was taken away in 2000 by the price. The Slovak-Hungarian agreement on the technical parameters of the gateway was reached in 2018. The Hungarian newspaper in the Highlands writes that the work area will be handed over in the second half of January. According to previous press reports, the capacity of the bridge, which originally had a load capacity of 12 tons, will be reduced to 3.5 tons. The load capacity was moderated taking into account the opinions of people living in the area who feared increasing truck traffic.
The bridge structure will bridge the river with a single opening, the total length of the bridge will be 71 meters. A connecting road is 540 meters long on the Hungarian side and 175 meters long on the Slovak side. A two-way cycle path will be established on one side of the bridge. The EUROVELO 6 international cycle path will also cross the new bridge.

4. New sports opportunities in Szolnok!
Ferenc Szalaywrote: Longer, shorter runs are also popular in Szolnok. The Tisza, the Zagyva dam are excellent places for this great sport, and this year newly built running places in three parts of the city are waiting for those who want to play sports:
a 500-meter running circuit was built in Ormos Imre Park,
the 1 km running circle at the Csónakázó lake in Tiszaliget will soon be completed,
and the course of the Véső Úti Sports Complex can be used by anyone in accordance with the policy.
In the former two cases, the woodland, while in the latter, the professional environment may be attractive to runners. Use them with pleasure!

5. Develop the beach in Balatonederics!
Zoltán Fenyvesiwrote: The work is taking place in Balatonederics, the beach is further developing and beautifying. The new, wide stairs to get to Lake Balaton arrived, new trees were planted. The playground has also been completely renovated, with a 150-square-meter sun sail, and its structure is already in place. The entry system has been completed, the settlement is ready for the summer. I learned from Mayor János Papp that the goal for next year is to renew the buffets. Hajrá Balatonederics!

6. The Magic Crown Kindergarten was renewed in the 16th century. district!
Kristóf Szatmárywrote: The Magic Crown Kindergarten has been renewed!
St. Korona Street 53-57 has been completed before. The first phase of the renovation of the building under number 200 million for nearly 200 million forints, but due to the epidemic situation, we were only able to complete the handover.
But we don't stop here!
Following the renovation of the newly completed group rooms, the renovation of the complete facade, the modernization of the ground floor heating and water block, the thermal insulation of the roof, and the expansion of the group rooms, the second phase will come in the summer.


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Thus, the government “does not improve” health care!

Reality: The government will spend HUF 2,884 billion on health care, HUF 769 billion more than this year, from which institutional renewal and health improvement programs can continue!

Thus, the government “does not improve” health care!

We have previously reported that this year's healthcare costs will reach HUF 3,000 billion. This far exceeded the originally planned budget of € 2,115 billion, the difference being provided by the government through redeployment, as the epidemic placed an extraordinary burden on the health care system. We spent money on tools, pay rises, tests, vaccines, masks, vaccinations and much more. You can read more about this here:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3182/Rekordmeretu_forras_az_egeszsegugyben

More resources are flowing into health care
According to next year's draft budget, the government will spend HUF 769 billion more on health care.

The government will spend HUF 2,884 billion on health care, 769 billion more than this year, from which institutional renewal and health improvement programs can continue

In the 2022 budget bill, the government expects dynamic economic growth of 5.2 percent, said Minister of Finance Mihály Varga on the occasion of submitting the 2022 budget bill to the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly.

Mihály Varga said that in the draft HUF 7,308 billion is available for the restart of the economy.

- HUF 2,778 billion is available in next year's draft budget for family benefits, such as PIT-free for young people and home creation, which is HUF 483 billion higher than this year.

- Next year, the government will continue to help families moving to new homes with VAT and tax exemptions, which could mean HUF 170 billion in savings for those affected.

- The government will spend HUF 255 billion more on pension payments in 2022 compared to this year; the amount - HUF 160 billion - is also available for the reconstruction of the 13-month pension. He also added that pensions will follow the expected rate of inflation (the budget includes 3 percent inflation). In case of higher growth, he continued, the elderly can also expect a pension premium, for which the government has earmarked HUF 68.5 billion.

- The government will spend HUF 2,884 billion on health care, HUF 769 billion more than this year, from which institutional renewal and health improvement programs can continue, Mihály Varga indicated. He emphasized that HUF 460 billion would be allocated to raising the salaries of health care workers struggling on the front lines of the epidemic, with which the government intends to acknowledge their extra work.

- With various tax and contribution reductions, families and businesses will have HUF 423 billion more money next year, taking into account the benefits for those under 25 years of age.

- As a result of the 2016 agreement between employers, employees and the government, the reduction of the social contribution tax will continue by another 2 percentage points next year.

🟢This health improvement is in a Numbers video, including hospitals, surgeries, pay rises, other improvements, everything is labeled, everything is verifiable.
🟢In this article, we have gathered all the information related to health care improvements and wage increases:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2962/Ma_van_a_magyar_apolok_napja
🟢Nurses' wage increaseshttps://www.szamokadatok.hu/Post/2439/A_napokon_erkezik_meg_az_apolok_megemelt_bere
🟢Increased funding for dentists:
🟢The salaries of GPs and their assistants have increased:
🟢The salary of doctors has increased:
🟢Wages in the social sector
🟢Health is evolving! (video)
🟢Is a doctor. He lies who claims the opposite
🟢Our comprehensive article on the development of the ambulance service can be found here:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1868/Romokon_az_egeszsegugy_-_hazugsag
🟢700 billion forints for the health developments of the capital and Pest county
🟢Comprehensive article on health care development, wage increases, etc.
🟢Health is not a business but a national matter


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This is how the future is built in Hungary!

Construction of the M85 is in full swing! The Balfi junction will be completed soon. The transfer is getting closer

This is how the future is built in Hungary!

They promised to do it!

For the sake of variety, this is not a "snatched example", we show why.
Our video of the improvements is about infrastructure improvements from 13 minutes to 35 seconds
Only one city with county status is no longer accessible on a four-lane road
Since 2010, a total of 6,000 km of roads and 500 km of expressways have been built or completely renovated.
Sopron has also joined the expressway network
The cost of the project is HUF 150 billion PURE DOMESTIC SOURCE
The expressway connection to Eger has been completed
(Non-loan and not payable for 35 years in a PPP scheme)
Modernization of the Budapest – Hatvan (80a) railway line in Finis!
In this way, Orbán "stole" the country, or more precisely, it rebuilds Hungary!
In 2020, 642 kilometers of roads were renewed in 214 projects.
1000 kilometers of road will be renewed this year!
Since 2010, 6,000 km of roads have been renewed, and the total value of the investments made was HUF 755 billion
The construction of the section of the M6 ​​motorway leading to the Croatian border is starting!
And since it is being built by Fidesz, it will not have to be repaid for 35 years and thus there will be no damage of HUF 2853 billion!
Construction begins: Northern Transdanubia will be enriched with 36 kilometers of four-lane roads
We are not talking about improvements, we are implementing them!
The easternmost section of the M4 was handed over, reaching the Romanian border
The approach of Debrecen from the east became faster with a four-lane road. The value of the investment is HUF 10.5 billion. They don't talk about it! They are building!
The M4 came close to Szolnok
Development of public transport
The road network of small settlements is also supported by the Hungarian Village Program
Kalocsa-Paks Danube Bridge: the work area has been handed over, construction is underway



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The average age of ambulances - the numbers are stubborn things

This is how Fidesz does not improve healthcare!

The average age of ambulances - the numbers are stubborn things

Before anyone thinks this is a "snatched case" here, we encourage them to watch the video as well, the first 6 minutes are about health improvements.

Bence Rétváriwrote: In recent years, we have replaced a significant portion of older ambulances, reducing the average age of the fleet by almost half. So much for the left-wing lie that the government doesn’t pay attention to health care!

AlsoBence Rétváriwrote: Ambulances survived the coronavirus under enormous load. An important step forward was that the budget of the National Ambulance Service has increased by 124% and 124% in ten years.

Modernized, developed in terms of staff and equipmentNational Ambulance Serviceeven in this situation he was able to perform his duties. The National Ambulance Service has published incomprehensible numbers!

Just two of these: 155,000 infected people have been hospitalized in the past good year and one and a half million coronavirus tests have been performed.
In a lengthy interview with Növekedés.hu, Gábor Csató, Director General of the National Ambulance Service, revealed to the public the activities of the ambulances during the epidemic.

* 12 million pairs of rubber gloves, half a million protective clothing and 3.5 million masks sold out
* more than a thousand people took part in 3-4 thousand rescue tasks a day, performing up to 20 thousand tests
* Sampling was facilitated from the beginning by a 100-person call center with volunteers, Red Cross, medics, and patient transporters.
* 100 sampling points have become available (only half of this is needed today)
* 400 mobile sampling units were operational at the peak of the epidemic
* 1,233 samples were taken, the daily peak was 20 thousand - in the meantime, most of the process has been digitized so that no data is lost and the workload does not become unmanageable
* sms have been sent out in the millions in recent weeks
* at the peak of the epidemic, they had 1,500 coronavirus deliveries per day
* 4.5 kilometers traveled, 155,000 suspected or confirmed infected patients were hospitalized for covid alone
* The defense consumed HUF 3 billion last year, a significant part of which was overtime pay
* Infection rate among paramedics was 2.5 percent (not all became ill while working), 100 percent sick pay was paid in all cases

Gábor Csató also revealed that with the escalation of the epidemic situation, the coronavirus rescue activity was separated from the general one, thus managing to maintain the standard, there were quasi-"two ambulance services".

The rescue service refuted another horror of the lying Hadházy
It was not the supply that collapsed, but the fake news factory on the left!
In this article, we have gathered information about health improvements and wage increases
The development of the Ambulance Service and health care is continuous


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Another bleeding, more stadiums!

This will not be reported in the fake news media either! Share the reality yourself!

Another bleeding, more stadiums!

Before anyone says these are “snatched examples,” let’s reveal that in our latest video, we’re showing over 2,000 similar developments! It starts with health investments, then education, followed by monument buildings, sports, transport, vehicles, parks, afforestation, settlement development, etc.https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/videos/287195332858965

Now come today's dose of "theft"

1. The Újhegy Swimming Pool in Kőbánya has been renewed!
(Understandably, since the Fidesz leadership is working, while the left-liberal leadership of other districts is clowning)
D. Kovács Róbertwrote: "We have opened the renewed Újhegyi Swimming Pool! We have completely renovated our popular sports facility, but so far we have not been able to open it to visitors due to the epidemic. Now, with the current regulations, our beautified pool is for their joy, for your joy! "

2. A Reformed school in Székesfehérvár gets a new wing!
An old part of the building will be demolished and replaced by a modern, two-storey educational building for about HUF 300 million.
An educational investment will start in Székesfehérvár: on Tuesday it was announced that the old, flat-roofed, high-floor wing behind the gym of the Talent Reformed Primary School will be demolished and replaced by a new, multi-storey, modern part of the building. According to the public procurement data, the work is performed by Ság-Építő Zrt.
The project will also renovate the roof of the gym, on which a solar system will be installed, and as part of the investment, retrofit thermal insulation will be installed on the facade of the main building.
The development is expected to be completed by December.
The churches of Fejér county are also being renewed
The Reformed people of Székesfehérvár are expanding their primary school from more than 300 million forints, for which the state has provided 200 million forints. At the event, Secretary of State Miklós Soltész explained that the construction will contribute to the relaunch of the Hungarian economy, as will the church renovation program, the tender for which has recently been completed. He added:
In a significant part of Fejér county, 27 churches can be renewed for a total of HUF 375 million.

3. The new administrative center in Ózd will be completed by the beginning of summer!
Gábor Riz wrote: By the beginning of the summer, the new administrative center in Ózd will be fully completed, which will allow people living in the city and its area to handle all matters within the competence of the Government Office and the District Office in one place.
The former rheumatism hospital has been vacant in the center of Ózd for many years, now it is getting a new function thanks to a government development worth HUF 1 billion. The new head of the Ózd District Office, Edit Lórántné Orosz, was also present at the tour of the building, for the appointment of which I would like to congratulate her again.
This development also shows that the Government of Hungary provides all the support for the city of Ózd to play a decisive role in the life of the micro-region, the county and Hungary in the future as well.
Oh, our common cause!

4. The Csaló közi nursing home in Nyíregyháza will be renewed!
The renovation of the Csaló köz pension house will be completed soon. The local government won a HUF 247 million grant for the energy modernization of residential buildings and the Continental Arena. In the three buildings between Csaló, the facade doors and windows were replaced, as well as heat and water insulation. Work is scheduled to be completed by the end of the summer.
Ferenc Kovácswrote: The energy modernization of old buildings continues. Today I checked the renovation works of the Csaló köz pension house. In recent years, we have renovated all kindergartens and nurseries, as well as several social institutions, now the retirement house, where elderly, retirees live in 71 flats. Complete facade and roof insulation and replacement of windows and doors will also be implemented in order to reduce overhead costs and increase the comfort of the people living there. The work is progressing well, the results are already visible.

5. The renewed kindergarten in Szigliget was handed over
The renovated building of the local nursery was handed over on Wednesday morning and has now been completed in several stages.
At the ceremony, Member of Parliament Zoltán Fenyvesi spoke about the fact that the Hungarian Village Program has been providing funding for villages for the third year since 2019. - It is a great pleasure to hand over the renovated building of an educational institution. In the recent period, the villages of our region have developed a lot, the office in Szigliget has been renewed and we hope that the school building will be completed soon, for which the village has already won the tender. This proves that the tender opportunities were used well - said Zoltán Fenyvesi and added that in the last two years HUF 200 million has been available for the renovation of the yards, buildings and gyms of kindergartens in the constituency - read the article of the Veszprém county news portal, VEOL.
“I’m glad we can make it all happen, but there are many other cool elements to the program as well. For example, the renovation of the network of institutions, roads, sidewalks, for which many have also applied in recent times. Only settlements with less than five thousand inhabitants can claim the very good opportunities provided by the Hungarian Village Program, so the anomaly can be avoided so that the villages are at a disadvantage compared to the cities. Grants will continue to be available to municipalities, such as for opening small shops, neutering and chipping animals, and merging tenders to renovate institutions, making it easier for municipal buildings to be renovated, the MP said.

6. The castle palace testimony will be completed soon!
About thisContrast Charlesmade a video.
The swimming pool is currently 90 percent ready, the trial run may come during the summer, and it will open in September!


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Karácsony and his minions scrambled the population despite the ban!

They caused difficulties artificially and intentionally! They will answer!

Karácsony and his minions scrambled the population despite the ban!

Proceedings have been initiated against the Metropolitan Municipality and eight districts for violating the population despite the ban!

The Budapest Government Office has initiated proceedings against nine local governments in Budapest, including Józsefváros, for illegal fee increases affecting the population. As is well known, the local government led by András Pikó changed the parking ordinance despite the government's ban, which ended the free waiting fee for households in households after the second car.

Eight Budapest district municipalities and the Metropolitan Municipality ignored the government's provision that they may not increase the burden on the population until the end of 2021, the Government Office of the Capital City of Budapest told MTI. As it was written, in order to comply with the decision of the government, the decisions of all districts of the capital were examined and it was established that eight left-wing district municipalities (districts I, IV, VII, IX, XI, XIV, XVIII in addition to Józsefváros) and the Metropolitan Self-Government also violated the law when it was decided to increase residential fees and extend the scope of obligations. The government office therefore initiated a total of 13 legality proceedings. The illegal decisions will also affect parking fees, rents, communal taxes, birth certificates, child catering and public land use fees, the government office said.

As we wrote earlier, András Pikó would have made parking in Józsefváros significantly more expensive, but it was banned by a government decree. However, the ban was circumvented by the left-wing leadership of the district when it changed a letter in the parking ordinance, so that as of March 31, 2021, the previous discount is no longer per resident but per apartment. Accordingly, families living in 1 apartment do not have to pay for only 1 car. For the second, yes.

And this was written by Sára Botond in connection with the planned drug center of Pikóék: “Nothing about us without us!” - this is what the left promised to the people of Józsefváros. Residents then rightly expect not to make decisions over their heads. Yet this is what city management does, many times. The mayor has now decided, together with the mayor, to open a drug center in Teleki Square.

The residents were struck by lightning from the clear sky. They knew nothing about the whole thing, though the decision had been prepared for many weeks. Only they forgot to ask in the meantime. In their indignation, they began collecting signatures, demanding that the city leadership revoke the decision. The mayor took care of it all by making a mistake because he was late with COMMUNICATION. It is no coincidence that he forgot to ask the opinions of the residents there. But he doesn’t even dare look into their eyes afterwards, even though he would have had the opportunity at the convened residential meeting, but he just sneezes and flattens. Once again, it has been proven that participation, dialogue, and similar sounding expressions are just empty words for the left.

This method is reminiscent of the Demszky times, when the mayor and the mayor decided, without asking people, to bring homeless hostels into the district.
But it is not surprising the move of the city administration. Why would anyone be asked when the mayor himself repealed a decree in March that required him to consult with residents and civilians. Yet this is required by law. The government office initiated legal proceedings for the violation.

And if the city management thinks that we are not going to account for the hundreds of millions spent by deceiving the people of József, citing "participation", they are very wrong!


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To the attention of median wage earners

In the last 10 years, the median wage has grown better than the average wage

To the attention of median wage earners

Left-liberal false news propaganda has repeatedly complained that the CSO does not publish the median wage, and if it does, it shouts how many people earn below the average wage.

The median wage is the amount at which half of the people earn less and the other half more.

In 2020, the average wage was HUF 403,616 gross, while the median was HUF 320,528, ie the median was 79.4% of the average. If anyone considers this ratio to be either bad or good, low or high at first glance, it is definitely approaching the issue with ulterior motives.

To put the issue in context, we need to examine e.g. the 2010 situation. At that time, with a gross average wage of HUF 202,500, the median was HUF 153,000, which was 75.6% of the average.

Translating the numbers into Hungarian: the growing social disparities roared by the left-liberal false news propaganda have turned exactly the opposite in the last 10 years. The scissors did not open, but closed. As the median wage approaches the average wage, fewer and fewer earn below the average wage. That is, the salaries of low-wage earners will increase more than those of high-wage earners.


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Russian response to NATO!

"You're looking for the enemy in the wrong place!"

Russian Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Marija Zaharova has responded to NATO's rhetoric threatening Russia. It is not Russia that poses a threat to NATO and NATO member states, but their internal, unresolved, silenced problems. Zaharova referred to fraudulent elections in the United States, gross censorship, the banning of President Trump (and others), unilateral propaganda by the Western media, migration and ignoring its dangers, the racist movement called the BLM, and discrimination against people on ideological grounds. (eg Zsolt Petry) and much more!

The Russians have not attacked anyone and do not intend to, but they will defend their own country, themselves.

Background: The Russian president has warned the organizers of the latest provocation: the bear would not be hurt if left alone. (video)

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More and more new homes are being built in the great “dictatorship”!

At the same time, the number of people living in overcrowded housing has fallen from 47 percent to 20 percent! He who works, wants, tries, can buy an apartment!

More and more new homes are being built in the great “dictatorship”!

Mihály Vargawritten by:Home creation subsidies are effective: 6,153 homes were built in the first quarter, up 29 percent from a year earlier.
👉 We anticipate that enlargement will continue in the next period. The budget also provides the resources needed for the new grants launched in January:
As part of this, from January 1, the VAT rate on sales of newly built homes fell from 27 percent to 5 percent.
Families who use CSOK can also claim back 5 percent VAT when buying or building their new home.
Half of the renovation costs from families raising at least one child - up to a maximum of HUF 3 million - are taken over by the state, and families can also use a discounted Home Renovation Loan up to HUF 6 million.
From January, the government will grant a full tax exemption to those who buy new or used property with CSOK.
Finally, from 2021, the maximum amount of CSOK, up to HUF 10 million, can also be used to create a multi-generational home - ie to install attics in detached houses.

Previous News: The number of people living in overcrowded housing in the great dictatorship has fallen from 47 percent to 20 percent

Why? No! It’s not that “Orban was lucky,” as Dobrev lies. At the end of the article, we scored the answer.

The left has been shouting for 10 years about the size of the dictatorship in Hungary, and in the meantime we are producing improving numbers for all economic indicators. But in addition to this, crime is declining, the desire to have children is increasing, the number of divorces and abortions is decreasing, the number of marriages is increasing, family houses and condominiums are growing in a mushroom way, wages are rising, the government has maintained pensions builds real value, hospitals, doctor’s offices, kindergartens, schools, roads, parks, playgrounds and has created 850,000 new jobs.

There are countless articles and videos on our site for each of the listed, now we will not go into detail further, we will now focus exclusively on the news shown in the picture.

Bence Rétvári, the Secretary of State of the EMMI wrote:
"In Hungary, the proportion of people living in overcrowded housing has halved in ten years. This improved the third largest indicator in Hungary (after Slovenia and Estonia). This result is also due to rising wages, declining taxes, overhead cuts and an unprecedented home-building program (CSOK).
Meanwhile, the housing situation has deteriorated dramatically in countries that are forcing illegal immigration: e.g. The proportion of people living in overcrowded housing increased by 10% in Germany, 16% in Italy, 19% in Sweden, 26% in Austria, 93% in Belgium and 140% in the Netherlands. 👍 "

Eurostat: the living conditions of Hungarians have significantly improved

While ten years ago 47.2 per cent of the population of Hungary lived in overcrowded housing, by 2020 the number of households in tighter conditions had decreased to 20.1 per cent. The Hungarian result was the third largest decrease in Europe after Estonia and Slovenia, Bence Rétvári presented Eurostat data.

It also turned out that while the average rate of decline in the EU was ten percent, in Hungary the situation improved almost three times, and in contrast to the 57 percent decrease in Hungary, the proportion of people living in overcrowded housing increased by 14 percent in Italy, 16 percent in Sweden and 36 percent in Belgium. .

According to the vice-president of the KDNP, Hungary's result is outstanding, and in response to the data, he said that Hungarian people can feel more and more comfortable in their homes.

He said that the government measures introduced since 2010, such as reductions in residual fees, housing subsidies, reductions in housing taxes, assistance to foreign currency borrowers, the introduction of a check or continued wage increases and tax cuts, show the government's commitment to a better standard of living for Hungarians. to live.

This indicator is not accidental, it is the result of a conscious family support system that has lasted for 10 years. Here are the details!

In this article, we’ve placed additional links as to why these numbers turned out so well. The phenomenon is not accidental!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2647/A_nagy_diktaturaban_47_szazalekrol_20_szazalekra_csokkent_a_tulzsufolt_lakasidest_elok_szama
Mihály Varga's announcement:
In this article, we summarized what the Gyurcsany did when they ruled! Read and compare it with the work of the current government!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3364/Ime_a_DK_valasztasi_programja
In this article, we have summarized how the government helps childless or people with adult children. We did this because many people shout, "Orbán only helps family members." That's not true, here are the details!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3119/Ne_legy_a_magad_ellensege
We have something to be proud of! The biggest results of Fidesz since 2010!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3131/Van_mire_buszkenek_lennunk
The majority is satisfied with Viktor Orbán!
According to the IMF, the government has passed the exams!
Moody's is happy with us
Standard & Poor’s and Fitch also consider Hungary a country recommended for investment despite the crisis
The European Commission has also acknowledged the work of the government!
Hungary and the V4 handled the crisis excellently, so our economic growth remains at the forefront
Recognition from Eurostat
EU recognition for the government!
Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director, acknowledged Hungary's excellent performance!
The government will recover the wasted state property!
Not only apartments are being built: The country is being built too! (video)

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We saved 550 billion forints by purchasing eastern vaccines!

We saved 550 billion forints by purchasing eastern vaccines!

👉With the single right decision of the government, it saved thousands of lives, we were able to open a month and a half earlier, and it was kind to even the "stadiums" :) The amount saved is more than one and a half times the money spent on stadium construction!


The Hungarian economy has saved a huge amount thanks to the eastern vaccines, the Secretary of State for Information and International Representation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

Tamás Menczer said in a video published on his community page: the Hungarian economy suffered a daily loss of HUF 10-15 billion during the closure.

He noted that the 4 million vaccinees could have been reached a month and a half later without the Eastern vaccines. During this month and a half, the Hungarian economy would have suffered a loss of more than HUF 550 billion, he added, adding that this amount, or at least a significant part of it, could be saved thanks to oriental vaccines.

That is, procuring the Russian and Chinese vaccines — in addition to saving lives and restarting — was also an economically good decision, ”the secretary of state said, stressing,“ the more people we vaccinate ourselves, the sooner we get our old lives back ”.

As "stadium" has a long tradition in Hungary, here are 3 more articles on this topic!
The Hungarian state won billions of forints in the construction of the Groupama Arena!
Left-liberal governments have done multiple damage to the cost of stadiums. The PPP contracts for the highways took away 8.5 times the amount for stadium construction, and nothing was built out of it, just the damage!
Stadiuming, or the demagoguery of the decade. 0.18 percent of total government spending went to all stadiums built and 99.82 percent to everything else.


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